Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is a Quantum Mechanical reality that is measured in our objective physical world.  ZPE is everywhere all the time.   There is no perfect vacuum.  There is no perfect zero.  Every thing is Entangled.



"... based on
what we know of quantum physics and consciousness, we have
to take seriously the scientific possibility of spirituality. And
in defining what I meant by spirituality, I mentioned three
things. The first was an interconnection between living beings
and the universe as a whole, and I said that this could be possible
through the phenomenon of quantum entanglement,
which refers to the ability of two particles to be intimately connected
beyond the normal limitations of space and time. The
second was some kind of divine guidance or cosmic wisdom
influencing our choices, which could be due to Platonic values
embedded in fundamental spacetime geometry. And, finally,
there was the possibility of consciousness persisting outside of
the body or after death."

Finding Spirit in the Fabric of Space and Time

-- Stuart Hameroff, MD



Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!

-- Ram Dass



  Perhaps there is an Entanglement Energy (EE), based in the subjective psychological non-physical world, that vibrationally and uniquely identifies consciousness moments.  The relationships between the EEs could then be reflected in ZPE signatures, and vice-versa.

Modeling the behavior - the physics - of EEs in the non-physical and the entanglements with the physical is a Grand Challenge.


Every Thing Consciousness Touches (past, present, future and eternal) is Entangled in the 1Universe of Collective Consciousness (UCC).

In the remote viewing world, this is called "the matrix".  Jungians call this the "Collective Unconscious".  Some call it "all that is" or the "eternal now".

Precognitive information is from the entanglement between future and present conscious moments.



"This ability of healthier people to dip into the unconscious and preconscious ... turns out to be one of the main conditions of creativity."

"This development toward the concept of a healthy unconscious and of a healthy irrationality, sharpens our awareness of the limitations of purely abstract thinking, of verbal thinking and of analytic thinking. If our hope is to describe the world fully, a place is necessary for preverbal, ineffable, metaphorical, primary process, concrete-experience, intuitive and esthetic types of cognition, for there are certain aspects of reality which can be cognized in no other way."

"Self Actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is."


"We fear to know the fearsome and unsavory aspects of ourselves, but we fear even more to know the godlike in ourselves."


-- Abraham Maslow


What is a WildCard in 1ARV?

A WildCard is the opportunity for you to apply your precognition on a tasking of your choosing.



0 to 1 is like a "qubit of consciousness" - a superposition of consciousness states.


If "consciousness is the fundamental", then time must not be far behind. Personal consciousness is experienced in time, moment to moment and ever changing.

This conscious moment is your "now".  You experienced your past nows.  You will experience your future nows.  Together these are your unique lifetime of nows.

Precognition demonstrates that at least some aspects of your future conscious moments are available to you now!  {if you don't believe in precognition, you should probably stop reading this or, even better, read a recent book by Russel Targ, The Reality of ESP, and/or an online version of the recent peer reviewed paper, "Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect" by Daryl J. Bem, Cornell University.

Perhaps all of your future moments are available to you now.  What if all your nows, and all my nows, and everyone else's nows are stored in a "Universe of Collective Consciousness".  In the remote viewing world, Ingo Swann calls this "the matrix".  Jungians call this the "Collective Unconscious".  Some call it "all that is" or the "eternal now".

Personal precognitive experiences show that future conscious moments are like "future memories".  Your consciousness is able to entangle - connect with - past and future moments.  Consciousness entanglement basically shares information from other moments as part of your now conscious moment.  That's pretty cool :-)

"Personal Precognition" is all about the strength of entanglements between your now conscious moments and your future conscious moments.  The strength of the entanglements appears to be orchestrated by a combination of conscious and sub-conscious intentions.  By intending to entangle with your future moments, you can bring information about your future moments into your now moments.  This is the key to Personal Precognition.

Applying "Personal Precognition" using Remote Viewing

In the following discussion, we assume a moderate knowledge of Remote Viewing (RV)-this link and other links on the International RV Association page are a great place to start.

After giving a theoretical discussion of how precognition might work, I was once asked, "So, what do you do now?"  The answer was clear, and is still clear, to me...  Apply it!

Some scientists will continue to improve the models explaining entanglements with the future, and that is terrific and should be encouraged by society much more than is currently being done.  However, for many of us who deeply know that precognition is an integral part of our physical universe, why not demonstrate that reality, in public ways, using practical applications.  This approach can serve to educate society and encourage more scientific research.  So below, we discuss applying precognition to make money - certainly practical :-) and perhaps the best way to attract societal attention!

Precognitive predictions are not successful all the time for anyone.  Applying precognition requires working with uncertainty, and requires attaining a positive intention-attention-expectation attitude even with those pesky misses.

Binary Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) is an application of precognitive RVing that usually involves viewers predicting short-term events (days) involving 2 possible outcomes where they submit 1 RV transcript.  The transcript is then Analyzed/Judged (AJed) against 2 possible FeedBack (FB) targets associated with the 2 possible outcomes.  The primary problem with this form of ARV is displacement - the "d" word.  Displacement occurs when the viewer gets an excellent match to the wrong possible target/outcome and therefore receives a miss.  The viewer never sees the wrong possible target, but nevertheless s/he provided a "displaced" RV transcript.

1ARV is a new and exciting protocol.  In this protocol, 2 independent RV Sessions producing 2 RV transcripts are used to obtain 1 Prediction.  The additional RV Session and Transcript open up many new opportunities as well as reducing displacement.  The "1" in 1ARV focuses attention on several aspects of this protocol, in particular:

In Group 1ARV applications, a Group of RVers take on predicting the Outcome of a Future Event with two possible Outcomes, called "Sides" - for example, Over or Under a certain number of runs in a Major League Baseball game.  Redundancy and an important "dynamic duo" is built into the Group Prediction to increase reliability.  A single Group 1ARV precognitive prediction consists of two RV and two FB sessions from each viewer.

