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Applications: Precognition and Society

Connections Through Time - Issue 6: January - March 2000

Precognition exists.   This reality will eventually be integrated into our society.   By integration, we mean the commonplace acceptance of precognitive applications.   This integration will involve a transformation of society at deeper levels of consciousness than simply precognition.

There is, and always has been, a strong drive in some human beings to seek understanding and wisdom by exploring their own "self" using their own consciousness.   These explorations have provided consistent reports of deeper levels of consciousness that ultimately reach an experience that cannot be described, but has many names, including: Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, Wholeness, Oneness.

The Eastern world has studied consciousness for thousands of years.   We wonder how long it will take for the Western world to incorporate the wisdom of the East into their worldview.   Or perhaps, the Eastern world will figure out how to incorporate the wisdom of the West into their paradigm.

P-I-A is undertaking practical applications of precognition to encourage the transformation to a more integrated society, where the great intellectual achievements of physicists can be united with the great spiritual achievements of mystics.   The inevitability of the transformation in the Western world seems clear since so many people are successfully applying/trusting the mystical approach by listening to their gut feelings, their hunches, their intuition.   Furthermore, more and more "intuitive" professionals are applying their skills to quantifiable projects; however, these projects are getting little or no publicity.   We believe a more public reporting of successful documented applications of precognition would be important.   Results of our applications will be described in future issues of "Connections Through Time".

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