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Intuition: Why Precognition?

Connections Through Time,   Issue 8: July - Sept 2000

Consciousness, Intuition and Spirituality will be the three cornerstones of the next major paradigm shift. So why, PIA is often asked, do we keep our focus on precognition? Because, the implications of precognition are so dramatic that after practical applications are developed, science and society will, albeit reluctantly, align themselves with the new paradigm.

Practical applications of precognition will intensify individual and global consciousness about intuition and about consciousness itself. Public applications are needed as a catalyst for change from the current paradigm to the new one where consciousness-intuition-spirituality play as central a role as space-time-energy in how humanity operates. The intellectual progress of science will also be further accelerated, because the new paradigm involves balancing the rational with the intuitive. Harmony of the rational and intuitive sides of people will be one hallmark of the new paradigm.

Other intuitive skills, such as telepathy, self-healing, and psychokinesis will also become commonplace. These skills will not lead the way, however, because it is too easy to fall into the trap of believing that a slight modification of current scientific models can explain them. For example, telepathy is often explained by assuming that some people are very sensitive to the well-known electromagnetic energy signals from another person's brain. Precognition, on the other hand, requires the acknowledgement of something far deeper involving the very nature of time, space, communication and consciousness. Precognition forces us to humbly admit that we are still in our infancy with respect to our understanding and appreciation of the nature of the universe and of our consciousness within this universe.

Spirituality is necessary in this new paradigm. By spirituality, we mean the Oneness or Wholeness that mystics of all kinds have reported via direct experience - these mystics are the first to acknowledge that words can only feebly describe this reality. Science seems to be approaching this spiritual level of reality as well, although they use the language of mathematics to describe the relativistic and quantum mechanical realities of their experimental findings.

Precognition comes from a deep spiritual place where all of time, space, energy, people, information, and everything else remain mysteriously and magnificently connected. The fact that we experience a separation from the state of Oneness is the first sign of individual consciousness. Intuition is the "language" or "link" connecting individual consciousness with the spiritual reality of Wholeness.

Spiritual realities do interact with the physical universe of space-time-energy, these interactions have direction and are not random. We are more knowledgeable about our universe than our ancestors. This direction of increasing our knowledge will continue with spiritual knowledge becoming part of the day to day living in our human society. One of the most consistent truths of major paradigm shifts is that the long-term results are largely unpredictable, and yet, the results are always dramatic in changing the lives of people and their environment.

Paradigm shifts that bring society closer to alignment with reality are always beneficial - how could it be otherwise? The challenge is to do the "dance" as gracefully as possible. One key indicator of our success will be when children are encouraged and trained to use their natural intuition. The future belongs to our children and their children. The paradigm-dance belongs to us.

Sounding Grace

Roxanne Ivey 1998

There is no place
I'd rather be
than in this space
with you, full and free.

There is no time
I can erase,
just rhythm and rhyme
and sounding grace.

There is but One
and only Now--
I choose to live;
God show me how.

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