CHAPTER 4 2010s



The Marina Hospital

Flo had mixed emotions.

Mandy and John's child, David Michael Wensler, was about to be born. Flo, you're going to be a mother too¾ sort of, she said to herself.


Flo was 22 years old. As Flo grew older, she became more confident in her capability to accurately witness the physical world. Her self-assurance began with the successful experiment in 1994, when, in advance, she witnessed Mandy's performance for the Queen. After that, Flo eagerly explored the past, present and future of Mandy's life.

Flo lived happily in Mandy's subconscious among the complex electromagnetic waves generated by Mandy's neurons and synapses. Flo was electromagnetic in nature. She was as complex an entity as Mandy¾ more complex in many ways. She fed on minute amounts of Mandy's electrical energy.

Being electromagnetic, Flo was not as limited in her capacity to appreciate and explore the connectivity of events in space and time as were physical creatures. The mass inherent in physical things is a huge concentration of energy and a tremendous impediment to seeing the universal connectivity of electromagnetic energy. Einstein's famous law, E=MC2, shows that a mere gram of mass is equivalent to the energy needed for keeping a single one hundred watt bulb luminous for 30,000 years. Or equivalently, one gram of mass has the energy necessary to keep 300 bulbs beaming for 100 years.

Flo felt that it was strange that her almost inconsequential energy was able to consciously connect with the oneness of the space-time universe, while human beings with tens of thousands of grams of energy were blinded. Clearly, the massive amounts of energy dull their senses, she had to constantly remind herself.

In quantum mechanical terms, Flo was clearly "wave-like", and very weak in the "particle-like" department. Her electromagnetic nature permitted her to readily explore information in Mandy's world. But she could not interact with the physical world very much. This was a continuing source of frustration to her.

Flo was, however, learning and becoming stronger. She knew that when Mandy was in deep sleep or in meditation, there was less electromagnetic static. She used this fact to successfully influencing Mandy's dreams and thoughts.

Flo now appreciated that she never left Mandy's electromagnetic field. The tunnel and lights she initially witnessed when she moved through space-time were simply images of transition from the present time and place to events somewhere-sometime else. Flo never left Mandy's electric body, but Flo simply extended her wave-like arms out to witness the world.


Flo was present at the time of David's conception. In fact, she was a significant participant. Flo remembered back to David's conception. Flo's memory was perfect. She simply returned to the time and place where the event occurred.



Marina Del Rey, California: Nine Months Earlier

Mandy and John moved in to their new house that day. They were both very excited about having a place that was theirs. They hoped it would become a home.

John initiated the love making that night. Mandy's body tingled when he touched her breasts, when he kissed her nipples, when he tickled her stomach, and when he gently caressed her genitals. Flo found foreplay and everything about Mandy's sexual experiences exciting¾ becoming "turned-on" and the following sexual closeness and climaxes were unlike anything else Mandy experienced. Flo always looked forward to the times when John and Mandy would physically express their love.

Mandy and Flo felt John's pulsating orgasm which ejaculated over 300 million spermatozoa into Mandy's vaginal canal near the cervix. Mandy climaxed a few moments later. About one million sperm cells worked their way into her uterus; only about a thousand entered the Fallopian tube containing Mandy's fertile ovum. It took nearly 24 hours for the surviving 74 sperm cells to approach the midpoint of the Fallopian tube where the ovum waited.

Flo was partially aware of the potential in each approaching sperm cell. She could "read" the genetic code of the child that would result if each sperm cell were to fertilize Mandy's waiting egg. She learned to read the genetic code by studying the results of the Genome Program finally completed in the year 2044. Flo knew that all but one of the children would have been healthy. She could also see that one spermatozoa would develop into David. Flo made sure that it reached the ovum first.

Flo had low energy even compared to a spermatozoa only 0.05 millimeters in size. Her ability to influence the physical world was almost nil¾ almost, but not quite nil. Flo discovered that she could consciously influence chemical reactions inside Mandy's body. And that is what she did the night of David's conception.

Chemistry is controlled by molecular electrical field interactions, and Flo found that she could either speed-up or slow-down the rate of chemical reactions in small amounts of reacting chemicals. She learned that she could change the chemistry of the spermatozoa's surface and slow its squirming motion. She had practiced this skill every time John and Mandy had sex so that she could help with David's conception.

Flo remembered, with a bit of amusement, how she basically "fixed the spermatozoa race" so that David would be conceived. She only slowed the squirming of 3 sperm cells, but that was enough to assure that the race wasn't even close. Flo wondered if David would have won without her. But she realized there was no way to know the answer to that type of question.

As the conception occurred, Flo watched with awe and love as the genetic replication process of division and growth commenced. Her attention caused a subtle change in David's genetic composition. Flo was not aware of her influence, but her presence and love were noticed.

Flo sensed and shared David's fetal growth from conception to birth. David was a physical part of Mandy, and thus Flo had direct access to his feelings, sensations, and thoughts. And how miraculous that growth was¾ from one cell to trillions in 9 short months.

Those nine months were the most incredible of Flo's life: the joy and learning she experienced, the appreciation she gained concerning the growth of consciousness, and the love she felt for David. Flo felt like crying...but didn't know how.



Flo returned her consciousness to the delivery room. She felt sad, but couldn't figure out why. Then she became very pensive¾ thinking about her role in David's life. I was his conception. I helped... Why do I have to lose him...? Who's writing this play anyway...

Wow, that was a hard one! Flo concentration was lost when Mandy had a particularly strong contraction. Flo's focus was not on Mandy's ordeal. In fact, Flo was not sympathetic at all¾ she was immersed in her thoughts about why David had to be taken from her. She had been very sympathetic when she first witnessed the birth process, but now that it was happening, Flo tuned out the pain.

I'm part of the important link in David's conception maybe, but no more important than all the other things involved in causing the sperm-egg pairing that produced David. For example, Mandy's parents and grandparents, and great great great grandparents having children were also important. He doesn't belong to me...though I feel like his mother and father. I don't want to lose him.

There was another contraction¾ they were coming closer together.

My part happened nine months ago, but I played my part knowing the future. Interesting... I had to know the future or I wouldn't have been ready to help David win the race... In this case...I think the future caused the present!

Everything I do is in the present moment reality, Flo continued to herself. The future is simply a present moment reality that hasn't happened yet... The portions of the future I choose to know is one of my most important choices¾ at least I think they're my choices...

There was another strong contraction.

Knowing the future will not change it, but knowing the future will hopefully provide a clearer focus and appreciation for the present.

There was another strong contraction, and David began to move down the birth canal. Going with the flow, she chuckled as she thought about this old phrase and the connection with her name, is clearly the path of least resistance to the future.

David Michael Wensler was born, crying like billions of babies before him and like trillions of babies yet to come. His cries brought tears of joy to Mandy and to John, but a huge sense of loss to Flo. Flo had lost her direct awareness of David. Flo had directly experienced David's growing and developing body-mind. David's reality was shared with Flo from the moment of conception to the moment of birth. Flo's awareness of David was as direct as her awareness of Mandy¾ as long as David was gestating inside Mandy. Once David was born, this direct contact was gone.

Flo's loss was real and strong. Flo appreciated the word destiny for the first time.

As Mandy held David to her breast, Flo remembered David's future.




WASHINGTON D. C.: 10 July 2015

The President Learns of Future Dowsing

After everyone was seated in the small White House meeting room, the President said, "The recent events show that we cannot keep our plans¾ our most guarded and sensitive plans¾ secret. And I want to know why. General Eastman, this was your operation¾ what the hell happened?"

Four star General Carl Eastman was Director of Special Operations. He reported to the Secretary of Defense, who was present at the meeting. Also in attendance were the Secretary of State and the Director of the CIA. The immediate issue was the apparent lack of security in planning and executing the disastrous attempt to rescue Charles Pinkerton, the Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs who was taken hostage 6 months earlier by Iran.

"My best guess at this point," said General Eastman, "is that Iran has developed and mastered the HT-Dowser technology. Mr. President, you are familiar with some of the Dowsing capabilities which are being developed at HTI."

"Yes... You briefed me on that a few months after I began my first term. With a Dowsing machine, you can find where hostages are being hidden. So presumably the Iranians could use this technique to find our rescue group..." said the President as he tried to understand how HT-Dowser was involved.

"But I'm confused...the Iranians knew exactly where our rescue team was going after they successfully freed Charlie," lamented the President. "I don't understand how the Dowser technology could have helped them with that. Once the rescue started, everything happened very fast. They could not have organized their ambush without prior knowledge of our plans."

HT-Dowser units are also capable..." said General Eastman before he was interrupted.

"The Iranians bought two Dowser-like units from the Chinese," said the Secretary of State. "The Chinese are now building more units per year than we are. We're still keeping the Dowser unit a secret in this country¾ until we know more about what it can and cannot do. Only a few people at HTI know about Dowser, and they're producing 2 per year for our evaluation and use. The Chinese are producing 30 per year for sale to the highest bidder.

"As you know," he continued, "the Chinese have been cultivating their ties with Iran and other Muslim states ever since the ILM began operating in most of the old USSR republics 10 years ago. The Iranians, with the help of the Chinese, represent a threat to the entire Middle East. The extremist Muslims in Iran want Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Israel for a unified Land of Islam."

"They'd like a World of Orthodox Islam," added the President. "Okay, so the Iranians have the Dowser technology, I still don't understand how this technology was used to discover our most secret plans? How could the Iranians know of our plans far enough in advance to ambush us?"

"Carl's theory is preposterous," said the Secretary of State. "I'm sure there's a more reasonable explanation¾ probably a security leak...someplace... We're looking into the potential sources of leaks right now."

