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Applications: Action and Intention

We Intend to Hire 10 Online Consultants

Connections Through Time - Issue 4: July - September 1999

Please touch your nose with one of your fingers.   We ask you to do this now.   Thank you.

The activation of the physical motion of your arm and the maneuvering of your hand and fingers was partially "caused" by an intention on your part to satisfy our request.   If you chose not to touch your nose, that was also a result of your intention - perhaps you consciously chose to ignore the request and read on, or perhaps you simply did not want to touch your nose.   Choosing specific actions and positive/negative desires are just other forms of intention.

Actions that you perform are foreshadowed by your intentions.   Intentions are, therefore, a non-physical "force" creating action in the physical world.   It sounds a lot like intentions are closely linked to spirit and time.   The connections between intentions, spirit and action exist for individuals and groups of individuals, including organizations such as P-I-A.

P-I-A intends to hire individuals who have precognitive skills, who are ready to regularly apply these skills, and who are open to having their skills measured using an online approach called MISTIE.   Each individual will work from their home as an Independent Contractor (IC).   We are looking for ICs with predictive skills at the level of 7% or more above chance.   As such, we are taking the following action:

This Project is completed and no further applications are being accepted.


Please fill out the following application form for Project MISTIE-1000.   All applicants will be notified if they are, or are not, selected as an IC.  Application removed.

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