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Applications: An Online Protocol for Exploring Your Intuition

Connections Through Time - Issue 12: July - September 2001

AVM Target Examples

Examples of photo-choices to be described precognitively - described before you see the correct photo as feedback.

Precognition (predicting future events) can be used to explore the subtleties of intuition and to expand your ability to communicate with your subconscious.  The free online tool discussed below will, at a minimum, expand your awareness of the issues involved when you work to balance intuition and intellect.  You will also be able to explore, evaluate, and hopefully improve your precognitive and other intuitive abilities.  We live in a world where both intellect and intuition have a role to play.  In our society, the capabilities of intuition have been may be the time to expand your intuitive abilities.

The online approach is called the InE Protocol, where InE is from Intuition Exploration.  This online protocol uses Remote Viewing and  Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) procedures to explore precognition.  This online protocol is an educational tool to be used to explore and nurture communication skills with the subconscious mind.  If you don't know anything about ARV, that's fine.  This protocol guides you through the simple steps -- it's up to you to provide the intuition.  Here are some key links for this protocol, and then we will describe how to begin - the steps are as simple as A B C.   

Logon Page for the InE Protocol is here - Register your username here and then always logon here.  (Actually, we recommend using this link now and experimenting with the InE Protocol as the best way to learn it.  For most of you, this is probably better than reading the instructions below because the approach is really as simple as A B C.)
Step by Step Instructions - More details than discussed below
Nurturing Your Intuition - Suggestions

The InE Protocol

After you register your username and logon  you will see the following Welcome Page, or something similar depending on your browser.  The references to A B C are described below.


The InE Protocol has two "Styles".  In the default style, you bypass Step B.  Here are the A B C steps:

  1. Describe the Photo that You Will See in Step C - A PhotoID number will be supplied for identifying the correct photo - the PhotoID refers to the photo, sometimes called the target-photo, that you will see in Step C.   Intuitively describe this Photo Using All Your Senses, not just Visual and write a transcript (with sketches).
         There is a place for entering a summary of your transcript.  Press the "Submit Summary Text" button.  A confirmation page and a link to Step B will appear.
  2. Predict which is the Correct Photo that You Will See in Step C - Two possible photos will be shown to you by clicking on the two radio buttons labeled "choice #1" and "choice #2".  Choose the one that fits the transcript the best.  Be as neutral as possible about viewing both of these photos, remember, only one of them is the correct photo that you will view in the next step.
         Enter a Confidence Ranking (CR) number between 0 and 100.  A CR = 100 is a perfect transcript that matches one of the photos; a CR = 50 has about 50% of the transcript matching the photo.
         There is a place for entering Judging Summary text.  This text and the CR ranking are for your benefit and will be available in your "MyNotes".  Press the "Submit Prediction" button.  A confirmation page will appear with a link to Step C.
  3. See the Correct Photo Using All Your Senses - This is the Correct or Actual Photo that you were intuitively describing in Step A.  We believe that Step C and Step A can be strongly inter-connected via your experience of this correct target.  So, use all your senses.  Are there sounds, smells, tastes, sensations, emotions, in addition to the sights associated with the photograph?
         Sense an intuitive connection with Step A and intuitively feed back to Step A the info that you now experience in Step C.  You may want to physically printout the photo and work with it to strengthen this intuitive connection.  Write some text in the "Feedback Notes" box and press the "Submit Feedback Notes" button.  (All your notes can be viewed by using the MyNotes link, and the "Target Prediction Data" link is where your historical data is stored.)

The default "AtoC" style can be used for Remote Viewing training.  To switch to the "ABC" style, simply click on the "Change to 'ABC' Style" link.  In the "ABC" style, you now also judge your Step A intuitive description by choosing the best fit photo.  This style is Associative Remote Viewing (ARV).

That's it for procedures - the rest is up to you.   Go to the Logon page and press the "Register For An Account" button to begin.  All you must enter to register is your User Name, Password, First/Last Name and email address.


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