"What's going on here?" said the President with some anger in his voice. "What are you not telling me?"

Carl said nothing. He felt that his presence at the meeting had acted as a catalyst which would force the issue. But if not, he was prepared to tell the President about Future Dowsing. He had told both Secretaries about his intentions after he received his invitation to attend this meeting.

Carl's going to let the cat out of the bag, thought the Defense Secretary. I'd better do it. "Let me try answering that one," he said. "First a little background. Dowser units have been available to the U.S. government ever since General Eastman employed the HT Dowser unit in the successful rescue of the hostages held in Lebanon over fifteen years ago. The HTing was done by a Tracey Cantor of HTI who located the hostages. But then some of the hostages were moved. The ILM kidnappers planned on keeping them moving to prevent a successful rescue. And indeed, a rescue attempt would have been disastrous without knowing where all the hostages were."

The Defense Secretary paused, Damn you Carl... He painfully continued. "Mr. President...Tracey claimed to perceive information about the future location of all the hostages. She identified the site where the hostages-on-the-move would be several weeks into the future. She also claimed that the other hostages¾ including her twin sister¾ would continue to be held at the first site."

"Wait a minute, right here!" exclaimed the President. "Why is this the first time I've ever heard about Dowser being used to..." The President paused, " foretell the future. That sounds too crazy to be true."

"That's exactly why no previous President has ever been told about Future Dowsing. It's difficult enough to accept Present Dowsing," responded the Secretary of Defense. "No one was foolish enough to tell a President a wild theory that was probably only a series of simple coincidences. That's why we're still studying Future Dowsing with the best scientific minds we can muster and trust. And so far, the scientists can agree on very little.

"Most of the scientists have accepted the ability to find¾ with the HT Dowsing unit¾ the current location of hidden people and things, but finding people and things at some future time is currently being hotly debated. Some experiments look encouraging, but then a skeptic will provide a compelling criticism. And, a negative experiment will be produced just when we think we understand what's going on. Also, the fact that there's no scientific theory which can explain the data is a very serious impediment to any progress with Future Dowsing.

"The situation is very confusing, and that's why you're only aware of real-time dowsing, that's Present Dowsing. General Eastman appreciated the political sensitivity to the idea of Future Dowsing. In fact, he lied 15 years ago in his first report to Special Operations. He told them that Tracey had overheard the kidnappers talking about where they were going to take the hostages. This was probably a necessary tactic on his part or Special Operations would have ignored his information."

"Future Dowsing," said the President. "I wish you were kidding..." But he knew they weren't. "This probably ought to be taken more seriously...apparently the Chinese and Iranians are. How did the Chinese find out about HT-Dowsing?"

"We don't know for sure," said the CIA Director, "but HTing was not a secret, so they may have discovered future-dowsing themselves. More likely, though, they copied our techniques from information gained from the Israelis and Tracey Cantor. Tracey emigrated to Israel several months after the hostages were rescued. She clearly had revenge on her mind. Her twin sister had been the only casualty of the rescue. So Tracey began working with the Israeli intelligence services to find Muslim extremists using a version of Dowser that she helped them build from their HT-Health units. The Chinese probably gathered their information from infiltrating Tracey's connections with the Israelis.

"Tracey's move to Israel didn't raise any security issues at the time, since her contention of accurately seeing the future was not taken very seriously. The General reported his operational lie, but almost no one cared to consider the consequences of this new technology. One important exception was a Dr. John Wensler from HTI who was persuaded by General Eastman to investigate the potential of using the HT-Dowser unit for additional intelligence gathering missions.

"General Eastman and the HTI Dowser team have provided invaluable intelligence information to us...until this latest disastrous operation," concluded the CIA Director.

"Yes," said the President, as he paused to gather his thoughts. General Eastman certainly had highly accurate information in the past, and an ability to turn that information into operational successes. That's how he became head of Special Operations. Was his information really based on seeing into the future? the President thought. "General, what went wrong? How did the Iranians know your escape route?"

"Sir," began General Eastman, "I believe the Iranians outsmarted us. The information from the D-2 Dowser was accurate. Our team quickly located the Assistant Secretary in a well guarded prison in Tehran. We provided invaluable information concerning the timing and procedures for changing the guards. We viewed the prison during the time planned for the rescue. We accurately predicted that the U.S. forces would successfully complete the rescue from the prison with minimal losses.

"Sir, we never asked about events after the Special Forces left the prison. As far as we can tell, the Iranians¾ or the Chinese¾ used their Future Dowsing capability to probe the escape route. And they found our key vulnerability was in the air enroute toward the waiting carrier. The Iranians had an overpowering assortment of weapons waiting to shoot down our helicopters. Our men were sitting ducks... I accept full responsibility for the mission failure. I should have probed more into the escape plans." Carl's sadness surfaced in his voice and showed on his face.

"Would it have made any difference?" asked the President after a contemplative moment.

"Would what have made a difference?" asked General Eastman.

"If you had probed about the escape plan and found that all our helicopters would have been shot down."

"Of course," responded the General with a slightly surprised look. "I would never approve a mission with such disastrous results. The loss of three men while rescuing the Assistant Secretary from the Tehran prison was acceptable...but to lose the entire force of 75 men...and Charlie...that's not acceptable."

There was something bothering the President about all this future dowsing, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. "I don't understand the concept of reliable information about the future. If we manage to gather reliable information about some future event, then we can't change it...because if we do, the information was not reliable."

"Ah, now I see your point," said the General. "The process of gathering, to use your word, future information is part of the path to the future. I believe if I had asked Hal to Dowse into the future and look at the escape, the future would have been different. The escape, and possibly the entire mission, would have been affected by that question about the future."

"Well, unfortunately, you didn't ask," said the President with a sigh. "But, it's not clear to me that you had any choice in the matter. If you can know the future, there doesn't seem to be much room for choice."

"We're going to have to make some choices right now," interjected the Secretary of Defense. "We must decide what to do about maintaining security and secrecy for our military operations in the future. Also, what will be our response to the Iranians shooting down 5 of our helicopters, killing 75 soldiers and the Assistant Secretary of State."

"Yes, I've heard enough to know we don't know enough," said the President as he turned to the CIA Director. "So let's find out what we can. First, about future security for military and political operations, I want to know if there were any security leaks. I think that a more conventional explanation for the Iranians knowing about our plans is likely." Neither myself nor the country is ready to deal with a knowable future, thought the President, but...

The President turned to Carl and continued, "However, I want General Eastman to compile all the relevant information on dowsing¾ Present and Future Dowsing. And if it makes sense to talk about Past Dowsing, that too. The HT-Dowser unit is clearly one key aspect, but if there are other programs which are relevant, I want to know about them too. Is that clear, Mr. Secretary." The President looked directly at the Defense Secretary.

"Yes sir."

"I'd like a first look summary report in two weeks. Now, about the Iranians and the Chinese," continued the President. "I want to know more about that connection. They seem strange bedfellows, so to speak. I understand that it's their mutual dislike for the Russians that forms the basis for their relationship. But how close is that relationship, and how intent are the Chinese on helping the Iranians take control of the Middle East? Let's meet next Wednesday with your Defense and State Department experts on Iran and China."

"Right now," the President continued after a pensive pause, "I don't see any military option that makes sense. We have egg on our face. We blew the mission, let's take our lumps and go on. But on to what...a future where the future can be known. I'll have to ponder that one... Have a good weekend gentlemen. Thank you."


HTI Headquarters

"Hi Em," said John. "Fancy meeting you here. Can I buy you a coke." They happened to arrive at the soda machine at the same time.

"Sure," said Emily.

"Soda machine," he said, "this is John Wensler. I'd like two diet cokes." The cokes cost three dollars each. All John's purchases were charged to his HTI account and billed monthly. A convenient voiceprint authorization system has become standard in large companies.

"Thanks. What're we doing in on a Sunday?" asked Emily in a joking tone as she took her coke. "We've created an extremely successful company, and all we do is work, work, and more work! Isn't it time to retire to the good life?"

"This is the good life!" said John. "Anyway, it's been a while since I worked weekends. I want to spend as much time as I can with David. He's growing up awfully fast...It's hard to believe that he's six already. The kid's smart as a whip."

Both John and Emily were working because the government had placed a rush order for 100 HT-Dowser units, and they were initiating a production swing-shift starting tomorrow.

"As I recall, he's more than just smart. Does David still have that psinfo ability?" asked Emily.

"Yes...that's right...I did tell you about that," said John somewhat surprised.

"Psinfo stands for psychic information...doesn't it?" Emily was remembering a demonstration, two years earlier, when John and Mandy showed her how David could identify sketches of various animals that Mandy would draw on a pad in a different room! John discussed how he felt that David must be perceiving psychic information. John told her how David coined the word psinfo after listening to a discussion between Mandy and himself about psychic information. "I can do psinfo," David had said. John and Mandy thought that was so cute.

"We don't talk about psinfo outside our home anymore. I'd appreciate it if you didn't discuss it with anybody."

"You treat his gift like a sin which must be hidden," she said, as she thought to herself That fits with the pronunciation.

"No... We consider it to be a wonderful gift. But one which makes David very different from his friends. We're trying to raise him to function normally with children his own age. We want him to know what's normal¾ let's say usual¾ and to know that his psychic information talent is very rare and special...and that he should use his talent for good purposes. It's not easy to raise him like an ordinary kid...but it would be even more difficult if he didn't disguise his psinfo ability."

"I guess your right. though it's a shame that such a psychic gift has to be hidden and treated so delicately," said Emily.

