CHAPTER 9 2060s



"I can't wait for them to get here," said Mandy. "What a special day...and on a Feb. 29th to boot." Mandy and John were waiting in the HTI lobby for David, Jamali and Sharon to arrive. The commuter flight from Washington to Los Angeles had dropped them off 15 minutes ago and they would be arriving shortly.

"Yes," said John, "it's all very exciting. I'm glad Davey finally has the time to enjoy himself a little."

"And spend time with his family," added Mandy.

"He worked awfully hard at SACC," John said as he nodded his head in acknowledgment of the fact that David had been neglecting Jamali and Sharon.

"But, I'm so proud of him," said Mandy. "He launched the country toward accepting the reality of the Place. I have to admit, though, I'm glad he's finished with the government bureaucracy."

John grunted unhappily. "The only good thing about the new administration in Washington is that they were stupid enough to dismiss David."

"Those turkeys," said Mandy. "I don't know how they won the election. I don't trust them..."

"Let's not talk politics," John interrupted. "I don't want to become upset. Let's talk about this evening's concert... Look how exciting it is that Davey's the focus."

"What about Sharon," said Mandy. "Her first time at an HT-Performance, and she's been practicing with her father."

"Grandma, Grandpa," Sharon shouted as she flung open the front door. "I can't wait to start playing to daddy's poem.

Mandy gave Sharon a big warm hug, "I can't wait either."

"You're growing up so fast," said John as he hugged Sharon. "I'm glad you're helping your dad out. He can't play a note." All three of them laughed.

"How's school?" asked Mandy.

"Boring...except for music class," answered Sharon. "That's cool. I love it. Especially when I can make up my own music. The teacher doesn't let us do much of that yet. She wants us to learn the classics... So I bring the sheet music into the unit and HT it. She has us playing 4 instruments at once. That's pretty cool."

"Well," said John. "I think you're pretty cool yourself."

"Thanks, grandpa," said Sharon.

Sharon took the creation of HT music totally for granted. She couldn't care less about the technology¾ all of that was simply part of her musical instrument. She brought no musical hardware with her. The HT-unit itself was her musical instrument.

David and Jamali walked in a moment later. (Sharon had run ahead, as usual.) "Sharon, save your energy for the performance," said Jamali.

David was smiling¾ Sharon could do no wrong. "Let's start this performance going," he said. David was relaxed and looking forward to the performance. He was enjoying spending time with his family.

David and Sharon had practiced his poem 6 times during regular two-person HT-Sharing sessions. They renewed their friendship and love during these sessions. The poetry sprang to life with Sharon's musical talent. There were marvelous differences in each practice session. Sharon's HT music was about 50% planned and 50% spontaneous. The real time biofeedback interaction was the essence of HTing music. They were both anxious to see how the additional participants would affect the performance. Sharon hoped her music would not be drowned out. David hoped he could set the tone of the performance with his poem and then effectively synthesize the biofeedback from so many participants whom he did not know.

In the HTI Auditorium, there were 61 HT-Units arranged in 4 concentric circles with the primary Focus Unit in the center. The units were hemispherical in shape and each unit touched its neighbors. Adjacent to the units there was a meeting room filled with comfortable chairs and tables. After the concert, all the participants would meet in this room for discussions. After the discussions, the HT units would be electronically connected into smaller groupings for more specialized HT sessions followed by a last round of discussions. (This was similar to the approach taken in 25 DFA auditoriums all over the country, except the DFA used 169 HT units arranged in 7 concentric circles.)

The audience consisted of Sharon, Jamali, John and Mandy, 46 members of Sharon's school, and their parents and friends. The HTI School of Focusing was operated by HTI with Mandy serving as the director for the 64 branches all over the country. The school in Venice had 12 teachers and 100 students. The students varied in age from 13 to 92.

Two or three of the large million-person HT-Concerts were performed every year, but small concert hall type performances, such as this one, were becoming more and more popular.

: 8:00 to 8:30 PM

Each participant had a private changing room attached to his/her unit. By 8:00, they were all seated and hooked up to the biofeedback computers.

"It is our pleasure," said the announcer's voice which was piped into each unit, "to present David Wensler as the focus for tonight's performance. Mr. Wensler graduated from this school, and it is our pleasure to welcome him back here tonight. Pay attention students, you can learn a great deal from him. He will perform and focus your responses to a guiding poem entitled Places to Visit Mr. Wensler will begin in 2 minutes."

The HT-Screen radiated with a mellow orange glow. There were no sounds except for the last minute rustling of the thin metal-ceramic HT suits rubbing against the chairs.


The Poem

Places to Visit

By David Wensler


Some Places are Far, some are Near.

Most are Pleasant, with little to Fear.

Few are Dangerous, no riskier than Here.


So Come with me Now, to Explore a Place

More Wondrous than Most, With Mysteries to Face.


The Feelings are Good, though Memories are Rare,

Time takes New Meanings, for those who Care.

Deep Learning Occurs at a Leisurely Pace.

We Wonder with Awe, Where Is this Strange Place?


(During the 25 minute performance, this poem was repeated 8 times, often with long pauses between various phrases and lines. The music, vocals and visuals were remarkably coordinated.)


The Discussions

The concert ended at 8:30. Each HT unit reverted to a normal HT-4 and many people HTed alone, individually reacting to the session. The schedule called for everyone to reassemble in the discussion room by 9:00. Most of the participants remained in their HT suits, anticipating the follow-up HT sessions. The suits were lightweight comfortable metal-ceramic finely-woven webs containing several million biofeedback connections as well as signal generators and receivers for ten thousand interior locations within the body.

At 9:05, David entered the room, still wearing his HT suit, and was met with applause. The applause lasted a full 3 minutes; the audience fully appreciated that the performance they had just savored was largely due to David's focusing. He walked to the podium and said, "Thank you for that kind reception. But much more importantly, thank you for such an exhilarating session." The group applauded in agreement. David looked at Jamali, Sharon, Mandy, and John who were also loudly applauding, and he simply smiled. Then he started applauding the crowd.

"Fortunately, the focus has the privilege of expressing himself first," said David. "And again I want to thank you. Each time I focus and HT session, I learn so much from the participants through their biofeedback. This session, however, was a totally new experience for me. When I started reciting the poem, I was quite aware of my daughter's musical feedback. You see, she helped me prepare for tonight by rehearsing with me. But the additional music and vocals from her classmates and the additional feelings from the rest of the audience immediately deepened the work far beyond what I had originally envisioned. As I synthesized the feedback, I watched myself go to the Place...and beyond.

"I became so immersed in focusing, that David Wensler ceased to exist as a separate entity. I became a conduit for expressing your biofeedback. I cannot tell you how exhilarating that feeling was. I was the perfect servant. The servant of your group wishes. It was marvelous."

He paused as he re experienced some of the feelings. "The sense of being in perfect balance¾ in perfect harmony with all the diverse desires and pressures of your lives and was truly spiritual. And yet, I remained aware...conscious. I disappeared, but, I also remained as a passive witness. Witnessing was a new experience for me. This may be a new way to remember more information."

He looked around the room, at the children and parents and knowers, and then told them what he saw, "I felt the warmth, harmony and truth of the Place for but a moment. I seemed to flow out of the Place through two small openings into an immense void. I sensed that the void contained enormous potential. I felt like I was flying effortlessly through this void along two thin silver strings attached to the pinholes from the Place. I felt connected to your biofeedback through these strings. I felt that the void was knowing me...knowing us and knowing our performance.

"I was in the void for an eternity, and then...I entered another Place, a different Place of Truth. Then out to the void and into yet another Place. I watched as I split into many pieces, each piece consisting of a conscious holographic copy of my lifestory. I was propelled by your feedback to other Places. This continued over and over again...with a rhythm which was part of your biofeedback."

He paused. "Ultimately I disappeared. I watched the seemingly infinite number of copies of my lifestory diffuse into the void. The void which also consumed the silver filaments and all the Places."

The depth of David's experience was contagious. The audience was spellbound. "The Place we know is but one of many Places. These other Places are as magnificent and mysterious as ours. All these Places are ours. We have just not learned how to reach them...yet.

"You sent me to become conscious of their existence and to open all our eyes to the never-ending enigma of life and consciousness. The deepest spiritual goal is to become unified with all that is... Each time I disappear and return, I yearn to disappear again..."

David continued, "Religious and meditation teachers warn that psychic sensations may occur along the path to deepest spiritual contact with God or Oneness or Nirvana or... That's true. But these teachers warn that the student should not be distracted by these mysterious psychic aberrations... That is not true. I now believe that Mankind's path to God or Oneness includes the conscious exploration of all the Places of Truth. These Places of Truth yearn to share their secrets with us. I believe we must aggressively learn how to explore them and return with new Knowledge and Wisdom. Once that is done, we will indeed be One."

David paused and then ended, "Again, thank you very much."

After another round of applause, many hands went up to share their experiences. As focus, David controlled the discussions. Sharon had raised her hand and David said, "If the rest of you don't mind, I'd like to use my prerogative as focus to call on my daughter, Sharon."

Sharon stood up and said, "I must tell you," she turned to the audience, "that at first I was angry that you had changed my music. I thought I had created the perfect music, and lights, for my father's poem. But, of course, I was wrong. The music we created together was much better." Then she turned to her father and added, "And Daddy, I know the music didn't come from you directly, you can't even play chopsticks on the piano." The audience laughed.

Sharon continued, "... and was you," she looked at David with a new appreciation for her father and for what a focus does, "who put all the music and voice and lights was amazing... "

She turned toward the audience again, "This was my first time at an HT performance. It was frustrating to have my unit not respond the way it usually does to my biofeedback. I was no longer able to control the music... It took me a while to accept that my biofeedback was being combined with all of yours. It took me a while to accept that what I was hearing and seeing was the same as each of you were hearing and seeing...and that we were all creating this jointly...somehow. Once I began responding to the group performance... then... then, I began to feel that I was playing new and better music...then it felt good."

She started to sit down, and David began turning toward another raised hand when Sharon stood up again and said, "Wait, wait, I have to share one more thing...I'm sorry."

"Go ahead, Sharon, it's okay," said David with a happy smile on his face.

"The Places you talked about, I saw them¾ sort of¾ too. But I don't remember any details...I do remember it was fascinating to see lifestories very different than in our Place." Then she shyly sat down, feeling that she shouldn't have added the stuff about other Places.

David began calling on other members of the school who raised their hands. He began with the other young students, keeping with the style of selecting Sharon first. These students confirmed Sharon's sense of visiting diverse Places, but remembering feelings and no details.

One student asked David, "Do you remember anything from these other Places?"

"Only a little more than the rest of you," he said. "I do remember being in a Place of Minerals where time stretched back for billions of years. There was a awareness of transformation and metamorphosis... The lifestories were...not on the individual rock or mountain level... more on the planetary level. I think each body¾ planet, moon, asteroid, star¾ in the Universe has a story there."

"Is there a Place for animal lifestories?" asked a young girl.

"I think so," answered David. "And probably one for plants as well. These Places seem to have other ways of storing information about our Universe." David realized that the children might take his perceptions too literally, so he added, "But remember, I'm describing my images and feelings, that doesn't mean these Places are really as separate as I have imagined... I really don't know."

David then called on the oldest student in the school. He was 92 years old, a knower and a philosopher. "I too sensed other Places... But, I remember the void better than the Places we visited. The void is the Place between Places. I felt very uncomfortable with the large number of Places you took us to. I have always believed that unity is the binding force of nature. I saw no unity in all these Places until I experienced the potential for unity that was in the void. The void was the most complex of all the Places. I remember feeling that the void was in fact just the opposite of what we normally think of. It was not fact, the void contains the sum total of all the Places. The void is the one Place that touches all Places."

The man paused realizing that he was being too abstract, but not knowing any other way. "During the performance, I saw that once all the Places disappeared, there would be a grand unification with the void. Listening to my words, they don't seem to make much sense...but I felt the unity that was present in the void." The man sat down and the room was silent for a long moment.

A woman tentatively raised her hand and David nodded for her to take her turn. She said she was the mother of a teenage boy from the school and was delighted to recognize her son's vocal music during the performance. She looked proudly at the handsome 17 year old boy next to her. But then the look on her face became very serious as she looked toward the man, who had changed into his street clothes, on her other side. "My husband joined us tonight to hear our boy. My husband doesn't really like anything to do with the Place. You see, he thinks it's an evil Place."

The husband moved uncomfortably in his chair. He was quite aware that almost everyone who participates in these school concerts are advocates of going to the Place as often as possible. He realized that he might even touch the Place during the concert, but he had doubted it since he really didn't want to go. But his boy insisted, and he said he'd simply listen and he would hopefully recognize his son's HT vocalization.

"Tonight," the woman continued as she looked at her husband, "I became a knower. Don't be angry... The Place simply opened itself to me. I entered and wanted everyone to know my lifestory, During the concert, I felt...I knew it was the only way I could become free. You can do what you want to me, but I will not be afraid anymore."

The husband angrily rose out of his seat. "The hell with you," he spat as he roughly squeezed in front of her and past his son to reach to the aisle. He then quickly walked out of the hall.

The mother started sobbing, "What will happen to me now? What now...what will happen without my husband," she said as she sat down.

The son gave his mother a long hug and then looked at David and said, "Can I say something, Mr. Wensler."

"Of course," replied David. He was stunned by the man's behavior, and was anxious to have the issue aired further.

