In 1978, Lt. Col. Jim Channon created a proto-mythology for the soldier of the future known as The First Earth Battalion. These warrior monks would dedicate their allegiance, first and foremost, to people and planet.

1-Week Workshop Saturday October 16 Thru Saturday October 23, 2010

The World of Consciousness is Not Flat
The "World of Remote Viewing" is Not Flat


Plenty of Time to Relax and Be with Consciousness

Fun and Learning

Jim Channon

Lightning rod;
The magic marker;
The first corporate shaman;
Commander, First Earth Battalion;
and mystic landcrafter.

Yes, the role played by Jeff Bridges in the movie "The Men Who Stare at Goats" is loosely based on Jim Channon.  One evening at the workshop he will tell "truth from fiction" :-)

See "First Earth Battalion - The Real Story" Videos Part1    Part2

Marty Rosenblatt

Marty holds a B.A. and M.S. in physics from University of California at Los Angeles.  He is now President of PIA (Physics Intuition Applications Corporation) and he writes the online magazine, "Connections Through Time".

Marty also teaches precognitive ARV workshops with other experienced experts from the Remote Viewing community, e.g., Russell Targ, Skip Atwater and Stephan Schwartz.

Precognition is real - Apply it in your life!

Capabilities of Consciousness
Evolving into the Next Paradigm

Imagine a botanical eco-homestead, with like minded global change agents, learning you CAN see the future now, and you CAN draw with just the right set of tools, and you CAN tell stories with a power you were never coached in …. All that! Great food, soul connections, and adventure theatre in the amphi-theatre Too! Join Jim Channon, one of the planets great change agents, and Marty Rosenblatt, a leading remote viewing expert for an unforgettable week in Paradise! You will undoubtedly meet some soul friends that you will treasure all your life.

"Come to think the unthinkable.  A network of evolutionary activists has developed a positive doctrine to allow people to take charge of their destiny again.  People are the ultimate technology and the EARTH is our home."

First Earth Battalion Ops Manual

The concept designer, author and illustrator of the "First Earth Battalion Operations Manual" is Jim Channon

Super-learning topics and Spectral Intelligence:

FLASH DRAWING.   The mind sees future images as a short-lived flash.  Freeze that and  connect it to a pattern recognition system invented by the planets fastest magic marker Jim Channon.  You will master capturing figures, faces, buildings, settings, and vehicles with a blindingly simple set of rule based tools.  YES, you can draw shockingly real faces, buildings in 3D, and psychic cartoons of people in a few short days.

STORY-TELLING MAGIC.   We have had dozens of people who have told us of the power of stories in changing the world.  The best story always wins the day and the attention of the people who must make it real.  The world's first corporate shaman, Jim Channon according to FORTUNE magazine, will now explain and make real HOW to tell those stories with spell-binding impact.

ADVENTURE THEATRE.   When taking a group of people into a new world, the best technique is a living demonstration of that experience in action.  Jim took 300 corporate execs into the great western desert before reality TV was an idea.  And once there he guided them into practicing the future they had called forth with somewhat sterile charts and values written on a small corporate handout.

DIVINING AND SORTING.   Learn from the father of the strategic visioning process how to array the best set of goals, strategies, and other key elements of a rich future.  Having a life purpose is only one of a possible set of future-based realities you can manifest if you know how to choose and array them with visual language.   Jim created a positive 100 year vision (PROJECT EARTHRISE ... see YouTube) for planet earth with the World Business Academy fellows.  He has shocking insights into what may happen before 2012.

MYSTIC LANDCRAFTING.   Want to live in paradise?  Did you know that a botanical garden, an edible landscape, and soothing sanctuaries can be combined if you know how to put that into a drawing.   Also learn the social architecture he used to create the land family and their habitats situated on his property.   Come see what Jim has done with the three acres we will all come to love while doing this extra-ordinary week of magic. 

REMOTE VIEWING (RV).    RV projects were funded and successfully applied by the intelligence community and the military for over 30 years.  These projects involved consciously gathering information from the past, present and future.  The wide range of applications for detailed drawings from RV sessions will be discussed with many examples.  You will be doing RV sessions involving your future.

PRECOGNITION.   Precognition (foretelling the future) is a natural capability of human consciousness, which must be experienced directly to be truly appreciated.  In this week-long workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn from Jim and Marty about applying precognition in your life as you do it!  Applications include wagering (e.g., financial markets and sports) as well as locating missing persons and creating/inventing.

Precognition Occurs All the Time at the Subconscious Level

CAPABILIIES of CONSCIOUSNESS.   Your consciousness is entangled with both the past and the future.  You will do some RV sessions involving precognition with outcomes-feedback occurring during the workshop.  You will also do some self-defined RV sessions where you will receive feedback after the workshop.  We believe that "Consciousness is The Fundamental" and these examples will increase your appreciation for the capabilities and tremendous untapped potential of consciousness.

PHYSICS APPROACHES SPIRITUALITY.   Kicking and screaming, physics keeps moving closer to the most basic spiritual concepts.  For example, the quantum mechanical concept of "non-locality" is really another statement of "we are one".  The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is a demonstration of the connectivity of consciousness on our planet.

CONSCIOUSNESS PARADIGM SHIFT:  Precognition and Self-Healing are key elements in the developing consciousness paradigm shift.  Explore the implications.  Join us as global agents of change...Go Planet!


This workshop offers a taste of the personal growth/transformation that accompanies purposefully applying the capabilities of your consciousness and creatively entangling with the future...your future.

Register now and pay only $1,995.00
(20 participants max in Jim's training center - register early)

This price includes the workshop, all materials, your food, transportation between Arcturus and the Kona International Airport (KOA)

*Hotel lodging is available about 1 mile away at the Kohala Village Inn. This is at an extra cost and please contact them directly to make reservations - transportation to and from Arcturus is supplied - 5 minute ride.

Camping** area available on Jim's beautiful Arcturus property, also known as "Artesia".

Any further questions, feel free to email Jim or Marty directly, or you can call:
-- Jim at 1.808.896.1023 Pacific Central {Hawaii} Time. (Best time to call from the US East Coast is after 2:00pm)
-- Marty at 1.818.884.8867 Pacific Daylight {California} Time.


*Sleep at the nearby Kohala Village Inn   (808) 889-0404

**Campers, bring your tents and sleeping bags.  Plenty of open area similar to this will be provided at no extra cost.
tenting at Arcturus


*** We thank Jeff Mishlove for the use of his beautiful Yin Yang art piece used in "The World of Consciousness is Not Flat" graphic.