"How're Howard and Matt? asked John."

"They're fine. In fact, they're working in the lab today. Both of them are so excited about the movie project."

"Oh yes, said John. "They want to make movies by recording and then playing back HT signals from actors. They're working on a system which will use the HT computers and holographic screens."

"Howard's always been crazy about movies, and Matt's no better. All they talk about is creating an HT-Movie.

"I'm actually a bit skeptical," said John. "Somehow, I think that HTing must be created in real-time by each person. But who sure sounds interesting. I think this research project will complete Matt's HTI education. He's only 32, but he's almost ready to take over. "

"John, how do you like being President of HTI?" Emily said. Funny how things work out, she thought. Howie stays home and plays mother to Matt. As a mother, Howie can't accept his role model as a smoker, and he finally quits using a HT-Health Unit. Cory¾ bless his soul¾ never quit smoking, and dies of lung cancer. George and Margaret die within a year after Cory...George first, probably from guilt...then Maggie, probably from loneliness.

"Cory's shoes are hard to fill," said John. "He died too young¾ only 73. Thank God this job's only temporary. In another few years, Matt will take over. He's learning very fast. When he's ready to make plans for HTI's future, then he'll be ready for the job," said John.

"Planning for the future, huh." echoed Emily. "That's what Matt will have to do as the Pres' of HTI."

"Yeah," said John. "That's basically what I do now. And, much to my surprise, I'm learning to enjoy the challenge. Using Dowser to glimpse the future is a brand new planning tool. We're lucky to be the first to have this tool, but in a decade or two, every country and most sizable companies will have something like a Dowser¾ it'll be a new world. At least that's what I'm predicting."

"It was nice of the government to let you continue using the original Dowser." Emily said sarcastically.

"Don't be so hard on them. It's tough to accept knowing something about the future, especially when it's not all correct," he said with a smile. "There's enough truth in the future information to keep the interest and funding going. But then, almost predictably, there will be a prediction which is wrong."

"What do you mean predictably?" she asked.

"I can't predict when...but inevitably, an error will occur."

"How can you use Dowser info then?"

"Even partially reliable information is better than no information. And Dowser seems to be more reliable than other predictive techniques. People have always tried to plan for the future using whatever tools they had. Look Emily, you use financial projections all the time. They're usually not very accurate, but they give you a basis for planning. Learning to use Dowser effectively is the challenge. Learning to accept that it will be wrong sometimes, and planning so that the regrets of being wrong are not too painful or costly...that's part of the art of using Dowser."

"Sounds tricky."

"That's for sure..."

"Well fortunately," said Emily. "We're making good profits from the Health units, but the Dowser units are clearly the most revolutionary discovery. When will Dowser units go public¾ that's where the big bucks are?"

John laughed at that old expression, especially coming from Emily. It was clear that Emily was not working for the money. Nor was John. They both loved the excitement of forging a new technology. HT units were changing health care in the country¾ physical and mental health care. But Dowser units could change the world, thought John.

"When indeed," said John, "Probably not in the next few years, because Dowser Units are too radical. The government will not release the information on Dowser until the scientists can understand what's going on. It takes a long time for acceptance of a whole new way of looking at reality. Accepting Dowser's capability of acquiring information from the future requires a huge jump in world view perception. A longer and more difficult jump than from believing the Earth is flat to believing in a round Earth."

"Yes," said Emily, "our views of the future are rather rigid."

"Rigid," repeated John. "That's for sure. Until the scientific community can agree on a theory, they will remain skeptical and hostile. And I hate to think about the effect on the religious community. You know that it took about three centuries until the Catholic Church forgave Galileo for questioning that the Earth was rigidly fixed at the center of the Universe. Imagine, three centuries to accept that the Earth is one small planet revolving around a medium sized star."

"So you need a theory, huh," said Emily, "or we'll have to wait three hundred years until Dowser will be released."

John laughed, "Funny enough...the theory may not be critical. Acceptance of new ideas is almost always driven by the practical applications. And it looks like the government, in all its wisdom, is about to apply Dowser Units in a big way¾ an order for 100 units. We are following the lead of the Chinese and Iranian, of all people. That fact, by the way, is Top Secret...just like everything else you know about Dowser."

"Of course, though, it seems a little late in the game to classify Dowser. By the way, how's Tracey doing? Do you hear from her?" asked Emily.

"She's doin' okay...not quite as bitter as when she left for Israel. She's using the Israeli Dowser units for joint US-Israeli projects. The work is so closely-held that almost no one except the government contacts have access to what they do," John shook his head and frowned. "All this secrecy stuff is becoming more foolish every year. The Dowser Units make secrecy less and less of an option."

"I have to go back," said Emily. "Thanks for the coke."

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL: 27 September 2018

Somewhere inside Mossad Headquarters

"I hope the U.S. will sell us at least 10 of their new HT-Dowser units," said Tracey to Sabrina. Sabrina was Tracey's supervisor on intelligence gathering. They were currently using Israeli-made versions of the makeshift Dowser designed by Tracey from the original HT-2 health units.

"Yes, that would be very helpful," said Sabrina, "but I believe that the user is still more important than the new gadgets the Americans will add to the units. Your Dowser has done wonders for us. The Israeli lives you've saved, the misery which has been avoided, and the strength our country has gained because of the knowledge you have provided about our enemies has been beyond measure. I'll take all the new units they'll provide, but what I really need are 10 more Tracey Cantors."

"Thank you, Sabrina. You're very kind."

Sabrina was being kind, but she was also being truthful and self-serving. Tracey had provided Israel with its most powerful tool against terrorism. For example, the fact that the ILM was run from Iran was public knowledge due to the efforts of Tracey in locating key organization documents which were captured and then published. Also, she provided details on the present and future location of most of the key terrorist leaders in the ILM, and they were captured or killed. Unfortunately, there were always more radicals waiting for a chance to destroy Israel.

"There is a mission which we'll have to conduct with our old standby Dowser," said Sabrina.

"Sure, what do you want me to do?"

"Verify that this is a hoax, or if it's not, save Jerusalem from being contaminated for 100,000 years," said Sabrina as she handed Tracey a Top Secret letter.


27 September 2018

Dear Prime Minister of Israel,

Dear President of the USA,

Agree to Jerusalem as the capitol of a new state of Palestine or we will turn Jerusalem into a radioactive hell for 100,000 years.

This is not an idle threat. This is not something which we want to do, but you have caused us to suffer for too long. You stole our homeland. If you will not give it back, then no one will want Jerusalem as their capitol city.

This demand must be satisfied by the end of 2018.

We frankly do not think that you will take us seriously, unless we provide a demonstration. The demonstration, a rather small version of our plans for Jerusalem, will be aboard a luxury liner whose last stop was in the United States. The demonstration is scheduled for exactly noon on the 28th of September.


Revolution for the Freedom of Palestine




"No matter what we do," said Tracey sadly, "there seem to be more crazies out there than we can ever catch."

"At this point," said Sabrina, "we never heard of the Revolution for the Freedom of Palestine, and it's likely that the note is a hoax. It was delivered to the Iranian Embassy in Egypt, and then sent to the Israeli and American Embassies. All this has happened within the last four or five hours."

"How the hell am I suppose to determine if the letter is a hoax? There are too many ships leaving the U.S. every day to focus on each one. That would take too long."

"How about tracking the path of the letter backwards?"

"Sounds like a good idea to me," said Tracey. "Let's do it."

The Israeli versions of Dowser¾ they built two Dowser units¾ were not as sophisticated as the HTI version in the United States. The primary concept was the same, but the Israelis did not have access to the sophisticated eye-head movement control over the cross hairs on the map. Tracey had cleverly improvised a 10 finger controlled system which used finger pressures to control the positioning of the cross hairs. Pressing subtly harder or softer with various finger combinations controlled the motion and zooming features of the map searching. The finger-pressure biofeedback approach was readily learned and worked extremely well. Tracey found her dowsing ability was steadily improving. She was 80% accurate in locating missing persons and objects if she was given a well-defined description or picture, and a peg point to begin the search.

The Israelis had responded to this 20% inaccuracy of information by training several of their own intelligence agents to dowse. The most talented was Gabi Katz. Gabi and Tracey would often be given the same information and then independently provide their data using Dowser. Sometimes, they would both supply data at the same time.

As Sabrina helped Tracey into the Dowser unit, she said, "Gabi has also been briefed, and he's also providing data. Track that letter to where it originated. Start at the Iranian Embassy. I'm going to keep you two least at the beginning of the session." Sabrina went to the control center which communicated with each Dowser unit.

Tracey sat in her chair and connected her cable¾ she heard the familiar snap. Her screen showed the map of Egypt. She relaxed for a moment and tested the movement of the crosshairs with a conscious intention; Tracey was not conscious of the subtle changes in pressure which her fingers applied to the crosshair controls. She focused on finding where the letter originated. Let's start at the Embassy when the letter was picked up by the Israeli Ambassador, she thought; immediately, the cross-hairs began moving through several levels of map detail and stopped on the map sector containing the Iranian Embassy in Cairo. There was a square block containing the Embassy and 6 other buildings. Now, let's go backwards in time and find where the letter was first typed. The cross-hairs, which had come to rest on the Embassy building, seemed to jitter slightly, but remained on the building. This confused Tracey. "Sabrina, are you there?"


"I'm stuck at the Embassy."

Sabrina said, "Looks like you both found the source of the letter. Those bastards at the Iranian Embassy wrote the letter themselves. Neither of you ever left that location. Did you sense any other data to help us?"