"I saw that this was going to happen," the son began. "I've been a knower for about two years now. I'm getting better at bringing back some information from the Place about strangers, but I've never remembered anything about myself or my family...until now. Mr. Wensler, I remember my mother entering the Place...that was fantastic. I also remember that while my mother and I were there, we looked at her future, and we saw my father's outburst...and we saw that we would be mom and me."

After the boy sat down and gave his mother another hug, David said, "Is there anyone else who wants to add anything about this situation?" asked David.

There was no response, "Okay, then I believe we should go on to other responses to the performance. But any of you who want to participate in the post-concert sessions on this subject are encouraged to do so. We'll have those sessions right after the break."

At first noone responded to David's request for other responses to the concert. Then, John raised his hand.

"It is difficult to follow such an emotional response," began John. "But this HT session had so many separate aspects to it. My experience was totally different than any discussed thus far. It's probably related to the traveling through many Places, but I can't be sure. What happened to me was that I felt a direct connection with someone else in this audience who is part of a group of knowers from China. I experienced this group as being in a separate Place, and this person acted as a bridge connecting our two Places into one. I saw no images of silver strings. My visualizations were of two large liquid drops, initially separated by the void, which finally touch and merge into one.

"The Chinese do not refer to the Place, they allude to past, present, and future pools of lifestory information. They believe there are separate groups, or pools, of lifestories defined by the direct connections formed by the people who share their lifestories within that pool. This person from China has come to try to become part of our Pool or Place Well he succeeded, and I think he may have helped link our Places to one another.

"I have always been fascinated with China and the knowers from China. So it was natural for me to explore his lifestory in detail to see what his intentions were... and to find out who sent him. Well, I do remember that the man's intentions were honorable, though the Chinese Minister of Intelligence hoped to benefit from this man's dual membership. The man, however, knew that he would be a conduit for information and not a really a spy. He was told this by the man who is the leader of the Chinese knowers. The leader is a Lama in Tibetan Buddhism named Kiela.

"I would very much like to participate in a HT session with the person who has connected our two Places. I hope this man would agree to be the focus."

A Chinese man, who was one of the older students at the school, stood-up and said, "I would be honored to be a focus for you and anyone else who desires. Lama Kiela did send me. He is a very old and powerful soul who was reincarnated to unify the deeply spiritual Places or Pools in this world." The man sat down.

"Thank you," said John looking at the man who appeared to be about 80 years old.

David, Mandy and Jamali were pleasantly surprised that John openly discussed Kiela and what he remembered from the Place.

David asked if anyone else wanted to say anything about their experiences during the concert. There were quite a few responses, and three additional HT sessions were suggested. One man had a strong personal contact with a woman in the audience and wanted to have an HT session; the woman was also aware of the contact during the concert, and she agreed to the session. Several people wanted to have a session to explore the problems of family and work. And finally, because of the hard economic times, there was considerable interest in a session on examining whether the economic conditions in the United States would improve in the next year.


Small HTing groups, such as this concert, were important because they served to connect people more closely, and they highlighted the need for people to accept personal responsibility for change.

Glimpses of one's future, accepted as fact, naturally leads to personal commitments and action. What is remembered from the Place requires a strong consensus on both sides¾ from the mysterious reality of the Place as well as from the mysterious reality of the physical world.

ARAFAT CITY, PALESTINE: November 19, 2062

Jamali and David returned to Palestine to attend Jamali's mother's funeral. Jamali's mother was 82 years old when she died. That was relatively young by US standards, but not unusual in Palestine in the 2060s. They brought Sharon with them. They spent two nights in a hotel in Arafat City.

Tracey joined them at the funeral. The burial was done in a typical Muslim fashion with Islamic prayers from the Koran recited before and after the body was placed in the ground. The fact that Jamali's mother was half Jewish was not mentioned. Jamali and Sharon cried profusely during the funeral. After the funeral, Tracey took Sharon for a walk through the bustling city, and Jamali and David returned to their hotel room.

Jamali felt extremely sad that her mother had not enjoyed more time with Sharon. Sharon had only visited Palestine 2 times. David tried to console her, "The letters they wrote to each other are certainly a close bond between them. Those letters were very detailed and conveyed lots of love. The relationship between Sharon and your mother was close. They saw each other on the viewphones at least once a month ever since Sharon was born."

"That's not the same as being with the person...being able to hold them...give them a hug...a kiss on the cheek. It's not the same. All our high tech contraptions don't replace the feelings of being with a person...really being with them," said Jamali with tears in her eyes.

"You're right," said David. "You're right." And he lapsed into silence while holding Jamali in his arms.

Science and technology have advanced tremendously, he thought. We humans no longer worry about destroying the planet or ourselves through stupidity or accident. But so what? We still have fighting and murders...hi-tech drugs and low-tech prostitution. People still have their moments of happiness and sadness. So what's it all what have we learned that really matters? If we're so smart, what the hell have we learned?

"What did you say?" asked Jamali. David had mumbled the last part of his thoughts out loud.

"I was just thinking about the advances in our scientific knowledge base, and wondering if we've really learned anything of value."

Suddenly, there was a pounding on the door, David bolted from his chair and quickly opened the door. Tracey and Sharon were standing there with frightened looks on their faces. "Daddy, daddy," said Sharon. "It was terrible. A woman died...she was shot with a laser gun by a man walking next to us." Sharon ran to her mother. "I saw the woman's blood squirt from her neck. She was right next to me when she was shot. It was terrible." Sharon cried on her mother's shoulder.

Tracey came in and closed the door. "It was terrible. The assassin escaped into the crowd," said Tracey with a strange look in her eyes. "The police showed up very quickly. They questioned Sharon and me using a Chinese HT-Memory unit. This will turn into a major international incident I'm afraid. It'll only take about an hour 'til the Palestinians find out who's responsible."

"Probably one of those ILM Suicide Assassins," said David.

"I'm not sure..." Tracey hesitated. "I'm probably wrong...but the man looked Kiela."

"What!" exclaimed David and Jamali in unison.

"I know, I know," said Tracey. "I just glimpsed him, but he looked like Kiela."

"Did you tell the police that?" asked Jamali.

"I didn't have any choice. That damn HT-Memory Unit transmitted everything I saw, heard, smelt, tasted, felt and thought right into the detectives mind..." lamented Tracey.

"Kiela...that doesn't make any sense," said David.

"No way," said Jamali.

"I know," said Tracey. "My disbelief was also shared with the detective. In any case, they're using their HT-Dowsers to find the assassin right now."

"Who was the murdered lady?" sobbed Sharon.

"The police hadn't identified her when they let us go," said Tracey.

"That poor lady," said Sharon as she continued to sadly sob on her mother's shoulder. "Why did she have to die? Why do people murder other people?"

"We haven't learned a thing...killing solves nothing. The past hasn't taught us anything," David was muttering to himself. "I wonder if the future can provide any wisdom?"

"What was that?" asked Jamali.

David looked up and said. "I'm thinking out loud...about the rut we humans seem to be in. We never learn from the past, we continue to hate...we continue to fight and kill. It's so damn frustrating. I want to do something to break the bring a new kind of world into being...a better world."

Tracey looked at him. She shared his frustrations. "David, you know that I've spent my life catching the bad guys so this would be a better world. I feel that I've done some good, but the source of conflict is the hate and fear in the hearts and the guts of people. Until people can love and trust, we'll stay in our rut I'm afraid."

"How depressing," said Jamali."

"I really believe that knowers like us...and the Place can help. Knowers can develop the necessary trust. Maybe we need more knowers," said David.

"Why don't you return to politics?" asked Tracey. "The world could sure use forward looking politicians. Maybe you can shake us out of our violent rut."

"Actually," said Jamali who was trying to deflect the reference to politics, "the amount of violence in the world has decreased dramatically since I was a girl Sharon's age. I remember when we had so many regional wars going on that it was impossible to keep track of them all. That finally changed when the United Nations was authorized to use SACC HTing techniques. The UN began identifying the perpetrators of violence and the international community stopped backing them."

"Yeah," sobbed Sharon, "maybe there's less war, but there's still too many murders. Even if they catch the murderer, someone's dead..."

"That's true," said David. "I don't think murder can ever be justified."

"Daddy, why don't you run for President...I think you'd make a good one."

Just then the phone rang. David answered it. "Dad, hi... No, what can't be serious!"

David turned and looked very seriously at Jamali, then he turned on the TeleVideo Unit, so everyone could hear. "Jamali, Sharon and Tracey are here with me," he said.

John's picture appeared immediately on the large screen. He looked very serious. "All the news stations have just reported the murder of Saddam Kabbir who was the leader of the ILM," said John without any greeting.

Sharon began crying again.

John continued, "The murderer flew back from Syria and turned himself in to the Israeli police just minutes ago..." he paused trying to lessen the effect of what he had to say. "It's Kiela...he's confessed."

Jamali couldn't¾ wouldn't¾ believe what John was saying. How could Kiela do such a thing, she thought. Impossible.

"Put on SNNI," said John. "They're going to show a tape Kiela sent to them. This is incredible..."

David went to the TV and touched a few keys which filled the screen with the SNNI program while reducing John's image tenfold. John's conversation was put on written English so that they could hear the SNNI announcer. The built-in computerized translator took John's words and typed them, in English, below his picture.

"Let's listen," were John's words. All of them watched the SNNI broadcast which was already underway.

"...two murders. He confesses to both in the video which we received 10 minutes ago. We'll play it for you now," said the announcer.

The screen changed to show Kiela seated at a desk in his Palestine office. He was wearing a modern suit and he looked quite calm. The date and time were on the bottom of the screen along with United Nation Self Recording Device #24512) "I am making this recording for broadcast after I commit two murders," Kiela began. "I want all those who are interested to be able to understand my actions in the context which I think they belong.

"Murder is always wrong, and I know that I will spend the rest of this life in prison for what I am about to do. And yet, I have no regrets...I have done what I felt was right for me and for others in a less than perfect world.

"What I am about to do, what I feel I must do, began with the brutal murder of a childhood friend. The murder was committed by a Chinese soldier during China's bloody repression of Tibet's fight for independence about 80 years ago. There was no justifiable reason for the murder...yet it happened," he paused sadly.

"My friend, who was eight years old, was murdered because of Chinese government policy. The policy was simple enough: anyone out after nightfall would be shot on sight. My friend was shot while sneaking over to my house to spend the night.

"At that time I vowed to do my best to punish the Chinese government for their despicable behavior," he said angrily.

"As most Tibetan boys do, I joined a Monastery at the age of eight. As I learned the spiritual way of Lamaism and devoted myself to comprehending the meaning of enlightenment, I never forgot the realities of this Earth and its imperfect people.

"Soon it became apparent that the Chinese were no different than people of other nations, ethnic groups and religions...they cared little for others who were not like themselves.

"I studied, learned discipline of the mind, and became a Lama. My private mission was to work to rid the world of all forms of violence. But, I could not free myself of a special hatred for the Chinese government. I, too, am not perfect.

"An important turning point occurred when I learned of HTing from a scientist friend of mine. The idea that the wondrous capacity of the mind could be amplified through biofeedback was so simple and full of potential. I went to the Chinese government and told them my ideas on how to leap ahead of the American's HTing program. The idea was to combine the considerable mental discipline of Lamas with the HT technology. I promised the Chinese that I would share all my information and discoveries with them. On that promise, I lied to the Chinese leadership, without any compunctions or remorse.

"An early project involving future HTing was to help the Palestinians kidnap a busload of tourists in Israel. This was late in 1999. We were several years ahead of the Americans in understanding and using future information. This made the planning for the bus hijacking very easy. It is, of course, simple to make plans when key aspects of the future are known, and there is an uninformed adversary.

"The success of the hijacking was critical to establish my credibility with both the Chinese and Palestinian leadership. But, I had no desire to harm anyone. And when I learned that the Americans were planning a rescue using HT-future information, I said nothing. Their plans would have been easy to foil, but I said nothing."

Kiela paused and looked very sad as he continued. "My best intentions were responsible for killing a US hostage, Robin Cantor. She was the only casualty, but that didn't make me feel any better. I had caused her death. Robin Cantor was my first experience with feeling personally responsible for a person's death.

"This was devastating to me. The sanctity of human life¾ the life of a sentient being¾ is sacred. Nothing is more sacred than a human life...

"I spent two years in secluded meditation. I meditated inside an HT-Unit every day for at least twelve hours. Slowly, I became convinced that I had to again engage the world. I saw that there would be many more deaths associated with what I planned on doing. But, I was convinced that my path was the lesser of evils. Doing nothing would be a worse evil. Letting the leaders of world governments choose the battles and wars which kill so many people had to be stopped."

Kiela looked intently at the video camera, "I devoted my life to using the HT technology for enhancing human awareness so that we could advance beyond murder and other forms of violence. I saw no other path than to have every human being feel an awareness and kinship with all other humans. We are one family. I saw that HTing was the means for people with widely different cultural backgrounds to gain an empathy for each other. Knowing people's lives and recognizing that most are good hearted is the key. I also knew that HTing would only thrive in a climate of government competition.

"Now my goals are almost met. HTing is commonplace, but sadly, murder and violence still occur too frequently. We certainly have reduced the body count, but it will probably take many more generations until revenge, greed, and hatred stop motivating murder.

"In any case, I have known for a long time that the Iranian government would use the ILM suicide group to try to murder Tracey Cantor. She has caused Iran and the ILM too much trouble to ignore. I knew I could not permit this to happen. Tracey is the twin sister of Robin Cantor¾ the young girl murdered in Lebanon in February, 2000. I could not permit her sister to also be murdered.