There are 8 1ARV Groups making predictions in financial markets (S&P500 futures and EUR.USD) and on sporting events.  Currently, there are three different Group Facilitators, and we are hoping to entice more.  The predictions have 2 possible outcomes, nominally with a 50% random probability.  The predictions are emailed to the viewers after the Analyst/Judge(s) evaluates their transcripts.  Here is a summary of the results to date:

Table of Stat for 8 1ARV Groups

These excellent long-term results (Oct 10, 2011 thru Oct 5, 2012) are due, we believe, to a combination of:

In 1ARV, the treatment of FeedBack (FB) is critical.  In fact, the AJer always puts together an AJ Summary showing parts of the transcripts that led to a Hit, see here for a collection of AJ Summaries.  These increase the entanglement between the RV transcripts and the Group FB Target.  We designed the 1ARV protocol to encourage meaningful and fun FB sessions to make the precognition easier, more reliable, and encourage long-term growth/transformation in the area of personal consciousness!

Details concerning the Group 1ARV approach are available thru the "related links" at, also there are several recorded webinars on YouTube.  The FB Session has as its primary intention to share, or entangle, information with the earlier (in linear-time) RV Session.  The truth is known at the FB Session and it is thus the perfect opportunity to Remotely Influence your earlier Self (RIS).  Thus, there is real meaning to the phrase, "1ARV Begins with the FeedBack Session".

One FB Session is focused on the actualized Target.  The actualized Target is one of the potential targets, called Indicator PhotoSites (IPS) in 1ARV.  The IPS that becomes actualized is associated with the Side that actually happens...the actual Side that wins the game, for example.  Thus, once the game Outcome is known, the IPS associated with the winning Side becomes the Group FB Target and is shown to all the viewers - this leads, retroactively, to a cohesion in  the transcripts for that coord.  The IPS for the other Side quietly disappears, never to be seen again :-)  However, the FB for the "other Side" is very important.  In 1ARV, a "WildCard (WC)" FeedBack Target is used for the unactualized Side and the viewer establishes the style of her/his WC Target.

The Analysis/Judging (AJ) Session, involving the RV transcripts and the IPSs, is what ultimately produces the 1 Prediction.  The Side that has a significantly higher match between its IPS and its transcript would be the Side predicted to actually happen - to be actualized.  The AJing approach is discussed in our first Group AJing Webinar here

The following sketch, from a video "Group 1ARV Overview Webinar-August 31-2012", summarizes how 2 coordinates/transcripts are used, one for each Side of a 2-outcome event, to achieve one 1ARV Prediction.

Another perspective on the approach can be found in this 12 minute video, "Displacement-BleedThrough-WildCard in Group 1ARV Predictions". Here is a chart from that video.

Enhancing Entanglements in 1ARV

There are people who are making money now using this technique since a 63% Hit rate is more than the "commission".  Also, and perhaps even more important, everyone who participates for the long-term is on a self-actualization/realization Journey learning more about both precognition and their own self.

We know that precognition is a real aspect of our universe and applications are a natural consequence of this.  Our next goal is to reach a 80% Hit rate while enjoying the Journey.  This exploration will continue in our 1ARV public community.

If you have read this far, you probably have an interest in applying precognition - terrific.  If you are interested in joining our community, and/or starting your own 1ARV Group, and/or wish to join an existing Group, please contact Marty at


References and Notes


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The term psi denotes anomalous processes of information or energy transfer that are
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(affective apprehension) of a future event that could not otherwise be anticipated
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3. Quantum Consciousness, Quantum Mind STUART HAMEROFF (P.1)

4.  Quantum Consciousness (Stuart Hameroff)

5.  The ancient Greeks, Romans, and early Christians used the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi for over a thousand years.  The predictions were an important part of decisions made by many people.

6.  Finding Spirit in the Fabric of Space and Time

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8. Gödel's Theorem

"In 1931, the Czech-born mathematician Kurt Gödel demonstrated that within any given branch of mathematics, there would always be some propositions that couldn't be proven either true or false using the rules and axioms ... of that mathematical branch itself. You might be able to prove every conceivable statement about numbers within a system by going outside the system in order to come up with new rules and axioms, but by doing so you'll only create a larger system with its own unprovable statements. The implication is that all logical system of any complexity are, by definition, incomplete; each of them contains, at any given time, more true statements than it can possibly prove according to its own defining set of rules.

Gödel's Theorem has been used to argue that a computer can never be as smart as a human being because the extent of its knowledge is limited by a fixed set of axioms, whereas people can discover unexpected truths ... It plays a part in modern linguistic theories, which emphasize the power of language to come up with new ways to express ideas. And it has been taken to imply that you'll never entirely understand yourself, since your mind, like any other closed system, can only be sure of what it knows about itself by relying on what it knows about itself."


One Self-Actualization/Realization Action Affirmation

I want to be the best that I can be. I want to do and have and live in a way
that is in harmony with my idea of the greatest goodness. I want to
harmonize physically here in this body with that which I believe to be the
best, or the good way, of life.

If you will make those statements, and then
do not take action unless you feel good, you will always be moving upon the
path in harmony with your idea of that which is good.

--- Abraham-Hicks


* We thank Jeff Mishlove for the use of his beautiful Yin Yang art piece, "Seeds of Ecstasy".