"No, not yet. Give me a few minutes. I'll switch to draw mode." Tracey pressed the "D" on the console in front of her and the screen cleared except for the cross-hairs. Tracey could now draw any images or impressions she saw in her mind's eye. And occasionally, she found that her subconscious would draw shapes. Tracey closed her eyes and focused on the time and place when the letter was written. For the next few minutes, she was quiet, and then she drew a simple sketch of a room with three stick figures¾ two men standing and a woman sitting at a desk with a typewriter.

"Sabrina," Tracey said, "I sensed the guy who dictated the letter. I think the Ambassador was in the room too, and the letter was being typed by his secretary."

"Are you sure the Iranian Ambassador was there?" asked Sabrina. Gabi had not mentioned the Ambassador, but had sensed a letter being dictated to a secretary.

"Come know I'm never absolutely sure of these things. But that's the clear impression I felt."

"Stand bye for a moment," said Sabrina as she switched her mike to Gabi's unit and said, "Take another look at the room and see if there were more than two people present."

Gabi focused his attention on the room where and when the letter was dictated. "Yep, now I feel another person...a person of some authority."

"Gabi, follow this person around and see where he went before and after the letter was typed," said Sabrina. "Let's call this guy Mr. A, for authority. Then she switched to Tracey's unit and said, "Tracey, follow the guy who dictated the letter...let's call him Mr. D. I'd like to know his movements both before and after the letter was typed."

Tracey hit the "M" on her console, and the previous map appeared on the screen. First I'll track you backwards, and see where you spent your day, thought Tracey with a strong focused intention to follow Mr. D, the man who dictated the letter. The cross-hairs moved across the map on the screen. The path was guided by the subconscious biofeedback provided by Dowser. Tracey felt that she was just observing the motion of the cross-hairs.

The map of Cairo was quite detailed. The map was one continuous data set with different levels of detail. At the finest map level which Tracey was using, the map was 200 to 1 scale. Thus on her 1 meter by 1 meter wide screen, the map showed 200 by 200 meters of Cairo. As the cross-hairs approached an edge of the map on the screen, the map would gradually shift to reveal additional detail about Cairo. The streets, houses and buildings were clearly marked. Mr. D went into a home about three blocks from the Embassy and the cross-hairs stopped there. Tracey said, "Mr. D spent quite a bit of time at this home before going to the Embassy. I'd check this place out."

Where were you before this, thought Tracey. The cross-hairs moved from the home and headed northward. The pace of movement was too fast at this map level, and the screen changed to a less detailed map, at a scale of 10,000 to 1, which was a 10 km by 10 km region of Egypt. This showed Mr. D's movements¾ probably by car¾ to Port Said. "Sabrina, Mr. D entered the country from Port Said."

Where were you before that? Tracey asked herself. The screen changed to show a 100 km by 100 km map scale. Mr. D crossed the Mediterranean and landed in Beirut. Once in Beirut, the map scale again became more detailed and Tracey tracked Mr. D to the ILM headquarters in the Mountains of Lebanon. "Sabrina, he was in contact with the ILM in Beirut. I think he only stayed with them for a short time."

Where were you before that? Tracey thought. Mr. D returned to Beirut and paused at the Beirut Airport. His flight came from Tehran, where Tracey tracked him back to the headquarters of the Iranian Ayatollah financially supporting the ILM in Lebanon. Tracey said, "Mr. D started his journey from the Iranian ILM headquarters. Sabrina, I'm feeling pretty tired. We've been at this for over two hours now. I need a break."

"Okay," said Sabrina. "Let's caucus in the lunch room."

Tracey, Gabi and Sabrina met in the lunch room for a cup of coffee and a little rest. Dowsing was tiring. "We're tracking these guys," said Sabrina, "but I'm not sure we're any closer to preventing their demonstration, which sounded pretty ominous and which could occur any time. The note said at noon today. It's already 1400 hours here, and there're no reports of any incidents. The time is probably local time aboard the luxury liner...or it's all a big hoax to waste our time.

"I don't think it's a hoax," said Gabi. "Mr. A stayed at the Embassy all last night, and is still at the Embassy right now. He was real easy to track, but I sense that Mr. A is hanging around awaiting important instructions."

Tracey said, "My guy's a real traveler. Mr. D started in Tehran, flew to Beirut and went to ILM headquarters, and then took a boat to Egypt."

"Why didn't he fly into Cairo?" asked Sabrina. "It's a long boat ride and a short flight."

Tracey had wondered about that, and said, "I bet he was carrying something which airport customs would have discovered. No one notices anything at Port Said. He probably picked-up something at ILM headquarters."


"Captain, Captain," exclaimed his aid as he rushed into the Captain's quarters without so much as a knock. "What the hell do you want. Can't a man take a shit without being disturbed," said the Captain. "Sorry, sir, but there is an Emergency Code 1 message for you from the State Department."

The Emergency Code 1 message was for the Captain's eyes and ears only and reserved for the most serious of circumstances. "Damn it. I'll be right there. Don't discuss this with anyone. I want everyone who even knows about this to be in the communications room when I get there."

The Captain retrieved his scrambler key and read the general instructions on Code 1 messages. This was his first experience with this type of potential emergency. By this time there were 4 people who knew about the Code 1 situation: the Captain's aid and three communications personnel. When the Captain entered communications room, he told them not to talk to anyone else until he could, "...find out what the hell is going on." The Captain added, "Set-up our communications for Code 1 transmission, and then wait outside for me."

The Chief Communications Engineer contacted the waiting State Department operator and indicated that the Captain would be ready to begin in a minute.

After everyone else left, the Captain initiated the Code 1 communication simply by turning the key. The screen unscrambled and an official looking man appeared. He was dressed in a suit, white shirt and tie. "Captain Hargrave, I'm Mr. Sinclair¾ Bob Sinclair¾ from the State Department. I'm the Assistance Secretary of State for Combating Terrorism. I have some bad news for you. We believe that a terrorist organization has placed a bomb aboard your ship. Unfortunately, we know very little more than that, except that the device is set to explode at noon your time¾ that's less than five minutes from now."

"God damn it! I know the time," said the Captain. "Why would someone want to bomb this ship?"

"As a demonstration. They want us to take them seriously."

"Do you?"

"We're taking this threat to your ship very seriously. There's a bomb squad on its way from the Carrier Nimitz. They'll take a couple of hours to arrive."

"A couple of hours is too late! What do you want me to do?" asked the Captain.

"Unfortunately, we just received this information. Our best hope is that it's a hoax or that the bomb won't work. With only five minutes to noon and no idea where the bomb is, telling the passengers will probably cause more panic and damage than the bomb. Stand tight, alert your key staff, keep this line open, and tell us as soon as anything happens...or doesn't happen. Please contact us at 12:15 the latest...good luck Captain."

: 12:18 PM, 27 SEPTEMBER 2018

The Captain returned to the communications room where he could talk to Mr. Sinclair who was anxiously awaiting some news. "There was a bomb," said the Captain. The explosion was not too serious¾ nobody was killed. The blast was in the interior of the ship so there's no damage to the hull. There's lots of dust floating around, but most of the passengers don't even know that anything happened."

"Well, that's good news," said Mr. Sinclair with a bit of doubt in his voice.

"Looks like those bastards have their demonstration. It could have been a lot worse."

"That's what worries me," Mr. Sinclair said. "I don't understand why such a mild doesn't fit. Captain, please keep this link open so we can talk to you again if necessary. And Captain, remember that the person who planted this bomb may still be aboard your ship. If you can find him...that would certainly help."


Tracey and Gabi looked at each other and nodded. Tracey said, "It's time for us to future-connect I don't see any alternative." Sabrina didn't like using the future-connect technique. While it was quite reliable¾ producing detailed information about the future with a 70% reliability¾ both Tracey and Gabi would not be able to Dowse until the connect time was past. Sabrina was not sure the reliability was worth the lack of flexibility. "What if we get some key information which needs to be pursued, and both of you are out of commission?" she said.

"You have other Dowsers," said Tracey.

"None as good as you two."

"Depending on where this ship is, it could be past noon. We must do something fast," said Gabi. "I suggest we use a 24 hour connect time, that's 4:00 PM tomorrow. The demonstration, if it occurs at all, will be over by then. We should have some objective information to report to you as soon as we finish our future-connect session."

Tracey nodded in agreement. "Okay," said Sabrina, "you win. Let's do it." Future-connect was a procedure where Tracey would dowse Gabi's future pictures and associated impressions. The pictures and impressions were based on what Gabi would draw 24 hours from now. By that time, Sabrina would have told Gabi what she knew about the threatened demonstration, and he would draw a picture to capture the essence of that information. Sabrina hated the process because she felt like a puppet being lead by the future.

Tracey resuited and went back into her Dowser unit, and Gabi back into his. Tracey was excited about doing the future connect¾ after all, she had helped invent the process with her father. She snapped herself into Dowser, pressed the D on the console to initiate the draw screen, and immediately began relaxing with the intent of clearing her mind of all thoughts and impressions except those which Gabi would have at four o'clock tomorrow.

Tracey took about 5 minutes to clear her mind enough that she felt ready to receive the future telepathic message from Gabi. As soon as she felt ready, she was ready. And she began to draw. She drew a nearly perfect copy of what Gabi would draw 24 hours from now.

Only after Tracey finished her drawing did she really look at it with her analytical mind.

"Oh my God," she exclaimed, "They've used TNT laced with plutonium. The bastards were successful¾ the ship is the S. S. Holiday. Sabrina, I sure as hell hope this helps. The ship is probably completely radioactive, and I don't know what you can do for those aboard. Hopefully we can catch the bastards before they do the same to Jerusalem."