"I am prepared to go to jail for the rest of this life, and I hope that the family of the mislead young woman, Leance Shabul, who I am about to murder will forgive me. Leance was deluded by the spiritual sounding words and promises of Saddam Kabbir. Leance believed that she would be performing a good deed by killing very sad.

"I will kill Leance only after she commits herself against Tracey. Unfortunately, I know she will attempt this murder. The sorrow in my heart is difficult to bear...

"I have less remorse over killing Saddam Kabbir, the current leader of the ILM. For many decades, the ILM leaders have been convincing young people to commit murders in the name of Allah. Most of the leaders did not," Kiela strongly emphasized these last two words, "believe in any holy mission. Early in the ILM movement, there were leaders who did believe they were obeying the will of me...that seems even the name of the name of good."

Kiela paused for a moment, and then continued, "In any case, Saddam Kabbir's motives are absolutely clear; he wants power to extract revenge from all Israelis, because one Israeli killed his younger brother. How ironic, his mission and mine both motivated by horrible murders... " Kiela paused a moment in contemplation.

"The chain of murder and revenge and hatred must stop. I have no illusions that my act will stop this chain, but I do what I feel must be done with the knowledge of both Leance's and Saddam's intentions.

"It is time for adults to judge and act on their convictions of right and wrong. And it is time for adults to accept total responsibility for the consequences of their actions. It is time for people to act on their considered concept of God...of good...and not on concepts supplied by High Priests of all persuasions.

"I am about to take two lives. I believe it is the appropriate action in an imperfect world. I expect, in fact I know, that I will spend the rest of this life in jail. I accept total responsibility for all that is about to happen to Saddam Kabbir, Leance Shabul and myself."

The video ended with a computer-coded message directing that the video be transmitted to SNNI at noon on the following day.




David requested this meeting with Matt and John. He had not told them the subject of the meeting. He only indicated that it was very important to him, and that he needed their help.

Matt and John were already in the conference room when Matt's secretary brought David in. They stood up to greet him. "Dad, how are you," said David as he gave his father a big hug.

"I'm great," said John. "Are you okay..." John was somewhat concerned about the sense of urgency in David's request for this meeting.

"Fine, fine," said David as he turned toward Matt and extended his hand.

Matt hardily shook David's hand and said, "Good to see you again. And, I was so sorry to hear about your mother-in-laws death. How's Jamali doing?"

"Good to see you too," said David," Jamali's doing well as is possible under the circumstances."

Matt said, "We haven't worked together since you wanted those specialized HT Production Systems for the DFA office in Washington." Matt was President and Chairman of the Board of HTI, and one of the richest men in the United States. He was a healthy 76 years old, 26 years older than David and 44 years younger than John.

"Yeah, that was quite a project. The auditorium design you guys developed was very effective," said David. His tone then became more serious. "Though, recently I've been using the phone companies lines..."

Matt and John sensed David was close to bringing up the purpose of the meeting. They remained silent.

"I've been in almost constant touch with my closest knower friends all over the country," continued David. His tone was still serious, but now he seemed to be talking to himself¾ reassuring himself. "I've talked to Jamali. We all HTed in a group session, and the Place has been kind enough to reveal some of her secrets."

David straightened up, looked at his father and said, "I've decided to run for President of the United States." He turned toward Matt, "Matt, I'd like you to be the Chairman of our new political organization, The Future-Looking Party."

John and Matt were stunned. They had no idea that David was even considering such a dramatic move. John sat down in his chair. Matt managed, "Isn't this pretty sudden," and then he sat down.

David walked over to the other side of the table, also sat down and said, "Since I returned from the Middle East, I've been considering doing something political. The country is in trouble, the economy is deteriorating. Demagogues are coming out of the woodwork."

"These are critical times," echoed Matt.

"At first I wanted to support someone else," continued David, "but everyone kept saying that I was the logical choice."

"Why you?" asked John.

"Because this is a movement built on knowing and managing insights from the future," answered David.

"And of course his experience as Secretary for Future Affairs supports David," added Matt. "But why do you have to start a new party?"

"The time seems right for a dramatic change," answered David.

John was now sensing David's confidence. He's not asking us for approval...he's made up his mind, John thought. "What secrets has the Place shown you?" he asked.

"Would it be possible for the three of us to HT together? I'll be the focus, and I'd like both of you to look into my future," asked David avoiding John's question.

"You're future?" questioned John.

"Yes, I'll go to the Place and focus on my life. Then you and Matt explore my future and we'll see what you remember."

"I'm not a knower," said Matt.

"That's okay, "said David, "in fact that's one reason why you're the perfect Chairman for the Future-Looking Party. Our political base will have to be non-knowers."

"A session for three...I'll set it up," said Matt. He stood up and left the room to ask his secretary to arrange for the linking of three HT Production units in the HTI auditorium.

John looked at David closely as Matt was leaving. Then John said, "You already know that you'll win...that's what the Place has shown you... Incredible."

"Actually," said David, "I don't see my own future, but others have told me."

John was barely listening to David's response, "President...a knower as President..." John mumbled to himself.

"I want you and Matt to see for yourselves," said David. "I need both of you... I need to know that what we're about to do has your full support."



"You son of a bitch," said Matt to David. "You knew all the time." He walked over to David, started to extend his hand, but then gave him a big hug. "Congratulations, Mr. President."

David always liked Matt. Ever since Matt showed him how to play poker during a Christmas gathering at the Monroes' home 45 years ago. Matt was the closest thing David had to an uncle.

"Will you be Chairman of The Future-Looking Party?" asked David.

"Do I have any choice? I just saw myself running your campaign. We sponsor hundreds of large HT sessions. I also watched myself introduced as Chairman at your nominating convention... Of course I will, and with pleasure." Matt answered.

"Davey," John said to get his attention. "This was the most memorable session I've ever had in the Place. I remember more than ever before...about the future."

"Me too," said Matt who was still excited about the experience. "This is the first time I've remembered anything from the Place. I thought non-knowers could only see fleeting glimpses of the future."

"It's the focusing on my own intention to reveal my lifestory..." said David.

"A focus focusing on his own life," interrupted Matt.

"That's why we remember so much?" asked John.

"Yes...I believe so," said David. "Sounds pretty egotistical, don't you think?"

"Maybe so," said John, "but a sense of the self...of ego, is not necessarily bad. The trick is to keep perspective...balance."

"Look David," said Matt. You're as unselfish as they come. Tell me what you did...I saw myself...with detail. Nothing like that has ever happened before. I was one of those guys that never even glimpsed the future!"

"At the DFA we learned that any focus can open himself up to scrutiny if he and the participants have the desire and the interest," said David. "All I did was focus your biofeedback on the future facets of my lifestory, welcoming the attention...then I disappeared. People¾ both knowers and non-knowers¾ can remember parts of my future, especially incidents where their future and mine intersect."

"I remember watching both of you at the convention," said John. "And I remember so much more. For the first time I felt an energy¾ in the Place¾ to reveal your Presidency. There was almost an urgency about letting me know this part of your future."

"I sensed that too," said Matt. "A strong...hunger, to communicate this part of the future to the present."

"Davey," said John," You know that the campaign is going to be rough?"

"Yes, I've heard that," David said sadly.

"And you know that we're going to be relying on your psinfoing."

"No, I hadn't heard about the psinfoing before," said David.

"Yes, from what I remember, you'll expose several dirty-trick campaigns against us by psinfoing cryptic notes and false documents. But, that turns out to be a big mistake. We're going to catch them with the smokin' gun, so to speak. Your campaign...our campaign will capture the imagination of the country. We'll pick up 90% of those who are now undecided. We win the election with only a one percentage point spread...but we win."

"You saw all that?" Matt asked incredulously.

"And much more," answered John. "I've never remembered so much."

Matt shook his head. He thought, Knowers clearly had a huge advantage when it came to remembering things from the Place. "I don't understand how psinfoing fits in with the concept of The Place...can you help me?" asked Matt.

"It's related to the way separate information is organized," said David. "The Place has many...let's call them rooms... Each room has a specific type of don't take this too literally, because we've found that the structure of these rooms varies between knowers... Anyway, one of these rooms contains all written material. I seem to have a direct line¾ even without HTing¾ to the presently existing written material. That's my psinfo ability."

"What about future material.?" asked Matt.

"I believe they're available...all the documents which will be written. They're in a dark corner of that psinfo room. I've HTed a few of them¾ with lots of help from other knowers at the DFA¾ but the future ones are very difficult to remember."

"That's a shame," said Matt, "Because I remember that our Platform is very important, but I don't have any sense about its content."

"The Platform's still mysterious," said David. "Even with all the attention given to it by many of my knower friends...very strange..."

"It's okay," said John. "Our basic campaign strategy is to have many large HTing to anyone interested in finding out about the Future-Looking Party. The people in these sessions will develop the platform. Letting our supporters develop the platform¾ that's going to be one of our strengths."

John paused as he better appreciated the brilliance of the overall strategy. "We'll sponsor about one HT session a month, starting two months from now, with anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million people signing up for each one. The first one's July Fourth."

"We have to be ready in two months," said Matt, a little worried now about the timing. He saw himself organizing these HT sessions, but he didn't focus on the details of the work necessary to make these sessions a reality. He was not worried about providing free HT sessions, he could afford that, he was worrying about obtaining enough computer time and optical cable priority.

John continued, "David will be the primary focus, especially early in the campaign. His lifestory or various topics for the Platform will be the primary subjects. It will become clear that the Future-Looking Party can be trusted and that the Platform we adopt will be followed. The Platform will be based on a consensus consistent with what the HT sessions show us about the future. The interactive political response will set a new paradigm for living in the present and moving into the future. It's a revolutionary approach, and yet it will go forward in a relatively smooth fashion, because of the strength of the Constitution of the good ol' United States."

"I'm so glad you two are with me," said David. "I don't know why this part of my future, your future, and the future of the country is being revealed now, but we must go forward."

LOS ANGELES: 3:00 PM, JUNE 18, 2063


"This is Sarah Gleason, reporting from the headquarters of a new political party called the Future-Looking Party. Their candidate for President of the United States will be Mr. David Wensler."

Sarah was standing in front of a modern 300 story office building in Downtown L.A. There was activity behind her as people entered the office for the announcement. The press was informed early that morning with the following brief notice:


{INSERT 'Future-Looking Party' LOGO HERE}

Mr. David Wensler will be the Presidential Nominee of a new political party called the Future-Looking Party.

The FLP will use the talents of knowers to benefit all citizens of the United States.

Mr. David Wensler will be the next President of the United States.


Formal announcement today at 3:00pm.


Sarah continued, "We were informed moments ago that Matt Monroe will make the announcement. Mr. Monroe, of course, is the former President and Chairman of the Board of HTI. He announced his retirement only last week. At that time, he said that he was planning on entering politics. But, there was no indication that he would be a member, and I assume mover, of this new party. There have been rumors in the last two weeks concerning a new political movement involving knowers, but this is their first official maneuver.

"David Wensler is our country's most distinguished knower. His government service began at SACC, and then continued as he headed the DFA for 7 years. The relationship between knowers and non-knowers in this party will be interesting to watch. The press invitation," Sarah looked at her copy, "said, and I quote, 'The Future-Looking Party will use the talents of knowers to benefit all citizens of the United States', end quote. Only time will tell if that theme will be sufficient to elect a knower to the Presidency. It's time to move inside and hear the announcement."


The press conference began in the main conference room of the Future-Looking Party headquarters building. The room was a technological marvel, equipped with four huge screens connected by satellite to the four regional FLP offices in New York City, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Kansas City. The four screens showed the audiences which consisted of supporters and reporters.

Matt, David, Jamali and Sharon walked out onto the stage. David and his family took chairs while Matt walked to the podium. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I please have your attention... Thank you... My name is Matt Monroe. Today, it is with enormous pleasure that I formally announce the establishment of a new political party...really a new political movement in these great United States of America. This movement will change the way political decisions are made. It will improve the responsiveness of government to the needs of the governed. It will usher in an era of planning for and working with the future."

Matt paused to let the word future remain in the air. He was speaking to the TV audience and the press. The audience of supporters applauded. He continued. "I am honored to be the first Chairman of the Future-Looking Party. The Future-Looking Party will use the gifts of knowers to benefit all citizens of the United States. Knowers represent less than 0.1% of the population, but their insights and accurate data about the future can be of immense value to all of us. It is the strategy of the Future-Looking Party to harness the talents of knowers for the honorable service of government.

"The country has seen the effective use of knowing in one important part of government, namely the Department for Future Affairs. The head of that department for 7 years was David Wensler." The audience applauded with more vigor at the mention of David's name.

"His experience at the DFA, his experience working with government agencies, and his intimate knowledge of knowing provide the nation with the perfect choice for the next President of the United States." More applause.

"It is my pleasure, and distinct honor, to present to you the Future-Looking Party's Candidate for President of the United States, Mr. David Wensler." A long round of applause began as David rose from his chair, kissed his wife and daughter, moved toward the podium, shook Matt's hand and faced the audience.

David waited for the audience to quiet down. "The future is slowly revealing her secrets. She unveils herself in mysterious ways, and shows us tantalizing parts of herself. But it is up to us to use what is revealed... to nurture our lives and the lives of our children... to nurture the inhabitants of the future.

"I want to be your President because I can manage what is knowable from the future to revitalize the economic and social aspects of our grand country. But to manage a country with such diverse interests, it is necessary to have the trust of you...the people of these United States. You must know that the difficult choices which will have to be made will be made with the future of all of us in mind.

