Agenda - Schedule
Tue 6/12/2012 Wed 6/13/2012 Thu 6/14/2012 Fri 6/15/2012
9 (9 to 10am) RV sessions for Pred#2: S&P RV sessions for Pred#4: EUR/USD Closing Comments and
10 Break Break Open Discussion
11 Pred#2: Wagering, Discussion Pred#4: Wagering, Discussion End at 11am
12 Lunch-Discussions Lunch-Discussions IRVA Conference Begins
13 Lunch-Discussion Lunch-Discussion
14 FB Sessions Pred#2 FB Sessions Pred#4
15 Start-Intro Discussion-Break Discussion-Break
16 RV sessions for Pred#1 RV sessions for Pred#3 RV sessions for Pred#5
MLB: Oakland @ Colorado MLB: Oakland @ Colorado MLB: Chicago @ St. Louis
17 Break Break Break
18 Pred#1: Wagering, Dinner Pred#3: Wagering, Dinner Pred#5: Wagering, Dinner
19 Dinner-Discussion Dinner-Discussion Dinner-Discussion
20 Open Discussion Open Discussion Open Discussion
21 FB Sessions for Pred#1 FB Sessions Pred#3 FB Sessions Pred#5
22 End Day No Later than 10 pm End Day No Later than 10 pm End Day No Later than 10 pm each evening