Sabrina did not respond, and Tracey did not expect her to. The effectiveness of the procedure was inversely related to the contact between all parties sharing information during the selected future time interval. This fact had been discovered by Tracey and John in a series of present-time drawing experiments conducted between Israel and America about 5 years earlier. The accuracy of transmitting drawing information as opposed to impressions was clearly demonstrated early in the program. Pictures could be accurately duplicated by Tracey when she tuned-in to John as he constructed his drawing. She seemed able to coordinate her muscle movements with his. They drew together. Similarly, when Tracey was given some information to draw and John was the receiver, then he would be most accurate when he tuned-in and synchronized his movements with hers. The experiments were conducted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3 weeks. Tracey broke the protocol on the fourth Monday, when she decided to draw the picture that John would draw on Wednesday. She first correctly copied John's drawing for the day, and then announced that she was going to draw John's picture for Wednesday. And she did. She drew a very good replica of the picture he would draw¾ as good a match as any she had previously drawn. Since both the U.S. and Israeli experimenters were aware of what happened, and since the Israelis refused to reveal the picture until after John drew his picture for Wednesday, both countries became convinced of the methodology. Further experiments refined the approach and proved the benefit of minimizing interaction.


Sabrina collected Tracey's pictures and comments, and went to the Ministry of Defense with all her information. She requested and received a private meeting with the Defense Minister. When he heard about the plutonium powder being dispersed by the TNT bomb, he became very quiet for a moment and then said, "Sabrina, I'm afraid we have a very delicate situation here. The plutonium was probably stolen from a Kazakhstan processing plant used for nuclear power research. The Russians told us about the theft over 6 months ago. We're at a critical juncture in establishing a cooperative relationship on sharing information about the Iranian threat to both us and them.

"The US, on the other hand, is not nearly as interested in the Iranian threat. The Americans focused their attention on finding the ship to be used for the demonstration. They have already identified the S.S. Holiday¾ on a cruise to England from New York¾ as the targeted ship. This information came from a document Dowsed in the Tehran secret police headquarters. The Americans have learned how to read written documents through dowsing. Can we do that?"

Sabrina nodded a "no".

"Anyway," continued the Defense Minister, "the TNT bomb exploded about 10 minutes ago. The reported damage is small. They obviously don't yet know about the plutonium."

"Damn them¾ the terrorists still seem to be winning the war," said Sabrina.

"It's hard to anticipate all their plans."

"You said that we're in a delicate situation, but I don't see the problem," said Sabrina. "We'll inform the US about our future-cross session and they'll tell their bomb squad to look for any unusual radioactivity levels. They'll then readily confirm the future-connect information about the plutonium. The Americans will then trace the plutonium source to the Iranians, and they will surely learn that the Iranians stole the stuff from the Russians¾ I don't see any problem."

"The problem is that the Americans¾ and possibly the Russians¾ may also discover that we provided information about the plutonium processing plant to the Iranians. We encouraged them to steal the plutonium. We did this very subtly, but the trail could lead back to us."

"Why in the hell did you do that!" exclaimed Sabrina, surprised by this admission.

"We had a clever plan to trap the Iranians and make friends with the Russians at the same time. We found out that the Iranians were looking for sources of plutonium. Through our Muslim network we told them enough about the Russian processing plant to convince them to plan a robbery. Then we told the Russians about their plans in plenty of time for them to prepare a trap. Unfortunately, the Iranians outsmarted all of us. They sacrificed 20 men in the plan which we and the Russians knew about. And they used 5 men to actually steal three highly radioactive plutonium-239 rods. The original plan was a diversion! Nobody but myself, three agents, and now you know about our initial role with the Iranians. If this were to come out..."

Sabrina began her response slowly, "I now understand your problem. It seems that Dowsing has changed forever our ability to truly keep anything secret. Nevertheless, knowing where and when to look for secrets is very difficult. So I recommend that you destroy all your files on this subject and don't discuss it further." She paused, "But sir, I see no choice but to let the Captain of the S.S Holiday know about the plutonium...those poor people."

"Let the Americans know everything about your future-connect info," said the Minister with a resigned sigh. "The Iranians are too good at this terrorist business. There's something more involved here. They've now had major successes against us, the Russians, and the Americans. Do they have better intelligence than we? Is someone helping them? What's their method?"

His questions were clearly an assignment for Sabrina. The Minister was worried, he contemplated the Iranian threat for another moment and then finished the meeting with, "Sabrina, I'm quite concerned about the threat to Jerusalem. Do all that you can, and keep me informed."


Thanksgiving Dinner at the Monroes

"We do have a lot to be thankful for this year," said John as he stood up and raised his wine glass for a toast. "To health, for us and for the world."

This year there were 11 for dinner: John, Mandy and David who have been regulars for Thanksgiving ever since John and Mandy were married; Hal who began coming to these dinners after his wife Susan died; and the 7 members of the Monroe family, Howard, Emily, Matt, Matt's wife and their three children.

"And to Tracey," continued John, "who cannot be here with us today, but who we all owe a great deal of gratitude because of her key role in uncovering and thwarting the plot to bomb Jerusalem." He took a sip of his wine and sat down amid a chorus of clicking glasses.

David, who was eight and a half years old, clicked his wine glass, which was filled with Coca Cola with Jeanie's glass. Jeanie was Matt and Shirley's eleven year old daughter. David had a crush on Jeanie, and he whispered to her as they clicked glasses, "My dad helped save Jerusalem did your grandma."

"That's not true," said Jeanie. "Grandma would have told me if she was a hero. Grandma, grandma!" She looked toward the other end of the large table.

Emily was talking with Hal about how proud of Tracey's heroics Susan would have been. When she heard Jeanie's call, she said "Excuse me," to Hal and then "What honey," to Jeanie. At the same time, David shook his head from side to side pleading to Jeanie, ", don't say anything."

"Grandma are you a hero? Did you help save Jerusalem?" Jeanie said, ignoring David's plea.

"Where did you get that idea?" answered Emily.

"From David, he said that you and Uncle John both helped save Jerusalem." All the other conversations stopped at the table. Uncle John and Aunt Mandy, as they were known to the Monroe children, looked at David with tender but disapproving glances.

When neither John nor Emily responded, Mandy said, "As far as I know, Dad and Aunt Emily were not involved in helping Jerusalem." She couldn't help but think, Is Davey using his psinfo again?

David's psychic ability was rapidly growing in both depth and accuracy. Mandy was inclined to believe his psinfo. John and Mandy encouraged his abilities, but David would often blurt out embarrassing things based on his psinfo. Tonight was another example. John was concerned that David was no longer clearly differentiating between the normal sources of information and his psinfo sources. On the other hand, he committed himself to encouraging David's psychic abilities. And to deny the truth in what David had said would put a serious damper on David's confidence.

"See," said Jeanie to David, "my grandma would have told me if she helped save Jerusalem."

Emily was now very uncomfortable. Only she, John and a few key government people knew about their role in thwarting the attempted Jerusalem bombing. Both their role and what they learned was clearly designated as Top Secret. Thus she felt that she was compelled to commit the minor sin of remaining quiet and not telling the entire truth.

David was humiliated. Jeanie would never like him again. "Yeah," he said on the verge of tears, "then ask her about the Chinese." David roughly pushed away from the table, causing several glasses to spill water and wine. He ran off toward the family room.

Jeanie now began to cry. Matt was sitting next to her and put his arm around Jeanie and comforted her. Mandy and John stood-up to follow David, but John said, "Let me take care of this. Please leave me alone with him for a while. The rest of you finish your meal. He'll be fine...Jeanie, it's not your fault."


John found David in the family room. David was obviously crying, but when he saw his dad approach he bravely wiped his eyes and tried to stop.

"Davey, I don't blame you for crying. You're seeing and telling the truth¾ that's not easy in our world. Davey, are you too big to give your dad a hug. I think I need a big one."

David ran to his dad and gave him the biggest and tightest hug he knew how to give. Both of them felt much better after that.

"Let's go for a walk on the beach," said John. They put on their jackets and slipped out the back way. It was a 2 minute walk to the beach, and they chit chatted about David's school and how he never felt challenged.

When they reached the sand and started walking near the water, John became more serious, "David, you're eight years old¾ I'm seventy three. Believe it or not, we're both young. But you're just a little younger than I am. I have more experience in this world we live in, but you have a gift that I can only marvel at. You have a psychic gift."

"It's a gift I wish I could give back," said David.

"Sometimes a brand new gift can be lots of trouble. And if you really want to give it back, I think you can. But this gift is so special that I hope that won't happen. That's why I want us to talk. Davey, what you said at dinner was correct. Both Emily and I were involved with stopping the attempted bombing of Jerusalem. Your psinfos are truly remarkable." John paused to let the acknowledgment of David's accuracy sink-in.

When did you receive the information about our involvement in the Jerusalem affair?" asked John.

"I really don't know..." said David hesitatingly. "I didn't care about Jerusalem at all...and then after your toast to was just there. I just knew that you and Emily were involved...involved in a big way. So I said something to Jeanie¾ boy was that a mistake!"

"What details do you know?"

"Nothing really. It's funny, I felt sure about what I said to Jeanie. But I didn't know why...or how. I didn't¾ and I still don't¾ know any details, all I knew was that you and Emily were also heroes...that you both were important in stopping the bombing."

"Then when did you know about the Chinese?" asked a very puzzled John.

"China and a Tibetan monk popped into my mind when Jeanie was gloating over her being so right. Dad, I don't even know where Tibet is...I'm very confused."