"During the next 17 months, it is my intention to establish that trust. I intend to work with you to establish the priorities of my administration. I will earn your trust by having frequent HT sessions with all who are interested. Through these sessions, we will choose the members of my administration, including Vice President and Cabinet members. We will create a Platform with priorities which will be used as the guideline for key decisions. We'll do this together, and I propose to begin now...right now...with the reporters in the audience...all five audiences."

There were murmurs of surprise and confusion as David continued. "On July Fourth, I will be the focus for the first of many free public HT sessions. The topic on the Fourth will be lifestory. Today, I invite the reporters to a preliminary session...with me as focus. You can share and then report on my lifestory...whatever you see."

As David continued to talk, the side wall of each auditorium slowly opened revealing a Local HT Unit complex. "Anyone who wants to be a part of my administration must also be able and willing to focus on his own life in the light of public scrutiny. I am not perfect, others in my administration will not be perfect, but we trust in you to see that we are human beings with your interests at heart. We are public servants...and proud of it. The objective of these sessions is to develop public trust in the Future-Looking Party."

The 61 HT hemispherical units glistened in each of the five headquarters. David motioned to the side for assistants to come onto stage. "In one half hour," David said, "I will begin an HT session where I will focus on my life and my intentions for the first Future-Looking Party Administration. This self-focusing approach usually reveals not only my past, but glimpses of my future. Each press organization has been assigned one unit...if you choose to participate, please come forward and these young men and women will inform you of your unit number.

"Thank you, and I look forward to HTing with each and everyone of you." David turned and walked off the stage. There was silence for a few seconds followed by brief discussions, and then every press organization sent one representative to the front of the auditorium to collect their Unit number. The remaining units, and there were only a few, were filled with knower supporters to provide extra energy for David's self-focusing session. All five complexes were coupled together for this HT session.



"This is Sarah Gleason reporting. I and approximately 300 other members of the press have just finished an extraordinary HT session with David Wensler." Sarah then repeated the background information about the Future-Looking party.

"I have participated in many HT sessions prior to this one," she continued, "but none were as intense. I'm not a knower, and will never become a knower, because that would jeopardize my confidential contacts. However, I looked into the future this afternoon. When Mr. Wensler began the HT session and focused on his life, I first looked at his past. I was interested in a case I covered with him many years ago¾ the Capone case. His role in that case was there for me to examine. It was almost like a video recorder, but his feelings and thoughts were included in the recording. I felt a level of trust with Mr. Wensler...he was happy to let me look at his past...warts and all. Then I began focusing on his campaign for President. The feelings were extraordinary...I experienced...sensed...small morsels of information from the future."

Sarah paused as she remembered seeing herself cover a scandal involving the current administration and Matt Monroe. She didn't remember most of the details, however, she remembered that it was important. She said nothing about the scandal, but cautiously continued. "Now, I don't know if these things will happen, but the sense of connection with the was...awesome...nothing like this has ever happened before to me. I also sensed other things about the future, including the chances for Mr. Wensler becoming President. Well, I don't feel it's appropriate for me to tell you about these, but the Democrats and Republicans have a battle in store for them. And, I believe we all have some important political choices to make."


JULY 2063 TO AUGUST 2064

Video News Pieces by Sarah Gleason


July 4, 2063

1.2 Million Participate in July 4 HTing Session

by Sarah Gleason [Video Shot of Sarah in front of HTI Headquarters]


The Future-Looking Party, or FLP, conducted a very successful HT Session tonight. Apparently Mr. David Wensler's successful reign at the DFA provided sufficient name recognition to attract over a million people, including this reporter, to sign-up for the well advertised session.

Mr. Wensler is the FLP candidate for President of the United States. The session was specifically focused on his life. Self-focusing is a powerful technique for revealing one's life to analysis. Most people, but not all, left the session with positive remarks about Mr. Wensler and the FLP.

[Video Inset of Interview with 45 Year Old Woman] "I saw this man's life...any part of it I wanted to look at. That was wild. I'm not a knower, and I don't want anyone to know me like I now know David Wensler, but I gotta tell ya...I trust that guy. He's a good man... I even saw him having more self-focusing sessions like this one in the future... You gotta trust him...he deserves it. Right now, I'd vote for him. Right now I think he's gonna win the election."

[Video Interview with a 67 Year Old Woman] "I found Mr. Wensler totally unfit for President of the United States. His moral character is not sufficiently high. He had... premarital sex, with several women...including his wife.


September 15, 2063

25 Million Participants So Far in FLP Sessions

by Sarah Gleason (Video shot with SNNI logo in background)


The momentum seems to be growing. The HT sessions conducted by Mr. David Wensler, the Presidential Candidate of the FLP, excite and enlist support from most participants. Candidates for Vice President and other key administration positions are coming forward at an increasing rate.


November 7, 2063

12 Million Participate in FLP Vice President Session

by Sarah Gleason


The objective of last night's HT session was to select two of the 18 candidates for the Vice Presidency of the FLP. Mr. David Wensler was the focus for this session. All 18 VP candidates participated and the field was reduced to two. These two candidates, both knower foci, will now campaign and solicit support by conducting their own HT sessions. Final selection will be made at the FLP Nominating convention in September '64.


January 2, 2064

New Year Looks Like Economic Disaster

by Sarah Gleason


The consensus of economic forecasters is for doom and gloom in '64. Exports of US products are continuing to decline. Investment in new technology and manufacturing facilities is at a new low for the Twenty First Century. Confidence is continuing to decline in the ability of the US to compete with the aggressive moves of the European and Commonwealth-Chinese Economic Communities (The EEC and CCEC).

The bad economic news is helping the Future-Looking Party. Large numbers of people are still attending the HT sessions. These sessions are being focused by David Wensler or the two candidates who want to be his vice-presidential running mate. The FLP support is coming from both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

The Administration is showing signs of uneasiness. Here is a short clip from a Press Conference where they revealed their plans to redirect money by reducing the budget of the Dept. for Future Affairs.

[Video of Administration Budget Director] "The money we save by cutting the DFA's budget will be productively used for fighting crime¾ especially drugs and prostitution. I totally support the Administrations position that there is considerable danger in predicting the is not what God intended for man.

"The DFA, as well as the FLP third party movement, are playing with fire. This Administration will manage the capabilities of the DFA very carefully to insure that no damage is done to the country. And we trust the American people to reject the FLP movement."


February 15, 2064

Administration Accuses

Matt Monroe and HTI of Fraud.

by Sarah Gleason (Video shot with White House in background.)


The President's Press Secretary released two documents appearing to show that Mr. Matt Monroe, Chairman of the Future-Looking Party, was primarily interested in selling HT Units and HT Sessions to the American public in order to increase profits for HTI. The FLP, according to these documents, was simply established as a front organization.

One document was a long-range planning document signed by Matt Monroe and John Wensler. According to this document, Mr. Matt Monroe and HTI were trying to establish a habit pattern among the American public of participating in large HT Sessions. The plan was to initially provide these sessions free. But after the FLP lost the election in November, the demand for HT Units and HT Sessions was expected to remain high because of the addictive patterns previously established. It was then HTI's plan to raise prices on both their units and HTing sessions.

The Press Secretary pointed out that Mr. Matt Monroe was the president of HTI for many years before recently resigning. And he emphasized that David Wensler's father, Mr. John Wensler, was also a president of HTI many years ago.

The second document was introduced by the Press Secretary as a secret agreement between Mr. Monroe and HTI. In this document, apparently signed by Mr. Monroe and an HTI attorney, Mr. Monroe is promised his job back as President of HTI with a large incentive bonus based on increased sales of HT Units and HT Sessions.

Mr. Matt Monroe vehemently denies all these charges. He says that the two documents are forgeries. He repeated that it was his intention, and the intention of the FLP, to provide a new approach to conducting the business of government. Namely, an approach where the leaders could be trusted to have the long range interests of the country in mind. Mr. Monroe said that these totally false charges show that the administration is doing business as usual...namely, lying and only thinking of the next election.


February 17, 2064

Administration Accuses Monroe of Duping Wensler

by Sarah Gleason


The President's Press Secretary acknowledged that Mr. David Wensler was not directly involved in the FLP scandal. Recognition of this fact was forced by the widely conceded reality of Mr. Wensler's honesty revealed during his HT focus sessions. [Video Inset showing the Press Secretary] "...but at the very least, Mr. Wensler has shown a terrible lack of judgment in appointing Mr. Monroe as Chairman of the FLP."


March 1. 2064

Scandal Hurts FLP Sessions

by Sarah Gleason


The scandal surrounding Mr. Monroe, the chairman of the FLP, severely limited the number of participants in last nights session. Only 12,000 people signed-up for an important session on the FLP platform.

Mr. Monroe maintains his total innocence, but acknowledges that the controversy is seriously damaging the FLP campaign.


March 14, 2064

Monroe Becomes Knower, but Fails to Clear Name

by Sarah Gleason


Matt Monroe's attempt to clear his name failed last night at a widely publicized HT session involving 6 million people. He opened his lifestory to scrutiny by becoming a knower during the session. Mr. David Wensler was the focus for the session, and Mr. Monroe's intentions and actions were the subject. Only the knowers went away convinced of Mr. Monroe's innocence. The non-knowers were completely unsatisfied. They were not able to see anything in Mr. Monroe's past. The cloud hanging over Mr. Monroe is seriously hurting the FLP.

Mr. Wensler, however, stands solidly behind Mr. Monroe, and believes the truth will be known. Mr. Wensler repeated the charge that the Administration falsified the documents.


March 15, 2064

Monroe Trains to Become Focus

by Sarah Gleason


Mr. Matt Monroe, the center of the FLP scandal, announced today that he has enrolled in a class to become a focus. Usually this training takes 3 to 4 months, but "...I intend to do all I can to speed the process up," said Mr. Monroe. He is attending the HTI School of Performing Arts for his lessons.


June 4, 2064

82 M People in HT Session with Monroe as Focus

by Sarah Gleason (Video shot in front of HTI headquarters.)


Mr. Matt Monroe successfully acted as the focus for the largest FLP-sponsored HTing session to date. The controversy, with charges and counter charges between the FLP and the Administration, clearly heightened the interest and participation in this session.

81 million participants, including myself, were able to explore Mr. Monroe's life. He conducted a self-focusing session. Thus, he opened his life to scrutiny for knowers and non-knowers alike. I conducted scores of interviews with participants, and noone, including myself, has found any indication of Mr. Monroe's signing of the two incriminating documents provided by the Administration. However, the Administration maintains that Mr. Monroe was taught how to hide selective information.

[Video of Administration spokesman] "This self-focusing stunt proves nothing, since HTI has discovered a way to hide specific parts of the focus's life. We have information, from reliable sources, that Mr. Matt Monroe was specifically taught how to deceive participants during HT sessions. He was taught this deception during the classes he attended while becoming a focus at the HTI Performing Arts School. Isn't it obvious, that HTI and Matt Monroe are cohorts in these onerous crimes against the American people."

[Video of David Wensler] "The Administration is becoming desperate. They are now inventing an impossible conspiracy involving HTI to explain their lies. Yes, I have no choice but to accuse the leaders of our government of knowingly lying to the American public. Members of the Administration, members with authority, have not only lied, but they were directly involved in forging the documents which were used to frame Mr. Monroe."


June 5, 2064

Senate Judiciary Committee Investigates Charges and Counter-Charges in Truthgate

by Sarah Gleason


The Chairwoman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said that she would begin hearings on the FLP scandal as soon as possible. She said that it was her duty to insure that the current administration was indeed telling the truth. She added that the fact that she was the leader of the opposition party was not a factor in her decision.

[Video of a sixty six year old no-nonsense woman with a picture of her family evident on her desk.] "...and over 100 years ago there was a scandal called Watergate. Watergate involved many members of an Administration including a President of the United States who resigned rather than be impeached and removed from office. This President lied to the American our President doing the same?"

She paused, and then continued, "Or, is it Mr. Matt Monroe who is lying? In either case, this is a very serious matter, and I intend to discover the truth. It is the right of the American people to know the truth. It is this legitimate right to know the truth that is at stake here...without truth how can enlightened decisions be made. This scandal...this...this Truthgate matter is of crucial importance to our country."


June 10, 2063

Deputy Secretary for Future Affairs is Fired

by Sarah Gleason


The Administration appointed a new second in command for the DFA. The Press Secretary said this was necessary because the powers of the DFA were being improperly used to investigate matters not approved by the Administration.

[Video Inset of press conference with an angry Press Secretary] "We cannot have a rogue elephant running loose."

The outgoing Deputy Secretary, Mr. Mansfield, refused comment. He said that he was threatened with jail if he revealed anything about the special investigations he was conducting.


June 17, 2063

SACC Accuses the Administration of Falsifying Monroe Documents

by Sarah Gleason


The Director of SACC held a surprise press conference today. He accused the Chairman of the Administration's Reelection Committee of falsifying the two key documents which implicated Mr. Monroe and the FLP in a scheme to enrich HTI.

[Video Clip from the Press Conference: The Director is talking.] "The forgeries of Mr. Matt Monroe's and Mr. John Wensler's signatures were the weakest link in the conspiracy. Mr. David Wensler, who as you know was a previous Director of SACC, notified myself and the Assistant Secretary of the DFA that he had psinfoed the existence of forged documents.

