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Connections Through Time

P-I-A's Quarterly Online Publication
Issue 2: January - March 1999

Topics - Superclusters of Galaxies and Nurturing Your Intuition for Predicting the Future


The universe is filled with mysteries - mysteries to be explored by consciousness. Consciousness connects us to the rest of the universe.   Consciousness recognizes the existence of the mysteries.   Intellect is one part of consciousness.   Emotions and senses are other parts, and, perhaps the most subtle and mysterious is intuition.   In this issue, we explore the mysteries of supergalaxies and intuition.   We also suggest an approach for nurturing, developing and measuring your intuition.


Physics  Superclusters of Galaxies

mandala-sm.jpg Bytes Intuition  Nurturing Your Intuition

Applications  How to use Your Intuition to Predict the Future: The AVM Project

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