John was startled by the reference to the monk. The latest intelligence information indicated that the key Chinese HT-Dowser operation was being lead by a Tibetan monk using other monks to dowse critical information about future events. Nobody knew the leader's name or from where he operated. David was clearly tuned-in to the Jerusalem affair, even though he didn't know it.

John said, "Davey, it seems to me that you and your psinfo talent have matured admirably. It's a marvelous gift...a gift to be nurtured. Everything you've told me so far has been completely accurate. My telling you that is Top Secret. I've confirmed to you very important secrets which the US government wants to protect. Not even your mother knew about my connection with this business. Do you understand...that's why she agreed with Jeanie. Your mom had no way of knowing."

David nodded that he understood, but he looked worried. "Dad, now that you've told me Top Secrets, will you have to go to jail?"

"No, please don't worry about that. I'll have to discuss this with my contacts in Washington, but secrecy has become more and more difficult to maintain. Anyway, I think you're too important. I will not lie to you...I will not cripple your psychic talent with a lie."

"I didn't know that I was getting Top Secret psinfos," David said apologetically. "Dad, I'm sorry if this is gonna cause you trouble."

"Davey, now you listen to me. You did nothing wrong. Your psinfos are not sinful. Psi information really does exist. The world is going to have to face up to that fact someday. It's amazing that we still don't have a good scientific theory for psi, but we can use it anyway. There's nothing wrong with seeking the truth."

"The truth has caused me lots of trouble today." They both laughed.

They had walked about half a mile along the beach and reached a pile of boulders. The large rocks were anywhere from 3 to 10 feet in width, and formed an irregular mound which was over 50 feet high. There was a flat topped boulder, near the base, which was perfect for sitting on, except during high tide. John and David climbed to this ledge and sat down.

They stared at the rolling and gently breaking waves for a while, and then John said, "Davey, your psinfos on this whole Jerusalem affair have been remarkable. It seems to me that you receive this information when it will help you...when it's important to you. That's pretty amazing. Maybe I'm wrong, but you first received some information to impress Jeanie...after my toast."

David fidgeted with embarrassment.

"Then," John continued, "when it looked like no one believed you, you received more psinfo to demonstrate that you were not making up a story."

"Gee, I never looked at it that way. But that's possible."

"I wonder if you could get more psinfo on the Jerusalem episode by strongly wanting more psinfo. I wonder if you can consciously choose new areas for the psinfo that you receive."

"I don't know what you mean," said David.

"Forgive me, Davey. You know I'm too abstract. How about doing a little experiment...right now."

"What kind of experiment?"

"I'll ask you some questions¾ important questions¾ and we'll see if your psinfo can provide any answers."

"Sure Dad. I don't think I know anything else, but if you want to ask me something...go ahead."

"First, why don't you just relax for a moment and look at the ocean, toward the horizon. Look at that glistening surface."

"Yeah, it's great."

After a minute or so, John asked in as neutral a voice as he could manage, "What do you know about the monk from Tibet? You mentioned him to me a little while ago."

"His name is Tenzin Kiela, and he's a lama working with Chinese officials in Lhasa, Tibet," began David. "Those officials report directly to the Peking communist party leaders. He's considered a traitor by most of the other lamas¾ lamas are the monks of Lamaism which is the main religion of Tibetans and is an offspring of Buddhism.

"Lama Kiela wants to become influential within the Chinese government. He wants more money for his special projects. The Chinese agreed to help him if he helped them with the Iranians. The Iranians wanted to raid a Russian plutonium processing plant using information supplied by the Israelis. But they did not trust the Israelis. Lama Kiela was successful in his planning, and that's how the Iranians got the plutonium powder for their bombs."

David paused with a very confused look on his face, "How do I know all this? I don't even understand most of what I'm saying!"

"Davey, you're doing fine. What you're talking about fits in with what I know. It looks like you've tuned-in to the right channel. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," said David. "But it feels very weird to be talking to you and yet I'm not really part of the conversation."

"You're translating available psinfo using a subconscious ability. Can I ask you another question?"


John paused a moment and looked at the ocean. Then he turned toward David and asked, "How does Lama Kiela get his information?"

David smiled and shook his head, "That's amazing. The answer is waiting for me to say it. I guess that's not too different than when I get asked a question at school that I know the answer to. I say the answer without too much effort¾ the answer is waiting to be said. Is that silly?"

"No Davey. Actually, that's as good an explanation as I've ever heard for how we retrieve information from our brains. Maybe psinfo is retrieved similarly from our minds."

"Anyway," said David, "He has a group of 9 other lamas that help him. They use machines¾ machines a lot like your HT-Dowser units. The Chinese government supplied a machine to Lama Kiela about three years ago. There was a sharp disagreement within the Lamaic leadership over relations with the government. Most lamas wanted to have nothing to do with the government, but that was becoming harder and harder to do. A few, lead by Lama Kiela, suggested that cooperation would be in the mutual interest. The first machine was provided to investigate the possible enhancement of the spiritual experience. Only 14 lamas would even try the machine, and 10 found the experience rewarding. These 10 were permitted to remain at the monastery, but they are virtually a separate sect. They became more involved with the Chinese government. They also became very good at using the machine. Eventually, the government supplied a total of 10 machines. And they would all be used simultaneously to provide very detailed information requested by the government. This connection was quite secret. Only a few people in the Chinese government were even aware of the connection with the lamas. That was how both the government and the lamas wanted it."

"If they're so good, why did we capture all the Iranian's bombs before they could be used on Jerusalem," asked John.

"Because that was part of Lama Kiela's long range plan. The lamas saw that you and Aunt Emily would find all the bombs using the advanced HT-Dowser unit. Lama Kiela has no love for the Iranians. In fact, part of his plan is to weaken Iran."

David shook his head in amazement at his own words, and continued, "Aunt Emily first got involved, right after the bombing of the S.S. Holiday, because she was the best person with the right clearance to follow the money trail associated with the bombs. Dad, it was your suggestion, and you two were the main team. It was the persistent tracking of where the financial support came from that revealed that China was giving large sums of money to the ILM in Iran to build these bombs."

David paused and looked at John. "Aunt Emily really understands how money flows between all types of groups¾ countries down to terrorist organizations. She was great."

"Yes she was," agreed John.

David continued, "Finding and taking control of the bombs was critical. From their headquarters in Israel, Tracey, and someone named Gabi, found 6 of the bombs hidden in Jerusalem. They also found the bombs in the ILM storehouses located in Iran and Lebanon. You and Aunt Emily were such a good team, that the CIA asked you to use the advanced Dowser to find any other hidden bombs¾ and you did. You found the locations of 14 other bombs that had been smuggled and hidden inside Jerusalem. Fourteen bombs in fourteen locations, and you found them all! The bombs were set to detonate on December 31, 2018. You and Aunt Emily are heroes."

David looked proudly at his father.

John looked proudly at his son.


Part 3   SACC (Search, Apprehend and Capture Criminals)



There was only one item on the agenda: The request for 5 million dollars, spread out over 5 years, in additional funds to participate in a joint FBI-HTI-Finding project called SACC.

The Board of Directors were Hal, Rocky and Dennis Atland. Dennis was the Chairman of the Board and an employee of Shell Oil. He represented Shell's 40% stock interest in Finding, Inc. Hal and Rocky each owned 20% and the remainder was owned by employees. Shell Oil initially supplied 2 million dollars for the venture, while Hal and Rocky each supplied 1/2 a million and their talents.

Charlene Tall (Rocky's wife) and two finance types from Shell were also present at the meeting. She was an important player because her desire to use "modern dowsing" was critical in persuading Shell to put up the money necessary to initially finance Finding. She was a strong believer in the power of the mind, and the biofeedback ideas advanced by Hal. Hal's conviction about the value of HTing convinced Rocky and Charlene of the huge potential associated with the modified HT-2.

Charlene was also impressed with everything she had read about HTI, including John's account of how he won the lottery twice. Based on Hal's first hand knowledge of John's integrity, she concluded that the HT-2s were tapping into something much deeper than dowsing, but she knew that dowsing for oil was her only way to tap into this technology. So she argued very persuasively that Shell should invest in this venture because it would likely improve her ability to find oil, gas and uranium which would make money for the company.


Everybody at the meeting had a copy of the 40 page proposal entitled, The SACC (Search, Apprehend and Catch Criminals) Project.

"Basically, the idea is to Catch the Top Ten," Hal said in his brief opening remarks. "I've talked to my contacts at the FBI, and they're encouraging about this exploratory project. SACC will help them apprehend and provide important evidence to convict the criminals on their Ten Most Wanted List. They have a limited budget, like everyone else. But, they think they can sell a two year demonstration project if we're willing to cover some of the costs. All the details are in the proposal."

"It's been 10 years since we started Finding," said Dennis. "It's incredible how fast the years go by. Much to my pleasant surprise, we have flourished. As you know, I was appointed to this job to make certain our money was well spent and Charlene's ideas were tested. It was one thing to be able to find people with your electronic dowser, but quite another to find natural resources.

"But oil, gas, uranium and platinum are indeed what Charlene has been able to find...and lots of it. She was always somewhat better than our geologists, however since she's been using the HT-2, her success rate has improved dramatically.

Unfortunately, with the price of almost everything being depressed, I can't understand why Shell should finance one-third of a joint project with HTI and the US government?"

Hal knew he had a hard sell, and he gave it his best shot. "As you said Dennis, we've successfully worked together now for 10 years, and you've probably given the best reason for funding this joint project, namely, time does pass.