"Mr. Wensler came to us in February of this year with the assertion that the documents were forgeries. He agreed that they were very good forgeries and the personnel who authenticated the signatures were not at fault. He then said that there were additional forgeries still in existence. Mr. Wensler maintained that the forger kept the earlier versions of his work. He knew these previous versions existed, but did not know where they were. He requested our help, since without this evidence of forgery [the director held up the documents recovered from a forger's safe in England], all of Mr. Wensler's accusations would fall on deaf ears.

"I personally directed the investigation of these grave allegations. We used our time-honored HT-Dowsing techniques for tracking the location of specific items backwards in time. We assigned two SACC agents the task of tracking the documents currently in the Attorney General's custody¾ these were the documents allegedly supplied to the chairman of the President's reelection committee by a secret informer at HTI. We also provided our two trackers with a team of agents to follow-up leads and develop hard evidence from the documents' trail. Since we knew the current whereabouts of this evidence, tracking the movement of these documents backward in time was not too difficult. Our plan was based on the assumption that these documents would eventually lead us to the forger and to the location of the early versions of the forged documents.

"To make a long story short, it worked. After following many people who handled the documents, we found that a Mr. Todd Beasterly of Manchester, England was the original source of the signatures on the documents.

"The documents I have here [he raised the documents again] were recovered from Mr. Beasterly's safe. He was also in possession of many copies of Mr. David Wensler's signature, which he very capably reproduced.

"Our tracking of the documents, however, show that they were originally authored by members of the President's reelection committee. In fact, Mr. Beasterly visited the President's reelection committee headquarters and was provided the unsigned documents and the samples of Mr. Wensler's signature. Our tracking of the two documents also shows that the perfected forgeries were provided to the reelection committee chairman by Mr. Beasterly just one day before the chairman provided them to the FBI.

"Mr. Beasterly was a frequent flyer on the Concord 3. However, he is currently in our custody. The British have been very helpful in this investigation, and I would like to thank them."


June 18, 2064

President Sacks SACC Director for Incompetence

by Sarah Gleason


The President held a Press Conference today. He said that the Director of SACC was obviously incompetent and fired him.

[Video Clips from the Press Conference. The President is speaking. He is a forceful man and speaks with conviction.] "The Director has lost the ability to distinguish fact from fancy. The Attorney General of the United States, at my direction, independently investigated Mr. Wensler's charges of forgery and found no evidence supporting that claim. Furthermore, the Attorney General discovered evidence that the Future-Looking Party was planning to smear this administration and its re-election committee with falsified evidence. The Director was duped by this falsified evidence."

Anger is now evident in the President's voice, "I am removing the Director of SACC from his position, effective immediately. The Deputy Director will assume his duties."

The President pauses, slowly and deliberately adds, "I am saddened to also report that I have accepted the resignation of the chairman of my re-election committee. It's an outrage that this honorable man should be put through such an ordeal."

The President pounds his fist on the podium as he says, "I'm insulted and angered by these false charges...this administration is honest and has the best interests of the American people at heart."


Monday Morning, June 30, 2064

Mr. Beasterly Given Immunity¾ He'll Focus for

Senate Judiciary Committee

by Sarah Gleason


The Chairwoman of the Truthgate hearings dropped a bombshell today and then adjourned until 9:00 AM tomorrow. Here is the end of her statement.

[Video of Chairwoman speaking in packed Senate Judiciary Hearing room] "...allegations have been vehemently denied. How are we to know the truth? I believe Mr. Beasterly can show us a good part of the truth in this matter. He can do this by showing us the truth about his direct participation, if any, with members of the President's reelection committee."

The chairwoman picked up a sheet of paper and read the following prepared statement. "This committee has determined that it is in the best interests of the country to provide complete immunity from prosecution to Mr. Beasterly if he successfully conducts two special HT session for the full Senate Judiciary Committee. In these sessions, Mr. Beasterly will focus on his own life and bare his lifestory for each member's inquiry."

The chairwoman put down the paper and added, "Mr. Beasterly has agreed to these terms because he does not want to go to jail. He is a knower-focus in a private knower group in England...a group which has made nearly a hundred million dollars from illegal gambling on sporting events. The group regularly examined Mr. Beasterly's future, and used this information in their bookie operations to fleece the unwary. Mr. Beasterly's ability to focus on the future part of his lifestory, and to provide information about that future was so reliable, that this group could provide what appeared to be terrific odds...odds which were irresistible to many gamblers."

The chairwoman concluded with, "Our interest is in Mr. Beasterly's past, and his associations with the forgeries he admits doing. The issue we wish to examine is his alleged connections with members of the President's Reelection Committee. The first session will be tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock. We will then have discussions followed by a second HT session in the afternoon or evening. The HT session will take place at HTI headquarters. They have agreed to make their local facility available to our committee."


2:00 PM, Tuesday, July 31, 2064

Senators Examine Mr. Beasterly's Life

by Sarah Gleason (Video shot in the Senate meeting room.)


Most of the twenty two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee seemed startled by the HT session they participated in this morning. Nine members had attended an HT session before, but only 4 had ever participated in a self-focusing session. Mr. Beasterly was apparently a superb focus and the senators had free access to his lifestory for a full hour, from 9:30 to 10:30 this morning.

They reconvened at one o'clock and there was an hour of heated discussions which just finished. Here are video clips from the discussions:

[Senator from California] "This was the most incredible and frightening morning of my life. I have attended several HT concerts, and have even had a flash or two of insights into the thoughts of someone else during these concerts. But I have never been able to witness the actual events from another person's life. And when I say witness, it was as if I was in his body and seeing, hearing, feeling what Mr. Beasterly was conscious of during the events I chose to explore. It was incredible, but it also frightened me, because of the unintended intimacy with a person who I barely knew. Though now I feel I know Mr. Beasterly pretty well...

"More to the point of these hearings, I am very saddened by what I witnessed. Mr. Beasterly met with many members of the President's..." her voice broke a little with emotion, " President's Reelection Committee. I wish I could say that I saw no connections at all with the President himself... But sadly, the reelection chairman boasted to Mr. Beasterly that the President felt it was his patriotic duty to save the country from a bunch of weirdo unchristian people who believed in magic and fortune telling."

[Senator from Louisiana who has a strong southern accent] "Many of my friends in this committee have accepted the lies of a confessed forger. You're swallowing his story hook, line and sinker. How gullible can you get? I've heard many of my esteemed colleagues relate incidents they say they witnessed...that's bullcrappy. They didn't witness anything at all...except maybe the manufactured fantasies of Mr. Beasterly.

"I agreed to participate in this crazy session so I could have a first hand look at the chican'ry goin' on. I put on those fool clothes and watched the pretty colors and listened to the weirdo music... What a waste of time. I saw nothin' about Mr. Beasterly's life...I saw nothin' implicat'n anyone in the President's Reelection Committee.

Now, I'd like to turn my remain'n time over to my good friend from West Virginia."

[Senator from West Virginia] "I'm sorry my friend from Louisiana could not tune-in to the show. It was an entertaining show...filled with facts and fiction. The facts I saw reveal Mr. Beasterly to be a liar, cheat, drinker, and womanizer. He's an embarrassment to England, and now he's spreading his filth here in our country.

"Let me give you an example. I decided to look at how Mr. Beasterly set-up his group to swindle people. He coldly and cruelly capitalized on his evil sorcerer's ability to tell the future. I watched him deposit money into his bank account... He's worth over 25 million dollars...all of which was earned by stealing money from innocent people.

"This is not a man to be trusted...or believed. I believe the President of the United States."

[The Chairwoman] "May I ask the honorable Senator from West Virginia a question?"

[Senator from West VA] "Certainly ma'm."

[The Chairwoman] "Did you look at Mr. Beasterly's activities during the time he's been accused of meeting with members of the President's Reelection Committee?"

[Senator from West VA] "No I didn't, there was no reason to... I've heard other Senators talk about what Mr. Beasterly showed them, but I don't believe liars and cheats, and that's what Mr. Beasterly is...a damnable liar and cheat."

[The Chairwoman] "Yes he is. But when he's focusing, he's simply placing in front of us his life. It may be a terrible life in our judgment, but nevertheless, it's his life. I have attended three HT sessions where self-focusing occurred. In every case, I was impressed with this almost overwhelming feeling of...of openness. But it's even more than that, it was the feeling that the focus had simply agreed to place the factual events of his life on exhibition."

The Chairwoman visibly shook as a chill ran through her body. "The very thought of it causes me to shiver. Think about give up all rights of privacy so that participants can look at any part of your past in extraordinary detail. I wouldn't do it for 25 million dollars."

"By the way, I also looked at Mr. Beasterly's bank account. He has twenty five million six hundred fifty seven thousand dollars and change in his account. But more interestingly, his last deposit, for an even two million dollars, originated from the President's Reelection Committee."

[Senator from West VA] "I object to that totally unsubstantiated accusation, especially it being made while millions of people are watching."

[The Chairwoman] "I understand your objection, but this information is from the HT session. And I don't believe that a focus can alter his lifestory while self-focusing. Any attempt to do so would also appear as part of his lifestory...and lifestories don't have any gaps.

"I would like to respectively ask the honorable Senator from West Virginia to examine the events of Mr. Beasterly's life on June 9, 2063. We will have the second HT session later this afternoon, and, I think you and any other members of this committee that care to look at that day will find it very interesting.

"I believe those of you that look will find that two million dollars were transferred from a Japanese Bank which received the money from the President's Reelection Committee. This was all explained in detail to Mr. Beasterly on June 9, 2063. Furthermore, the bank records are undoubtedly available...I challenge you to look."

The chairwoman paused for a moment, then slammed the gavel, "This session is closed, and we will reconvene at 4:00 in the afternoon."



August 2, 2063

President is Stunned that Chairman Lied to Him

by Sarah Gleason (Video shot in White House Press room.)


To summarize a remarkable news day, we must begin early this morning. At 9:00 AM, the FBI released copies of the two million dollar check deposited to an English Bank account in the name of Mr. Beasterly. This check was signed by the Chairman of the President's Reelection Committee.

The FBI spokesman believes that the Chairman personally signed the check to minimize the number of people who would have any knowledge of Mr. Beasterly's activities. The Chairman is in custody, and is refusing to talk to anyone but his attorney.

At 5:00 PM, the President held a press conference. He began with a short prepared statement indicating that he was shocked and dismayed that his reelection chairman would hire a forger to aid in his campaign. The President said he had no personal knowledge of the appalling attempt to discredit Mr. Matt Wensler and the Future-Looking Party.




"They found the smoking gun," said David.

"The President had to be involved," said Sharon.

"Maybe, but we'll never know for sure," said Jamali. "There's no way the Chairman will betray the President. And he's not going to become a self-focus."

"I'd sure like to know the President's lifestory," said David.

"Fat chance," said Jamali.



"David Wensler for President," said the enthusiastic girl holding a home made sign. The sign read, "David Wensler: A Man Who Knows the Future." She proudly waved the sign and gave David a big smile as he walked passed her. David was walking with an entourage of supporters and reporters into the Convention Center. He would be presenting his acceptance speech later that evening.

The network of people who brought David to this Presidential convention was much broader than the relatively small group of knowers who could visit the Place. Knowers were a key element of the network, of course, but more importantly, David's supporters were almost 99.9% non-knowers, i.e. 999 non-knowers for ever knower.


"Ladies and gentlemen, it is my singular honor and pleasure to present the next President of the United States, Mr. David Wensler," said Matt Monroe, the Chairman of the Future-Looking Party at its first National Convention.

Applause exploded in the Grand Ballroom. The founder of the fastest growing political party in the U.S. walked to the podium. The applause continued for 10 minutes. And finally, the roar receded enough so that David could begin.

"Thank you for that warm reception. Thank you very much. It was less than 3 years ago that I was gently persuaded to try to influence the policies of our great country. The persuasion was indeed gentle...a simple question from a friend asking, 'Why don't you go into politics? The world could use forward looking politicians.' My daughter supported the idea, she thought I would make a good President."

David smiled, shook his head and continued, "I really didn't take to the idea quickly...too much work." The audience laughed.

"But," he continued more seriously, "the issue was raised when I was feeling frustrated by the lack of progress in human affairs. The killing and maiming, the fighting and the dying continue in spite of all the modern advances in technology. Science and technological progress are fundamental and irreversible trends in mankind's development, but they do not change peoples' basic nature."

David paused, "What can change the minds and hearts of people? One morning, I woke with what seemed to be an answer... An accurate vision of their collective future, as well as glimpses of individual destinies for those brave enough to look and accept whatever they saw. With that answer, this exciting movement, The Future-Looking Party, was born."

Applause broke out in the hall again.

David continued, "Please remember that this movement is based on your active participation and continued support in making the future apparent to more and more people of the world. I am your spokesman, but not really your leader. I, too, am simply fulfilling the destiny that the Universe has prepared for me. Don't make me more than I am."

"I will become President of the United States in January of 2065, and furthermore, the Future-Looking Party will gain control of the House of Representatives in 2067." The crowd broke out in applause again.

The delegates would not let him continue with his talk for another 7 minutes. "Our victory, however, will not be a victory over the Democratic or the Republican Parties. No, our victory will be a victory over dwelling on the past. It is time to dwell on and prepare for the future. A future with substantial peace and prosperity. A future where individuals are taught to know and deal with the truth...the truth about the parts of the future we are blessed to see, and the truth about their own lives."

The crowd began chanting, "David Wensler for President. David Wensler for President."

David raised his hands high over his head in acknowledgment. He flashed the "V for Victory" sign with his fingers. He was deeply moved.

