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The "World of Consciousness" is Not Flat.
Precognition is real - Apply it in your life!

Connections Through Time,   Issue 28: January - June 2007

Consciousness is not flat; not even in the global sense discussed by Tom Friedman in his book, "The World is Flat".  He discusses the economic globalization that has occurred because of, among other things, easy instant world-wide communication.

This instant communication is roughly the technological equivalent of telepathy.  This is extraordinarily powerful, and yet it still seriously under-estimates the power and creativity of consciousness.

Communication using the internet, cell phones, etc has become the world-wide technological equivalent (almost) of telepathy.  For example, when an item is sold in a Walmart store in the USA, a manufacturer in China or India is immediately notified and can plan production accordingly.  This communication, using the known laws of physics, is extraordinarily powerful, and yet it still seriously under-estimates the power and creativity of consciousness.

Most of you who are reading this article already know that the world of consciousness includes remote viewing of not only the present and past, but of the future.  This capability to exchange information with the future (i.e., precognition) is a significant non-flat aspect of reality.  Widespread application of precognition in the economic arena will transform the global economy.  This global transformation will be energized through the many personal journeys of those who choose to develop and apply their personal precog capabilities to improve their individual lives.

Columbus' ships - modern replica  Overlayed with the three sessions of Protocol 8

This article is devoted to suggesting one path, involving an online workshop and long-term protocol, for those who want to journey into the new world of applied precognition.  The journey will be a personal one involving as much exploration as was done by Christopher Columbus.  However, you will be exploring your own subconscious rather than exploring for a new route to Asia.  You will be exploring how to communicate with your self in your future.  The general approach is called Associative Remote Viewing, and the specific protocol is called Protocol 8 or P8.  There are three key aspects to this protocol - each involves a particular "session".

Much of the following discussion will be focused on financial investment applications, but we will show you in the workshop how the approach can be applied to many other aspects of your life.  The primary investment is in your time and in your intention to invest in your self.

Introductory Video (click graphic twice)

The first chapter of this workshop is available by clicking (twice) on the graphic at the right and watching the 6 minute video.   You should also view the Table of Contents which includes all of Chapter 1 with the large-size version of the video.  Here is a summary of IIRV.

IIRV is no longer supported.  See here for other workshops and webinars.

  1. Learn how to use Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) for predicting up-down future price movements in financial instruments (e.g., stocks, commodity futures, options, Forex), for predicting the outcome of sports events, and for predicting other binary yes-no win-lose hit-miss choices
  2. Group 1ARV is our latest approach in ARV technology.