"This depression will end, I don't know how, but it will end. And I think both Finding and Shell should be ready to move when that happens. You've already seen the successes Charlene has had with this technology. Successes that have made you money. Well, don't you think additional advances are possible? HTI is undoubtedly doing research in advancing their version of dowser. We have not received any new improvements from them since the modified HT-2 was delivered 9 years ago. They have surely made significant advances since then!"

Hal continued, after making eye contact with Dennis to be certain he understood this key point. "This project provides a unique opportunity to become aware of the most advanced HT technology. This lead time and knowledge could be worth hundreds of millions or even more to you."

"It seems to me, Hal concluded, that 5 million dollars is a wise investment in this venture, especially considering the significant tax incentives. Also, you'll be performing a good deed in furthering the fight against crime, which you can use in your advertising campaigns once this project becomes public."

"Mr. Cantor," said one of the two men accompanying Dennis. "I've read your proposal, and nowhere do I see any mention of Shell Oil, except in the disclosure form which shows us as the major stockholder. And, as a stockholder there's no way fighting crime can generate hundreds of millions of dollars of profit."

"Of course not," said Hal. "Your profit comes from access to the most advanced dowsing techniques available anywhere. That's what Charlene has been using so successfully for you. This project assures continuing access as soon as commercial units are available. It's truly a win-win-win situation. Finding simply wants to run the training center for FBI dowser agents, HTI simply wants to sell HTs, and Shell simply wants better dowsing capabilities. This proposal permits everyone to gain."

"Why do you even think the FBI will fund this proposal?" said the other Shell representative.

"It's not a sure thing," said Hal, "but HTI and I have talked to our contacts and they appear very encouraging. They've been given authority to spend 25% more money on crime-related research this year than last. The administration and Congress have decided to spend our way out of this depression using private industry to leverage their funds. With the tax incentives associated with these joint projects, the government money is very attractive."

"Also, let me add," Rocky jumped into the conversation, "that Finding has been making an increasing profit on its own. With this FBI connection, our training packages and commissions on the HTs will increase profits further¾ 40% of which belong to you."

"Gentlemen," Charlene said rather loudly to get their attention. "All of you are missing a key point." Her strong southern drawl belied her competence.

They had forgotten she was in the room, but her views were always respected. "This HT technology is slowly changing everything about how the world conducts commerce. We must stay on top of the advancing HT technology. Just as computers changed the world, so will HTs. The most relevant example I can give you is that I've just been appointed by the Shell Board of Directors to head the Investment and Currency Division. Beginning next month I'll be dowsing for future prices of various investments world-wide."

"Congratulations," said Rocky and Hal in unison. The IC Division controlled about a hundred billion US-equivalent dollars and was an important profit/loss center to Shell.

"Char, how come you never told me about this?" Rocky asked.

"This was a secret project run by the Board over the last two years," she answered. "I was sworn to secrecy, honey, even from telling you all. The idea was to see if my dowsing could be used to predict the future value of some stock and real estate holdings. The idea was based on John Wensler's seeing the future lottery numbers. If he could see into the future, so could I. Anyway, the official announcement about my new job will be out in a couple of days, so I have no problem telling you all now.

"You dowsed the future with the modified HT-2," said Rocky incredulously.

"Yep," answered Charlene. "I faired better than the Harvard Business School graduates. My timing decisions netted 50% more profit than those tight-ass graduates."

Dennis was certainly surprised and somewhat upset by this news. He hadn't realized that Charlene was so strongly connected into the Shell power structure. All resistance to cooperating with the SACC project dissipated.


"I can't believe they won't prosecute him," said Hal.

"Capone's getting away with murder," said Rocky.

"We'll jail the bastard some day," said Agent Robert Lang.




Capone's given name was Jack Capone Sanchez. He was born in 1992 in East Los Angeles. His father was a brutal pimp and crack dealer who was fascinated with the criminals of the prohibition era, so he gave his two boys gangster middle names. Capone's younger half-brother was Carlos Bugsy Sanchez. Both Jack and Carlos were bastards. They were born one year apart. Their mothers worked as prostitutes.

Jack and Carlos were equally brutalized by their father until Jack was caught stealing a few dollars from one of the girls. Jack was 10 at the time. Jack was beaten so badly by his father that he nearly died. Carlos was forced to watch the beating " a lesson not to steal from your father." Jack and Carlos never forgave their father...or God.

Two years later, Capone's father was brutally knifed to death. The murder was never solved. So, at the age of twelve, Jack and Carlos were adopted by a childless couple in their neighborhood. The couple were the leaders of the local Satanic cult. They taught Jack and Carlos the black art of Satanism.

Jack stopped using his last name and called himself Jack Capone. His adopted parents legally changed his name when he was fifteen.

Jack's teenage life in the L.A ghetto was notable for the intensity of violence he inflicted on others as a member of the 56th Street Gang. He eventually became the unrivaled leader of that gang. Carlos showed remarkable talent for efficiently organizing the gang as well as making contacts with existing organized crime networks. Jack Capone became the largest and most ruthless drug dealer in Southern California by the time he was 21.


SACC was called in shortly after the California Attorney General and his wife were barbarically murdered in their home during November 2014. Capone was the prime suspect...since he was being aggressively investigated for crack drug dealing by the Attorney General. But there was no proof of Capone's involvement in the murder.

Hal and a FBI agent were the team co-leaders assigned to the case. Rocky was the principal dowser. The agent's name was Robert Lang. He was known as Bobby and had worked for the California Attorney General's drug enforcement task force for 12 years before joining the FBI in 2010.

The first phase of the investigation was to establish the nature of Capone's involvement in the murders. It was unlikely that he committed the homicides himself, but determining the nature of his role, if any, was important. The hope was that he would lead Rocky to the actual murderers and to specific evidence which could convict the killers as well as Capone.

Since the murders were recent¾ two weeks had past¾ the plan was to have Rocky, as well as two FBI dowsers assigned to this case, dowse backwards in time to find where and with whom key discussions about the murder took place. Bobby worked in the control room asking questions, providing human feedback, and focusing the dowsers. Hal reviewed and helped analyze the results of each day's efforts. Hal was also responsible for guiding and managing the overall investigation as part of the SACC project. He reported the results to the FBI team leader assigned to this case.

Bobby's knowledge of drug organizations, Rocky's dowsing ability and Hal's management were the nucleus of a strong operations team. Nevertheless, the D-2 dowser unit was the key to the operation. It's performance was sometimes remarkable. However, it was not entirely reliable. The team's most difficult challenge was to filter out the incorrect information from the facts. The D-2 provided a field of noisy information, but the field contained many unique and valuable gems.

There were two key elements involved in judging the validity of the dowsed information. First, three dowsers were assigned to the case¾ Rocky and two less experienced FBI agents. To the extent independently dowsed information was similar between two or three of the dowsers, the probability of accuracy went up. Ten new agents were recently assigned to the SACC team. In 2015, the President directed the FBI to provide additional support for the SACC experiment, and he wanted to personally review the FBI-SACC final report.

Secondly, Bobby asked for verifiable information as part of most dowser sessions. For example, Capone's whereabouts prior to the murders were reasonably well known to the FBI. If a dowser were successful in finding Capone's location at a specified time, then other information from that session was considered especially reliable.

There was one session with Rocky that was particularly informative. The session began rather routinely. Bobby asked Rocky to identify where Capone was at 10 PM on July 4, 2016. Rocky had no trouble finding Capone on the estate he built in East LA. The D-2's cross-hairs rested on a photograph of a 100 ft by 100 ft portion of the property which included part of Capone's mansion. The photograph was one piece of a detailed five level map of the US.

Bobby was pleased with this result, since he knew that Capone had thrown a fancy party at his home that evening. "Rocky, you've found him at his home."

Bobby then calmly asked, "Did Capone discuss murdering the California Attorney General that evening?" A yes-no-maybe response question such as this is essential to investigative work, and dowsing an accurate answer with high probability is generally quite difficult. The method the D-2 unit used was personalized for each dowser-controller pair. Rocky and Bobby had spent 2 hours a day for 4 weeks optimizing Rocky's biofeedback response to yes-no-maybe questions. It was Bobby's job to ask these questions in as neutral a tone as possible, not giving one question more importance than another. It was Rocky's job to not consciously think about the answer, but to let an instinctive biofeedback-reinforced response in the 1 to 3 Hertz range provide the answer¾ right or wrong. This frequency range seemed to work best for Rocky. His subconscious mind would rapidly increase, decrease or leave practically unchanged the biofeedback energy associated with this frequency range. Thus, after 4 weeks of interactive training, Rocky's subconscious could answer this type of question with a yes, no or maybe.

Rocky's answer came in the form of a computerized voice which said, "No." Yes, no, or I don't know responses were provided by the computer after analyzing the biofeedback response. The voice, incidentally, was the VTMS standard voice.

Bobby's next question was critical. He asked, "Where did Jack Capone give the order to kill the California Attorney General?' Notice that this question asks about a specific location, which is important in the Dowser mode, but the question assumes that Capone did indeed order the killing. Experiments performed up to that time indicated that if the assumption were wrong, then 60% of the time the dowser will lose focus and the crosshairs will aimlessly roam over the maps. Fourty percent of the time the dowser will stop at a location which is meaningless and thus wrong. Independent dowsers are always used for confirmation on this type of question. The chances of two dowsers incorrectly stopping on the same wrong location are small.

Rocky and his D-2 Dowser unit responded immediately by panning to a coarser map which included all of the Continental United States. The cross-hairs moved toward mid-America and zoomed in on Illinois. And then in less than a minute, the cross-hairs came to rest on a bowling alley in Chicago.