"Thank you...thank you," his emotion was evident in his voice. Then when the audience quieted down, he continued. "We're privileged to be witnessing humanity as it outgrows the egocentric view that a few people are responsible for what happens to the billions of people in the world.

"Each individual is primarily responsible for what happens to him or her. Beliefs about the responsibility we each have for our own futures are critical to forming our new world...a world where some of the future may be known in advance."

The crowd really didn't understand all of that, but they applauded loudly anyway. The applause was acknowledgment that David was verbalizing a new world view. A view which permitted a world with partial knowledge of the future to flourish.

"Each person creates his own future, and collectively, we all create The Future which happens. The future is too complex to know all of it in advance. The ability to know any of it has been growing steadily with advances in science. This has been a long process going back to the times when the locations of celestial bodies could be accurately forecasted.

This type of knowledge is mathematics-based using measurements of the past and present to predict the future. But, the limitations of this view became apparent when the fact that a small change in the present conditions could lead to unpredictable future results¾ this was called the Theory of Chaos, and it caused many in science to conclude that the future predictability of, say, weather was impossible. As we all know, that too was an artificial limitation on the knowledge available to us.

Parts of the future are knowable. The future will happen in only one way, and pieces of that future are fathomable. We seem to be intrinsically limited to knowing small pieces..." David paused, "and that's simply because there is so much to the future.

"How wondrous is the Future. She lies waiting to be experienced...revealing only mysterious glimpses of herself. And yet, she can only be truly appreciated by savoring her life and charms in the present...therein lies the mysterious paradox of time."

After a silent pause for reflection, David continued. "There is a magnificent future awaiting most of us. While it's true that not every person will have a wonderful future, most will flourish. Most of us in the United States live relatively safe and healthy lives and have far less to fear than we imagine.

"There has also been another common fear...the fear that knowing the future would make us little more than machines. Because, the argument goes, the future is pre-determined and there are no choices left to human beings. But that's hogwash. The future's so diverse and we are privileged to taste but a morsel of the future banquet. How marvelous it is, that human beings can experience, even for a fleeting moment, a time not yet born into the present."

David paused. "We will always live in the present, but living in the light of what we glimpse about the future...that is the challenge for Mankind. The Future-Looking Party is poised to lead the United States, and the world, into this new future."

David raised his arms and the crowd roared.



"I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States," said President David Michael Wensler.


"Mr. President," said the Chief of Staff, Wendy Burroughs, "the Cabinet is assembled and ready to begin whenever you are."

"Let's do it," said David.

"Good morning, and welcome to our first Cabinet meeting," began David after he sat in a chair at the same table that so many other Presidents had used. There were 17 Cabinet members who were chosen by the President and approved by Congress. David's choices were all knowers who wanted to use HT methods for investigating the future in their areas of responsibility.

"This is really the beginning of our mark on history," continued David. "I hope that you will all enjoy the important work we will do in the next 8 years as much as I will. The future is ours to see, but alas, only a small part is available to our view. Our choice is the key choice of focus¾ what future events do we focus our attention upon? And once we know about these future events, how do we mobilize the prodigious resources and potential of our great country to accommodate this future?"

David looked at his Cabinet with pride and warmth. "You are each a trusted and key member of this administration. Every one of you can have direct access to me by calling Wendy. If you feel it's important enough to meet with me, I will meet with you. Otherwise, we will meet here once a week to discuss and summarize your key assignments, to act on your recommendations, and to provide new assignments.

"Today, I'd like to summarize my perspective on the overall objectives for our next 8 years¾ knowing your going to win the next election is almost as good as winning a robot yard-tender before the fall leaves drop."

Everyone chuckled at the analogy. "Before I begin, are there any general questions or comments?" asked David.

"Yes, Mr. President," responded the Secretary of the Treasury, "First let me say how pleased I am to be part of your administration."

David nodded in acknowledgment.

"As you know, the Treasury Department is no longer the principle mover in key financial markets. The prices of most commodities, including bonds and currencies, are very stable. This stability became stronger as the number of people who knew future prices increased. So my question to you, sir, is, why am I even here at the Cabinet Level?"

David smiled at the self effacing question, "The financial stability of the country is always a key part of the Defense and Health of the country. It is true that there is no threat to the currency, nor to the country, but 'ever vigil' is still an appropriate phrase. Staying on top of the relative worth of our dollars versus other countries' is still a high priority, and very critical to the world economy. Anyway, I may want to romp around barefoot in our gold some day."

David looked around to see if there were any more questions or comments.

"Mr. President," said the Secretary of State. "Let me say for all the members of your Cabinet, it's an honor to be working with you."

Jose Gonzales was the Secretary of State. David chose Jose because of Jose's strong advocacy of using "HT Diplomacy" in the Central American conflicts¾ conflicts which have continued unabated for at least one hundred years. The names of the countries and leaders change, but the fighting and killing go on.

"Jose," David said, "it is an honor to be working with you."

There were no more questions. David said, "Wendy, would you please put the chart on the easel."

As Wendy placed the chart in front of the room, David continued, "This is the essence of our Platform. These are the broad objectives which became quite clear during the HT sessions...these will be the focus of this administration."



1. Truth and Openness in Government

2. Prepare for Lasting Peace at Home and Abroad

3. Responsible Partnership with Individuals for the Exercise of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

4. Nurture Education, Knowledge and Wisdom


"You, the various heads of the Executive Branch Departments, are critical for furthering these objectives. These are laudable goals, of course, but they're quite general. It's our job to make them real. We have been accused of being too optimistic, Especially about lasting peace. Yes, we no longer worry about world-scale wars, but it's often said that the smaller nations are like children. They always want to fight. Peace...a worthy goal, but to actually have a world essentially at doesn't seem possible."

"Well," continued the President, "we'd better be ready for it. The HTing I've done shows that by the year 2093, the world will be free of armed conflict between nations."

The Secretary of Defense, Mr. Kenneth Darby, asked, "Are you sure?"

"As sure as I can be," said David. "I haven't had time to discover the actual path by which we arrive at this visionary state, but the DFA has developed a new technique which has tremendously increased what I remember. Mr. Mansfield and his whole Department are to be congratulated. They developed this methodology under the most adverse of conditions...and were smart enough not to share it with the last administration!" David looked at his old friend and smiled.

David continued, "Tomorrow morning, at 9:00 o'clock, all of us will HT together for the first time. I plan on having these group HT cabinet sessions about once a month. You'll be able to probe my thoughts and feelings on the subjects you are pursuing, and I'll be able to do the same with each of you. Each month I'll specify a particular focus topic. This topic will be broad enough to related to each of your departments.

Generally, you'll have time to prepare for these sessions, but tomorrow's session is intended to set the stage for the long term outlook. Tomorrow's topic is Peace in the last decade of this century: what it means to the United States, and what we can do during the next 8 years to prepare our citizens for this future.

"I've sensed this peaceful world, but even though I remember more than ever before, it's only the tip of a very large iceberg of information. It's not all wars result from a reluctance of people to change their attitudes toward foreign competition. The United Nations is called upon to mediate the highly protectionist economic planning strategies instituted by the governments of the world. During the early 2090s, the defense budget falls from the current 10% of the Government Budget to 4%. Hopefully some of the rest of you will be able to remember other aspects which will help us plan for this future."

David paused and looked at the disbelieving faces. "Yes, I know that this future is difficult to consider as true. But, the country has put its faith in us to look at the future and best prepare it for the future that will unfold. That's what each of you must do. HT this future in as much detail as you can from the perspective of your departments responsibilities. If any of you see a different side of this future, I want to know about it as soon as possible. Am I being deceived by my strong desires? You let me know what you see. You now have the resources of the largest collection of foci and knowers in the world at your disposal. Let's use them well."

"Mr. President," said Mr. Mansfield, "I think it's important for you to know that the number of knower recruits has dropped to a negligible fact, we're losing more knowers than we're recruiting."

"With everything that's going on in this country, I'm not surprised," said David.

There was no need to explain. The well-funded campaign being run by a strong coalition of fundamentalist Christians, Jews and Muslims was beginning to hurt knowers¾ not in their pocketbooks, not in the danger to their lives, but in being able to walk down a street without being spat upon.

"If we're not careful, this could tear our country apart," David said sadly.


"Prime Minister," said Jose Gonzales with more than a little sadness in his voice. "Why are you resisting the meeting with Abdul Muhammad. We need both of you at the session. We need the extremes. Only then will we be able to appreciate the future reality we have to face together. Sir, your HT people have already told you about this historic HT session...and that you'll attend."

"I don't always do what my HT people recommend, Mr. Gonzales," said Saul Perez, the Prime Minister of Israel. "In fact, I try to prove them wrong whenever I can. It's not clear to me why I should attend any meeting, or HT session, with that despicable man. The Fundamentalist Muslims still cling to the ILM principles. They still want the lands of Israel for themselves. They're still causing trouble from bases in Lebanon, and Abdul Muhammad is their leader. Now tell me why I should meet with him." Saul was clearly angered by the request.

"Mr. Prime Minister," said Jose, "Only if you and Muhammad participate in this HT session can the other Middle Eastern leaders truly appreciate what the future holds for the region. A bond of knowledge will serve all the peoples of the Middle East. There will be over 1000 people from all the countries in the Middle East participating in this session. We need your perspective as well as Muhammad's."

"I don't give a damn about his views," shouted Saul Perez, "And I don't want to do any bonding with that terrorist!" Saul had won the office of Prime Minister by a narrow margin. His influence was based on a loose coalition of many parties in the Knesset. He was sure that talking directly to his arch enemy would cost him dearly.

Saul calmed down a little, and presented his position, "It is impossible for me to talk to a man who has violated the founding principle of the New West Bank. It was Abdul who declared the Jihad on all the Jews in the New West Bank settlements. These were the settlements accepted by the Palestinians when their country was established. But try to find someone in Arafat City who will criticize Abdul...there's noone. We've tried to obtain help from other Arab Nations, but there is no help. We have kept our side of the bargain¾ the Palestinians have a homeland¾ and the New West Bank was to be a region shared by Jews and Arabs. This was our buffer zone and a place for a new beginning for Arabs and Jews to live in peace. But Abdul is responsible for killing many Jews on these settlements. He has openly stated that this land belongs to the Arabs." He paused and again repeated, "There is no way I can be part of an HT session involving Abdul Muhammad."

Jose knew that he had to play his trump card now. He also knew that it would work. "Mr. Prime Minister," Jose said in a very formal tone, "if you refuse to join us in this historic joint session, then we will be forced to have the session without you...and we will invite Muhammad, and he will accept."

"You wouldn't dare... You don't even talk to the ILM. You soundly proclaim the ILM a terrorist organization..."

Jose opened his briefcase and took out a sealed letter which he handed to Saul. The letter had the formal seal of the President of the United States on the outside.

Saul opened the letter.


March 31, 2065


Dear Saul,


I know that Jose will be forced to show this letter to you. His people have worked out all the details of the latest peace initiative. Please join us in this historic endeavor.


In any case, if you choose to not join us in this initiative, be advised that I have authorized the commencement of the HT session without you. All the other Middle Eastern countries, ethnic groups, and factions have agreed to participate in an HTing session using the United States HT-Future Center.


I have invited Abdul Muhammad, and I respectfully invite you.


We will all join together to experience future events in the Middle East.


Peace, and the best interests of Israel, will be served if you join us to look at the future we all share.





David Wensler


David Wensler

President of the United States



Middle East HT Session

David arranged a private meeting with Saul Perez and Abdul Muhammad an hour before the HTing session was to begin.

"This facility ," said David to Saul and Abdul, "is unique in several ways. It consists of 1035 HT-7 units linked to a dedicated supercomputer. This is the largest grouping of HT-7s in the world. Each unit provides biofeedback signals using its own local computer. These signals are all sent to the supercomputer and synthesized by the knower-focus. The supercomputer utilizes a new process called crosschecking which dramatically increases the reliability of what is remembered. The specific aspects of the future which you will remember are chosen by the HTing group through a consensus which is based on the crosschecking method. As you will experience, this methodology will enable you to witness an accurate vision of the future."

An accurate vision of the can that be? thought Saul. But if it's possible...what an advantage... Advantage to whom? "Will all of us have the same vision?" he asked.

"You, Abdul and the other thousand or so participants will share the same biofeedback signals. This signals will indeed contain the information about the future. However, during the session you will react differently based on your own perspectives about reality. Because of your unique perspectives, you will each remember the experience somewhat differently, but the basic inputs to your neurological systems will be the same. That's a long winded way of saying, yes, you'll see the same future."

Could it really be that I'll see what Allah has in store for us...hard to believe. "And Mr. President, what about your view of the predestined future?" asked Abdul.

David decided not to encourage a discussion of predestination and free will. He said, "My view will be somewhat different since I'm acting as the focus."

"What will you see that is different?" asked Saul.

"The technique of crosschecking is too new to generalize," answered David.

Abdul, showing his mistrust of David, asked, "If you remember more than the rest of us, how can I possibly know that you and Saul will not use information gathered during this session against the best interests of the Arab people?"

"If you wish," answered David, "I would be happy to have a private HT session with you, and Saul if he likes, after this one. I will act as the focus, but this time I will self-focus so you can probe my life and what I learned."

"You would do that?" said Abdul incredulously. Saul was equally surprised by the offer. Self-focusing permitted any aspect of the focus's life to be examined.

"Yes, you both must understand that I do not believe in secrets. I believe that truth and honesty light the path to the future. That path is not an easy one, but, I strongly believe it is the only way a strong trustworthy bridge can be built connecting us to a stable and peaceful future."

