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Intuition: Nurturing Your Intuition to Predict the Future

Connections Through Time,   Issue 2: January - March 1999

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Question:   Can intuition be nurtured to consciously predict the future?

Answer   Yes. The nurturing of intuition is similar to the nurturing of a tree. The environment must be conducive to growth; however, the knowledge concerning how to grow and bear fruit is contained in the seed.   The seeds of intuition are in the human nervous system, and consciousness is the environment.

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Developing Your Predictive Capabilities

This material is presented for those people who wish to train, measure, and apply their intuition for predicting the future.   The recommended approach is based on a loose consensus from many sources - ancient and modern.   We expect you to modify and personalize this approach, since a key aspect of nurturing your intuition is your acceptance of responsibility for your precognitive capabilities.

The approach nurtures your intuition by focusing on your beliefs, intentions-desires, and actions.   The following is a largely intellectual presentation, however, when in the intuitive frame of mind (Intuitive Mindset), the intellect must become a quiet observer, a witness for recording the requested information which is received intuitively.   Nurturing of your intuition occurs in and out ot the intuitive mindset.   Your beliefs, intentions-desires and actions set the foundation for successful intuitive predictions of the future. mandal2s-jung-link.jpg

Beliefs that Nurture

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Intentions-Desires that Nurture  


Actions that Nurture  

In the Applications section of this issue of Connections Through Time, an online method of making predictions and getting feedback is discussed from the HOW TO perspective.

An online training method, called MISTIE, is here.

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