"Bobby recognized this place as a favorite hangout for a powerful Chicago mobster¾ Lenny Smith¾ who had visited Capone several months earlier.

Bobby asked Rocky if he had any sense of how long ago this meeting occurred, and Rocky said that he did not.

Bobby then quickly pulled-in, from the on-line FBI computers, the pictures of key members of Lenny's mob. The D-2 was hooked-up to every major data bank in the world. Pictures, fingerprints, and the available DNA prints were all accessible in seconds.

Bobby showed Rocky five pictures on the Dowser screen. He reduced the map size in half and showed all 5 pictures on the other half of the H-Screen. He asked Rocky to identify who was at the bowling alley meeting with Capone. The cross-hairs moved from the map directly to Lenny's picture, and the computerized voice said "Yes."

"That's Lenny Smith," said Bobby.

Bobby asked if anyone else was in the meeting when the murder was discussed. The crosshairs moved over the other pictures one at a time with a computerized "No" four times in a row.

Rocky sensed Capone talking to Lenny about the murder. "...the more brutal the betta," Capone said, "I wanna set an example...'dos pigs won't be able to prove a damn t'ing. Yous take care 'a him and we're even". Rocky sensed that Capone had provided a drug shipment to Lenny and wanted the murder as payment.

In the control room. Bobby knew that Rocky was picking-up some information by the enhanced biofeedback signals in the higher frequency ranges. He remained quiet.

"Lenny's involved...well, at least Capone asked him to commit a murder...I don't know what murder...," said Rocky.

Bobby then asked Rocky to go to the site of the murders in LA. Rocky quickly changed map coordinated to the California Attorney General's house; the map still filled only half the screen. Bobby removed all but Lenny's picture, and then added the picture of the Attorney General. He asked Rocky if Lenny had killed the Attorney General at his home. The computerized voice said "No."

Bobby put the other four key members of Lenny's mob on the screen. He asked Rocky if any of them had been at this site at the time of the murder. The cross-hairs moved from one to another, and the computerized voice responded, "No...Yes...Yes...No." Rocky had identified two men who Bobby said were Lenny's bodyguards and suspected of several other murders.

The following week, Rocky identified the time (a day after Capone talked to Lenny) and place (the bowling alley) where Lenny ordered his bodyguards to murder the Attorney General. Lenny recognized that he was taking a big risk. If his bodyguards were caught, their connection with him could be enough to send him to jail. But, Rocky strongly sensed that Lenny knew if he did not satisfy Capone's request, he¾ Lenny¾ would surely be killed and so would his daughter and mother. Rocky sensed the conversation and was appalled at the fear that Capone could instill in even the most brutal of men. "Who's Travis?" asked Rocky as he sensed a new name in Lenny's fear.

Bobby answered, "Peter Travis used to have Lenny's territory. He and his family¾ a wife and three kids¾ were killed in a fire at their home. His parents and brother also died about the same time. We could never prove that Lenny had anything to do with it."

"I don't think he did," said Rocky. "My bet is that Capone had them all killed. Capone knows how to use fear."

Rocky then explained his perception of the conversation between Lenny and his bodyguards. Bobby said that in his opinion Rocky and the D-2 had uncovered the basic facts, "...but this is not anything which will stand up in court. The next step is to analyze DNA samples from the murder scene and nail the bodyguards...then maybe Lenny. Unfortunately, we're not likely to find anything connecting Capone to the murder."

Rocky said "Capone was feeling invincible when he talked to Lenny. He's one of the real dregs of society."

Rocky then broke with the standard D-2 protocol which permitted only the control to ask questions about the case. He asked a rather natural question which was clearly directed at Capone. "How did you become so evil?" Rocky didn't expect an answer, but he received one anyway¾ a surprising answer which Bobby later partially verified.

Jack Capone had come under the influence of a devil worshipping cult when he was 10 years old. He and his brother Carlos were brought into the cult by Capone's natural mother shortly after Capone received the brutal beating which nearly killed him. Devil worship grew and flourished since the hard times in 2003. And, the constant beatings made Jack and Carlos perfect recruits. The fact that the Devil lived and was active was easy for Jack and Carlos to accept.

With moral support from the cult, Jack and Carlos killed their father with a knife when Jack was 12 years old. Jack and Carlos were then adopted by the cult leaders. Capone has been seeking their guidance, and getting support from their extensive organization, since then.

When Rocky experienced Jack Capone's childhood¾ the beatings from his father and Jack's brutal retaliation¾ Rocky felt he understood why there was evil in the world. Namely, pain without meaning. The pain of childbirth was not evil, but the pain of meaningless beatings was. Rocky felt that Capone's participation in a Devil worshipping cult made sense because it provided a deep sense of meaning to Capone's painful reality.

"Bobby," Rocky said rather sadly, "Capone and his brother killed their parents. They're part of a Satanic cult. Capone's a believer in the power and necessity of evil...he sees the Devil as ruling this world...he sees himself as a servant of the Devil."



Lenny and his two bodyguards were convicted of murder and sentenced to death based on the hard evidence developed by the FBI using the leads supplied by SACC.

Jack Capone was not charged with any crime.



FBI Press Conference

The press secretary for the FBI walked up to the podium at the front of the conference room, waited for the attention of the large gathering of press representatives, and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, as you have been told, we've called this press conference to make an important announcement. It is my pleasure to present the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who will read a prepared statement and then answer your questions."

The Director was a gaunt man with a shrewd quick mind. His leadership of the FBI for the last 6 years had been controversial because he was not diplomatic. He was a tough get-the-job-done law enforcement official. "Good afternoon," he said when he reached the podium, he put on his bifocals and then he began reading the prepared statement.

"The latest set of the FBI's "10 Most Wanted Criminals" was distributed six months ago. We are pleased to announce that 7 of the 10 persons on this list are now in custody. They were located and apprehended by an experimental task force using advanced search techniques. This task force is called S.A.C.C. for Search Apprehend and Convict Criminals."

"We now have highly reliable search techniques whereby any criminal can be located. The program was initially set-up on a trial basis to evaluate the potential for efficiently finding our most dangerous criminals.

"The success of the SACC program was overwhelming, and we are now announcing that the SACC Task Force will become a permanent and growing part of the FBI. This project has been given top priority by the President and it is an integral part of his anti-crime initiative.

"There is no longer any place where criminals can hide. If you doubt this, ask Mr. Lenny Smith who was found and apprehended by SACC after his escape from death row."

The Director paused and looked directly at the audience, and directly at the press's video cameras which were broadcasting the conference live. He repeated, "There is no longer any place where criminals can hide." He paused again. "That concludes the prepared statement, I'll take your questions now."

The first question was, "If what you say is true¾ that criminals can't hide¾ do you expect us to have a society without criminals in the foreseeable future?"

"It's not that simple, of course," said the Director. "We can find and apprehend them, but society does not know how to efficiently prosecute, punish and rehabilitate criminals. We will probably begin a faster cycle of catch and release, except for the most heinous of criminals. It is these¾ the murderers, kidnappers, terrorists¾ that the SACC program is designed to remove from society."

"You said that criminals can't hide," began another question, "then why did you only catch 7 of the 10 most wanted?"

"We found the dead bodies of two of the men on the list, and the last was a woman kidnapper who we believe was tied, gagged and thrown into the ocean where she drowned. The parents of the child she kidnapped and killed are being charged with her murder. Her body has not been recovered, and we don't expect to find any of her remains. We have no direct witnesses, but we do have the detective who found the woman kidnapper, and he will testify that he told the parents about her whereabouts."

"How can your SACC team be so accurate?" asked another reporter.

The Director really didn't want to provide too much information on the details, so he summarized as follows: "A modified HT unit has been developed under government funding which permits a highly trained investigator to pinpoint the location of any person on a series of accurate maps. We purchased two machines for the SACC experiment, and then three additional units were added when Presidential priority was given to the experiment. The investigative techniques using these units have been fine-tuned, and the experiment was a rousing success."

"Sir, I have two related questions, both involving the potential misuse of this new capability. First, don't you think that the ability to find any hidden person can be abused? Say, for example, by terrorists searching for key people to kidnap or assassinate. And secondly, what about the right of innocent citizens to privacy¾ hiding away from everyone is an important part of being private!"

"I'm afraid that privacy is a theoretical right. It generally exists in practice too, unless someone specifically wants to invade your privacy...for that matter, there have been many other high tech contraptions available for over 30 years which have been used to invade many people's privacy. For example, the highly sensitive tracking devices placed in cars or on people. Or the sophisticated sound systems that can pick up conversations through walls. These electronic tools were successfully used by both law enforcement agencies and by criminals. I suppose the same will be true for the new HTI tracking techniques. That's unfortunate, but I believe the basic tenants of our society, as expressed in its principal laws, will prevail."

The last question of the session was, "When will the next list of the 10 Most Wanted be issued, and who decides which people go on this list?"

"The list is currently being compiled by a high level group at the FBI¾ a group which I chair. The list should come out in about 2 weeks. We expect to issue an updated list every three to six months. And, we expect to find everyone on the list."


Hal, Rocky and Bobby were in the audience. As they were leaving, Hal said, "Hopefully it'll be much harder for the bad guys to get away with murder."

Bobby said, "But there'll always be a few bad apples¾ like Capone¾ who go scott-free. He's going to continue to be nothing but trouble. I'll get that bastard some day."

Rocky remembered Capone's childhood and shuddered. He struggled to be positive and said, "The world can be a good and nourishing place. The key, though, is to nourish the cultivate strong healthy roots...babies grow and become the future.