"Trust is not easy to build," said Abdul.

"Especially when we begin with so much mistrust," added Saul.

"One last point about this facility," said David. "HT-Sharing capabilities have been enhanced in this facility. If two people want to be tuned-in to each other's thoughts and feelings, it is much easier than before. I'd like to encourage you to contact each other during the session."

Both Saul and Abdul looked rather angrily at David. Their expressions indicated no intention to participate in any HT-Sharing. Everyone knew that an agreement was necessary to maintain HT-Sharing contact during a session, so neither was really concerned about the connection.

David expected resistance to the idea. He said, "You'll both see objective truths from the future, but preparing for this future will require honesty...honesty from our souls...honesty with ourselves and honesty with each other. Why not try HT-Sharing your feelings, including all your mistrust and hatreds. At least that will be an honest start."


David, Abdul and Saul entered their units along with the thousand other delegates chosen to come to Washington from all parts of the Middle East. The United States provided about 35 participants. The HT-Future Center also used the most sophisticated communication equipment to hook-up an additional 10,000 participants from all over the Middle East. The focusing idea and protocol for the session was simple: Look at the future of the Middle East; begin about 1 year from today; then, proceed forward in time as far as possible.

As soon as the session began, Saul and Abdul sensed a connection with each other and the events shaping the Middle East a year ahead. What they initially experienced was all too familiar.

Still violence and bloodshed...can the suicidal attacks continue for ever? thought Saul as they witnessed a partially successful attack on a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. Ten Jews were killed by 6 Arabs. One Arab escaped, the rest were killed.

At the same time, Abdul thought about the continuing struggle and how it would not end until all Palestinian Lands were returned to their rightful inhabitants. Good, the Jihad is continuing... I'm surprised Israel survived this long.

We will survive long after your people have been forgotten, thought Saul as he angrily responded to the thoughts and feelings of Abdul.

The only reason the HT-Sharing part of the session didn't end at that moment was the strong shared desire to evaluate the other's response to the future, each hoping to gain some advantage. Since both men were so egotistical in nature, each felt he would benefit from knowing the other's thoughts and feelings.

Okay, let's see who survives, they both thought.

Then, the shared mood changed for the worse. There was a sense of persistent sadness on both sides. Survival, yes...but at what price.

The next visual images were of the same Jewish Settlement, but 5 years further into the future.

The Kibbutzim was surrounded by Israeli soldiers. There were shouting men, screaming women and crying children. Then suddenly, the Synagogue disintegrated in one explosive blast. Seconds later, the remaining buildings in the settlement were similarly destroyed.

How can this be...? lamented Saul.

Now we're getting someplace, thought Abdul.

Abdul's optimism was short-lived. The image on the HT-Screen changed to a burning Arab village. Arab men were throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers, women and children were crying, and the demolished village smoldered.

The image changed to a view from an airplane flying over the New West Bank. Smoke rose from all the towns dotting the landscape¾ Arab and Jewish towns.

All destroyed... Nothing is left... thought/felt Saul.

Why...? asked Abdul and Saul.

The answer overwhelmed them. There was no alternative, given the hatred and mistrust between Arabs and Jews. The devastation they witnessed was experienced¾ by Abdul and Saul¾ as a direct result of the destructive attitudes of the majority of people in the region.

They knew, by directly experiencing a higher order causal relationship, that the blotting out of hundreds of towns was due directly to thoughts and beliefs shared by the people involved. The knowledge extended well beyond the destruction of the towns and settlements. The HT-Sharing perspective made it absolutely clear to both of them, and to the thousands of other participants, that all the decades of death and destruction were directly attributable to the attitudes of the people involved. The level of hate, the chains of pain and fear, and the assignment of responsibility to others were the primary causes of the destruction to life and property. This experience brought tears to Abdul and Saul. It's not the settlements so much, thought/felt Saul, it's the obvious self destruction.

Why was the connection not so obvious before? thought/felt Abdul.

Perhaps, because we did not want to see. thought/felt Saul.


After the session, Saul and Abdul slowly rose from their seats and left their respective units. Both were deeply moved. Somehow they each knew¾ beyond any doubt¾ that the pieces of the future which they experienced together were fated to be. They also knew that they could prepare their peoples and they could prepare their responses to the fated events.

As part of the agreed to protocol, Saul and Abdul met in the chamber between their two units. They looked at each other for a moment, and then each took a step toward the other and they embraced. They spoke alone for 15 minutes, then David entered the chamber.

"The experience cannot be described well in words," said Saul to David. "It is like a child's first taste of chocolate ice cream. He knows it's special, he knows he likes it, he knows he wants more, but he has no way of describing the experience except in the most shallow ways. 'Yum...that's good,' he says. Well, I must say to you. Yum, that was good...and thank you, Mr. President, for bringing us together."

"Your welcome," said David, "And yes, I know the pains and pleasures of HTing. I use this center at least once a week."

That gave both Saul and Abdul a moment of pause.

David broke the silence, "Let's go to the auditorium and begin our group discussions."

The telecommunications between the US, Jerusalem, and Arafat City permitted comments from the participants. They expressed their anger, despair, blame and helplessness at the grim future they saw. But they also began talking to each other with a realization of the futility of the current reactive hate-blame approach to moving into the future. Possibly most significantly, these participants began to accept responsibility for their own future and the future of the region.



The Reception


Sharon was very excited about going to the reception. She was 18 years old and anxious to meet interesting men. What better place than a black tie reception given by her father for the Jewish, Arab, Persian and American delegations who HTed for peace in the Middle East. This was a significant accomplishment for her father. He had convinced these long-term adversaries to look at the future and to begin HTing for peace.

"I need a new pair of earrings," said Sharon to her mother. "I'm going out."

"You have at least 50 pairs to choose from," Jamali replied.

"But none go with my new dress," Sharon said, "I've tried them all."

"Honey, are you a little bit nervous...just because this'll be your first formal party as the President's daughter, and just because there'll be many eligible young men at tonight's reception..." Jamali couldn't help kidding her daughter.

Sharon smiled.

"Okay," said Jamali, "Get a Secret Service escort."

"Do I have to?"

"Yes, he'll drive you through the gate and those damn demonstrators. Anyway, you don't want someone spitting on you while you're shopping."

"Those Secret Service guys are so obvious. I think they attract attention to me."

"Take one with you anyway."

"Okay...see you later mom."


"The demonstration has become much larger," said Sharon to her Secret Service escort as they returned from her shopping trip.

"Yes ma'am," he replied. "They're a nuisance, but represent no real danger."

There were about 50 demonstrators picketing the entrance to the White House. The signs were quite descriptive, for example:




As they approached the crowd, Sharon noticed that there was a scuffle going on between a demonstrator and a young man. She couldn't hear what was being said, but a young dark-haired man punched the demonstrator holding a sign which was quite derogatory to the mothers of knowers. The demonstrator fell to the ground, but then several other demonstrators attacked the good looking young man. He fought off three of the demonstrators until they wrestled and punched him to the ground. Finally, three guards rescued the young man. Sharon hoped he wasn't hurt too badly.


The guests began arriving at 7:30. Each guest was cleared for entry, told his or her order for passing through the receiving line, and escorted to the elegant living room. Representatives from each of the delegations were invited, by their respective governments, to this dinner.

At 8:00 o'clock, the doors to the large dinning room opened and the formal introductions were made using a receiving line consisting of David Wensler, Abdul Muhammad, Saul Perez, Jamali Wensler, and Sharon Wensler. The first three representatives through the line were the Secretaries of State (or equivalent) of Palestine, Israel and the United States. Political dignitaries from the other delegations then politely exchanged a few words with those on the receiving line. The introductions continued in a rotating order through the various delegations. After being introduced, each representative was taken to his or her seat.

Sharon was a bit nervous when she was introduced to the Palestinian and Israeli Secretaries of State. But once she chatted with Jose Gonzales, whom she knew very well, she relaxed and enjoyed chatting with the high ranking delegates introduced to her. After a while, the knowers from the United States and Israeli delegations began passing through the line. Her father had told her that there would be 10 US knowers invited. She noticed that there were no corresponding knowers from the Palestinian delegations. She wondered why, but then figured it out. The knowers are relatively low on the totem pole, she thought, they're even last in our own delegation...and the Palestinians use Chinese knowers who they probably didn't want to invite. Her mind was working on the low status of knowers when a voice brought her back to the reception.

"Miss Wensler," said a member of the US protocol team, "I would like to introduce Mr. Brad Snow. He is a member of the US knower team working for the Department of Future Affairs."

"It is a pleasure..." Sharon paused as she recognized this man as the person who attacked the anti-knower demonstrators earlier that afternoon. " meet you," she completed her sentence. The right side of his face, from his forehead to his cheek, was covered with a white bandage.

"I doubt that," said Brad.

His blunt reply to her simple welcoming statement was a surprise. She tensed up and looked intensely into his warm blue eyes. What did he mean by that, she wondered. His smile and the look in his eyes showed that he meant no harm. She relaxed and extended her hand.

"The pleasure is mine, Miss Wensler. I've been a fan of your music for many years," said Brad. He shook her hand confidently, and added, "And I hope my bandages don't upset you."

"They don't bother me, but you're probably not feeling to well."

"I'm okay, I was defending all knowers, including you, when I was hit," Brad said.

"I know," she said. "I saw you."

"You did? That was you in the limo..."

"Yep," she said and smiled.

"Those bastards...excuse me...I'm sorry, Miss Wensler," said Brad. "I'm not comfortable at these fancy functions and neither is my language. Please forgive me? They told me to clean up my act for's difficult for me..."

Sharon laughed. "Don't worry about your language." She liked his openness and honesty.

Brad and Sharon had become oblivious to everyone else until the protocol chief touched Sharon on the shoulder and said, "It's time to begin dinner."

Brad and Sharon looked around to see the rest of the reception line walking toward the tables. Brad was the last guest through the reception line.

Brad said, "I'd like to talk to you about what happened this afternoon."

He's okay, and cute too, she thought. Sharon liked this brash man. "I'd like to talk to you too," she said. "Maybe later in the evening."


During dinner Sharon and Brad shared fleeting glances and smiles. Jamali, who was sitting next to Sharon, noticed the chemistry and asked, "Who's that young man you're flirting with?"

"His name's Brad Snow," answered Sharon, "and he's a DFA knower."

"How did he hurt his face?" Jamali asked.

"He was in a fight with the demonstrators outside," Sharon said. "Mom, you wouldn't mind if I skipped out on the boring speeches...and showed Brad around, would you?"

"You mean skip out on the speech your father has been working on for weeks to crown the beginning of the historic cooperation among Arabs and Jews. You mean skip out on his speech called, The Middle East Never Learns from Its Past, Maybe It Can Learn From Its Future. You mean that boring speech?" Jamali glared at Sharon.

Sharon looked back at her mother, "But look how cute he is?"

"You're impossible," said Jamali with a big sigh.

"You're fantastic, mom. Thanks," said Sharon.

After dinner, Sharon excused herself and left the table. She was quite aware of Brad watching her as she walked from the dining room. She hoped he would be waiting for her when she exited the powder room.

Brad watched Sharon leave the dining room. He was enthralled with her talent and beauty. He had participated in virtually all of her public HT concerts. He spent many hours knowing things about her and about them. He knew he would bring her joy, and he knew he would bring her pain.

As Brad rose from his chair, he realized that he could sit down again, but he also appreciated that he would be true to what he felt and to what he knew. He met Sharon just outside the powder room and asked her if she would show him around the White House grounds. The rapport between them was immediate and strong. The rapport quickly turned to love.


"What an evening," Jamali said as she began removing her jewelry.

"Yes," David said as he began taking off his tie and coat, "the approach-avoidance electricity between the Arab and Israeli delegations was incredible."

"Speaking of electricity," Jamali wanted to change the subject, "did you notice the electricity between your daughter and a young knower named Brad Snow."

"No, I didn't notice...but, that's great," said David as he removed his shoes and socks. "I hope they had a good time. These State dinners can be very stuffy for someone Sharon's age."

"Do you know anything about this young man?" asked Jamali as she unhooked the clasps to her dress.

"Snow...Brad Snow... Ah yes, I know a little about him. He's the latest hot shot knower that Mansfield found. I've heard he's very accurate at seeing the future. He scored 97% on the tests we gave him." David hung his pants in the closet and sat down on the bed watching Jamali undress. He still loved to look at her naked body.

"97% accuracy on the Random Future tests?" asked Jamali incredulously.

These tests were carefully designed to provide random events into the future of the person being tested. Random events will be introduced into the person's life. For example, the person will be told that he will be shown a painting or be introduced to a new person the following morning. The details of these choices will be chosen only after the person is asked to predict the full nature of the occasion. The best previous individual score on these tests was 60%.

"Yes, I've heard that he has managed to master focusing on his own life and remembering what he sees when he returns from the Place," said David.

"What kind of person is he?" Jamali asked.

"I understand that he's rather inflexible, hot headed and hard to get along with," said David. "I doubt that Sharon will like him."

"I don't know...there was the feel of electricity in her eyes..."

"Speaking of electricity." David pulled Jamali down on the bed before she could finish putting on her nightgown.

"You old goat," she said with a giggle.


Brad came to dinner. Sharon invited him after asking her parents. Sharon and Brad were dating regularly. David and Jamali were quite interested in meeting him.

David had received a full report on Brad's background and was quite concerned about the potential relationship between Brad and his daughter. He had not yet shared his information about Brad with Jamali or Sharon. David knew the information would upset Jamali, and he had no idea how to tell Sharon.

The first course was a delicious salad with a light herb dressing.

"Ed Mansfield tells me that you're doing a superb job at the DFA," said David.

"Thank you, sir," said Brad. "I'm enjoyin' the work. I love to look at the future. The group HTin' lets us see things that I never imagined we could witness. It's remarkable."

"Do we have to talk shop," said Sharon.

Jamali said, "I agree, no shop talk. Brad, tell us about yourself."

"Are you all really interested?" Brad asked.

"Sure," said David.

"I was born and raised in Oklahoma," began Brad. "I'm twenty two years old and I've been able to see into the future for as long as I can remember. My folks were both knowers...though, back when I was born, they were called psychics or clairvoyants. They made a lot of money using their skills."

Brad looked at David and said, "Funny enough, it was your father that showed them how to predict some of the future."

"I don't understand," said David.

"Oh, it's simple," continued Brad, "My parents were farmers, mostly growin' wheat. They were not particularly successful until they saw your father on TV explaining how he won the California lottery. My father and mother always had a good eye for who they could trust. They believed everything John Wensler said about seeing the future. They studied everything he said about how he picked the winning numbers. And so, following his techniques, they taught themselves how to HT the future price of wheat and other commodities."

"Whose HT units did they use?" asked Jamali.

"Initially, they went into town and rented time on an HT Health Unit. They started speculatin' and were only moderately successful at first. But then they began cross-checkin' each other, and when they That's how they made their fortune. They'd tell me about the great John Wensler and how he won the California lottery in the year 2008 and how he showed them how to trust their visions of the future."

"You make it sound like my father's dead," said David.

"Well, he's just a legend to me," Brad said. "I never hear anything about him."

"He doesn't like the limelight."

"I'd sure like to meet him. Is he a knower?"

"Yes he is," answered David.

"I'd really like to make contact with him through the Place. Could you ask him if he'd be willing to meet me there?"

"I've heard that you were very direct," said David.

"I'm sorry, but life's too short," said Brad. "If you don't want to ask him..."

Jamali redirected the conversation, "Tell us more about you and your parents."

"Right. My parents always taught me that honesty was the most important thing in the the universe." Brad realized he was being too aggressive, and geez, with the President of the United States, he thought.

"Honesty is the best policy," chimed in Sharon nervously.

"They'd say be honest about what you feel and think. This honesty is as close to truth as you will ever be. Then you must have the courage, they would add, to act upon what you believe to be the truth."

"Good advice," said Jamali.

Brad continued. "Look at what John Wensler did, they'd say. He looked into his own future to see the winning lottery numbers. He believed and acted on his vision of the truth.

"There was one last thing they taught me. As you learn more, they'd say, be prepared to improve your vision of the truth. The truth is absolute, but our vision is blurred."

"Both of your parents would tell you this? asked Jamali.

'Yes...the same message from both of them before my mornin' and evenin' HT sessions. Except, of course, when I was very young. I've been HTing since I was a year or so old."

"You've been HTing since you were one year old?" David was surprised by this revelation. It was not in Brad's file.

"Yes, my parents bought an HT unit of their own when I was a year old. It was against the law for parents to allow children to HT without the supervision of a doctor. Remember, the HTs were used mostly for health purposes in those days. My parents, however, strongly believed that HTing was the most valuable thing you could do for a child. And they acted on that belief, even though it was against the law."

For the main course, David and Jamali had chicken Kiev, and Sharon and Brad had pasta primavera. Sharon had informed the cook that Brad was a vegetarian.

"So, your parents believe in honesty as the highest virtue?" said David as his food was being served. "But in some circles, breaking the law is not considered honest."

"Daddy, why are you being so difficult," said Sharon.

"No, it's all right," said Brad. "These are important matters to discuss if we are to understand each other's ethics. And honesty is indeed a fundamental ethical issue."

"Indeed," said David.

"Breaking the law is not dishonest," said Brad. "Lying about your actions would be dishonest. Not stating the truth as you perceive it would be dishonest and fundamentally wrong. Fortunately, my parents were never asked if they permitted their young child to use the HT unit."

"But isn't breaking the law wrong?" asked David.

"Yes," said Brad quite simply. "But, they were prepared to accept total responsibility for their actions. They, in fact, told me that some day they might have to go to jail, but they were willing to take the risk because HTing was so important to my appreciation of the truth about predicting the future."

"How old were you when began seeing into the future?" asked Jamali.

"I can't say exactly, because in our house, HTing future events was as natural as HTing past experiences...or HTing for health," replied Brad.

"I don't understand," said Jamali.

"Before I HTed, my dad or mom, and sometimes both of them, would discuss some topic of current interest with me. And then after I HTed, we would discuss what happened. Often the topics would concern future events that were bothering me...for example when I wanted to ask a neighborhood girl for a date." He looked at Sharon and they smiled quite warmly at each other.

David and Jamali noticed this warmth and glanced at each other. Jamali was happy, but David's expression was quite concerned. Jamali didn't understand why.

Brad continued, "For as long as I can remember, I was able to garner some information. I still can't figure why some information comes through and other types don't, but..."

David interrupted, "What's the most significant future information you received...not in working for us, but when you were growing up with your parents?"

"Hon, why so serious..." said Jamali.

Brad looked at David, knowing what the question really meant. He took a small bite of pasta, sipped his wine and said, "I was 6 years old, and what I saw¾ from the future¾ affected my life profoundly. I saw my own death."

Brad began slowly as he remembered the events. "To appreciate what happened, I need to give you some background. Before breakfast I'd go outside and play with the family dog¾ his name was Brandy. We all loved him...I loved him, very much...we were pals. Brandy was 16 years old and mostly collie.

"One summer morning, Brandy didn't come out of the barn when I called him. I found him lying on his side breathing very fast. When he saw me he lamely waged his tail. I started crying and ran into the house shouting that Brandy was sick. My father and I took Brandy to the vet. The vet said Brandy was too old to survive an operation. The vet recommended we put Brandy to sleep. We took him back home to discuss what to do."

David paused, "This was the first time I really thought about death. Living on a farm, you see chickens and cows killed, but there's no particular attachment to these animals...Brandy, of course, was different. My dad, mom and I spent a good part of the day talking about what it meant for Brandy to be put to sleep. That he was sick and possibly hurting. That he had lived a long happy and healthy life. That it was kind to help him die peacefully. That he would not be coming back. That they didn't know, for sure, what happened to him after he was dead, but he would certainly live on in our memories, and that they believed some part of him would live on without a body.

"At dinner, I asked them if they would die. They said that everyone dies, but they planned on living a long time. I asked them if I would die. They said everyone dies, but that I should not worry because I too would live a long time. I asked them how they knew that I would live a long time.

"They told me not to worry so much. But I persisted. I think they regretted teaching me to be so inquisitive about the truth, and I think they regretted their vows to be honest."

"I was six years old when I found out that dogs and people could die of sickness or accidents. I was six years old when I learned that someday I would die."

"My evening HT sessions were usually after dinner. I had missed my morning session, and my folks suggested I go to sleep without an evening session. But I insisted on HTing that evening. I wanted to think about Brandy and death in that special HT Place.

"As you can imagine, my parents were quite nervous about letting me HT. This was one of the few times I saw them disagree. My father supported the idea. He said that we should trust my instincts. My mother said how can a six year old boy's instincts be trusted. My father said because he had been raised well by his two loving parents. And he reminded her of her previous conviction that young children have enormously more potential than adults give them credit for. He won the argument, and I went off to the HT room.

"The HT session was remarkable in several ways. First, I experienced Brandy's state of consciousness. I can't explain it, but I knew he was ready to die. If we didn't help him, he would die anyway...but with more pain and suffering. I also knew that Brandy wasn't afraid to die. I experienced his total acceptance of death...Brandy knew it was his time to die.

"I felt comfortable with my realizations about Brandy. Then I began sensing far into my own future. And I realized that my death was going to show itself to me. I wasn't afraid...if Brandy wasn't afraid of death, why should I be. I didn't consciously ask for this, but I was just curious enough to let it come to me."

"I'm sorry," said David, "but I don't understand what you mean."

"The visions of the future seemed to approach me. I knew I could stop them...I didn't have to look...but, at that moment, I guess I wanted to see my death. The feelin' I remember was of this vision wanting to show itself to me."

David nodded that he understood.

"I saw my death only in the most general terms," continued Brad, "I saw myself fighting with demonstrators of some sort...I was hit over the head with a heavy stick or pole...and then I was on the ground, dead.

"I calmly looked at myself...there was no life left in my body. I remember thinking that I was old and had lived a fruitful life. I remember feeling that I was still alive, somehow, but not alive in my body...and not alive as Brad Snow, but alive as something grander than what I had been... I remember feeling a sense of spreading out... I really can't explain the experience, but I never feared death again. I ended the session feeling comfortable with the life I would lead and the reality of my death."

"Wow, that's astounding," said Jamali. "And you were only six years old!"

Brad raised his hand slightly, "There's a little more you should know."

"After my HT session, I went to our family room to discuss the session with my parents. They were, as you'd imagine, anxious to hear about my experience. They were surprised that I had seen my own death and quite relieved about how I was handling the information. In retrospect, I'm still amazed how all three of us simply accepted what I saw as being true. It was this attitude that fostered all of our abilities to see into the future.

"Anyway, my father said he was relieved that all this happened when I was old. I agreed and said my face looked peaceful and old like his face was. I remember the awkward silence...I couldn't understand then what was wrong. My parents looked at each other uneasily. Finally, my mother said it was time to go to bed.

"The next morning my father, mother and I took Brandy to the vet. It was only a 10 minute flycar flight. My mother and I cried the whole time. I was feeling the loss already...I would miss playing with Brandy But Brandy had not eaten any food, and he had not moved from the pillows we had set up for him. We said our good-byes to him and watched him peacefully die as the vet gave him an overdose of some anesthesia.

"My parents then took me to the local ice cream parlor, and after discussing Brandy's full life for a while, the conversation turned to people dying. We talked about how long people usually live, and how old my father was¾ he was 30 years old at the time. He told me that he had HTed after I went to bed. He said it was the most difficult session of his life because he searched for the time of my death.

"He and my mother had decided long ago not to foretell the morbid aspects of their lives. Their interests in the future were narrowly focused on the weather, prices of commodities, and running their farm. But now, my father ventured into the future to see if he could confirm my vision of my death.

"He and my mom had tears in their eyes when he told me that he had seen my death...pretty much as I had described. He said he saw himself watching a demonstration being televised live on SNNI. And during this demonstration I began arguing with the demonstrators...and I was killed. He said that I looked to be about his age or maybe even younger.

"My mother, trying to hold back tears, said that 30 was not really old. She said that for a child to die before their parents was the most difficult thing imaginable for the parents. I remember relating it to how difficult it was for us to have Brandy die first. My mother left the table crying.

"My father took my hands in his¾ I remember how big and comforting his hands felt around mine¾ and he told me that the future had not happened yet, and that I could change what I had seen. He said I did have choices and we make the future from our choices.

"I asked him what I would have to change so I wouldn't die then?

"He said he didn't know exactly, but there were probably many different ways As an example, he said that I could never go to demonstrations and then I couldn't be killed at one. But he added, with the choices of what to do with my life, comes the duty to accept responsibility for my life.

"I didn't understand all of that then, but as I grew older, I realized that I could dwell on my death and run from confrontations with crowds. I knew that I could live longer than I had seen...but I would not live as fully. I would have to run away from what, at even 6 years old, I knew was a special truth about the future. If you're not honest with the truth you see, then you'll no longer be able to see the truth."

Sharon was sobbing. "But why can't you choose to change that you know your death is closer? Why are you so damn stubborn?"

"You knew about this?" asked David.

"Yes, Brad told me most of it on our second date," answered Sharon. "I've been trying to convince him to change his aggressive behavior toward those religious fanatics...but he's impossible. I think his attitude is very selfish...what about his parents? What about..." Sharon didn't finish the sentence.

Jamali wiped a tear from her eye, "Our food's getting cold...let's eat up. And Brad, you and your parents are remarkable people, and quite courageous."

David was deeply moved by Brad's openness, honesty and courage. Though, I bet Brad doesn't consider his approach to life as being brave, thought David.

"Do you feel courageous," asked David.

"No, not at all. I'm just doing what I feel is right," answered Brad.

"But so are the religious fundamentalists." said Sharon, so why can't you leave them alone?

David said, "I have no quarrel with them following the truth as they see it, but they don't let others go forward with the truths that they perceive. All they want to do is look backwards. Their goal is to stop people from looking forwards...and that's intolerable to me."


"Honey," said David, "if you don't want to go through with this, you don't have to." David and Jamali were sitting on their daughter's bed on the morning of her wedding. The three of them had been talking for a while and she was sharing her anxieties about the marriage.

"Daddy," Sharon said tearfully, "I do love him. He's extraordinary. I guess I'm mostly worried about myself. If I can be strong enough to cope with his death... If I can cope with knowing he's going to soon."

Jamali hugged Sharon, "Oh...what a world we live in. But if you love him, marry him. No matter how much this world's the most durable beacon for guiding our lives."


"It's a boy," proudly shouted Brad as he entered the private room where David and Jamali waited during the delivery. They all hugged warmly. Even though Paul Wensler's birth was a long anticipated event, there was no lessening of the joy. A new life was born¾ a life with unlimited potential for creativity and love.