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Psychic Energy and Remote Viewing

Connections Through Time,   Issue 25: July - December 2005

"Throughout mankind's cultural history there has existed the metaphysical concept that man and cosmos are interconnected by a ubiquitous, all-pervasive sea of energy that undergirds, and is manifest in, all phenomena.  This pre-scientific concept of a cosmic energy goes by many names in many traditions, such as ch'i, ki or qi (Taoism), prana (yoga), mana (Kahuna), barakah (Sufi), élan vital (Bergsonian metaphysics), and so forth."

- Hal Puthoff,  Searching for the Universal Matrix in Metaphysics

( March 23, 2005
A cross-section of the universe shows galaxies as bright dots along filaments of matter, with a sea of dark energy filling in between the galactic islands.

New research suggests evidence of dark energy in our cosmic backyard, but theorists are still divided on explanations for the ever-increasing speed with which the universe is expanding.

Science is learning more and more about energy at the most fundamental levels.  For example, from quantum mechanics, science discovered Zero Point Energy (ZPE) and is working to apply this knowledge in advanced ways, including space travel.  On the other hand, science is discovering that there are forms of energy on the cosmological scale that it knows very little about.  For example, mysterious "Dark Energy" is needed to explain the accelerating expansion of our universe - see cross-section of universe, link and text at right.

In a study by Hal Puthoff (Phys. Rev. A 40, p. 4857, 1989; 44, pp. 3382 & 3385, 1991),  he showed that "on the cosmological scale a grand hand-in-glove dynamic equilibrium exists between the ever agitated motion of matter on the quantum level and the surrounding zero-point energy field.  One consequence of this is that we are literally, physically, 'in touch' with the rest of the cosmos as we share with remote parts of the universe fluctuating zero-point-energy fields of even cosmological dimensions.  Who is to say whether, for example, modulation of such fields might not carry meaningful information as in the popular concept of 'the Force?' "(From Searching for the Universal Matrix in Metaphysics)

This being "in touch" with the rest of the cosmos is evident in many Remote Viewing (RV) sessions where information is gathered from great distances using only human consciousness.  For example, see the discussion of Ingo Swann's RV session where he described rings around Jupiter long before our space probe reached that planet and confirmed his predictions - predictions which were considered outlandish at the time.

The grand challenge for science is to connect the very small-scale energies associated with ZPE to both the largest cosmological scales and to human consciousness - that mysterious ability to appreciate and direct many forms of energy.

Energy is:
1 : the force driving and sustaining mental activity <in psychoanalytic theory the source of psychic energy is the id>
2 : the capacity for doing work
  Source: Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.

Psychic energy, as used in the above definition, refers to the energy from the psyche.  In psychology, the psyche is basically the non-physical portion of a person that is the center of thought, emotion, and behavior.  The psyche is basically a person's personality structure with the emphasis on the unconscious;  the original Greek word means soul.  Psi psychic energy, e.g. as applied/focused in Remove Viewing, is one specific application of psychic energy.  In Freud's model of the psyche, the psyche is like an iceberg in that only a small fraction is conscious (see sketch below). 

Freud's Model of the Psyche

Note that in this model, "All psychic energy originates in the unconscious."

    The ego is that part of you that is interacting with the outside world at any moment.  We all have different ego types, different "sides" to our personality, or ego-states that we use to consciously interact with the world; we use different ego-states and combinations of ego-states depending on circumstances, e.g., at work, with family, or meeting strangers.  Genetics, childhood experiences, social pressures and other psychological factors shape these interconnected ego-states.
    The unconscious id is the source of the biological instincts, such as the 'pleasure principle'.  "According to Freud, all behavior is motivated by the desire to feel pleasure. That motivation is organized and directed by two instincts: sexuality (Eros), and aggression (Thanatos). Freud conceptualized both these instincts as being powered by a form of internal psychic energy that he called the libido.  Libido is the pleasure principle, or basic psychic energy.  It can perhaps be considered equivalent to ch'i or parana of esotericism and yoga. ... Some of Freud's students and followers, like Jung, Adler, Anna Freud, Reich, and Horney, felt that there were other factors in determining the nature and development of the psyche than sex, and in this way further developed the psychoanalytical understanding of the unconscious."
    The superego is divided into two parts - the conscience, which contains the internalized taboos, and the ego ideal, which contains the internalized ideal aims and goals.  The learned societal conventions, morals, etc. are here.

In addition to the psychoanalytical aspects of personality, the mysterious psyche is also intimately connected or entangled with some portion of the unconscious that appears to have access to virtually any information concerning the past, present and future.  This has been demonstrated in RV scientific experiments, including precognition experiments, that were initially performed at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) with replication studies done at Princeton University and elsewhere.  However since we are finite beings, we cannot hold all the information about the past, present and future in our consciousness.  Our psychic energy must be focused with willful intention and clear communication channels must be open to bring specific information into our conscious awareness from the unconscious.

The basic Freudian model of the psyche, as with all models, is not perfect.  However, it does seem quite relevant and useful to anyone doing Remote Viewing (RV) in any form, including Associative Remote Viewing (ARV).  In RV, there is a target that is to be described, sketched, drawn, or modeled in some way by a 'viewer'.  The viewer's willful intent and psychic energy must be clearly focused on the target.  All aspects of the psyche should be aligned...should be in harmony.  The cartoon at the right illustrates what NOT TO DO with your various ego-states.   If your focus is not clear, how can you expect clear communication from your unconscious.  Internal stress that cannot be set aside may be a signal that the various aspects of your psyche are not optimally aligned.

Other models of the psyche and psychic energy have been around long before Freud, but under different names.  For example, archery is an activity often studied as a part of Zen Buddhism.  Buddhism began around 500 BC in what is now India.  Eugen Herrigel's Zen in the Art of Archery was first published in 1953.  Herrigel, a philosophy professor, spent six years studying archery and flower-arranging in Japan, practicing every day, and struggling with foreign notions such as "eyes that hear and ears that see."  In his book, he brings the heart of Zen to perfect clarity--intuition, imitation, practice, practice, practice, then, boom, wondrous spontaneity fusing self and art, mind, body, and spirit.

Here is a quote from the book: "The archer ceases to be conscious of himself as the one who is engaged in hitting the bull's-eye which confronts him. This state of unconscious is realized only when, completely empty and rid of the self, he becomes one with the perfecting of his technical skill, though there is in it something of a quite different order which cannot be attained by any progressive study of the art . . ."

These same concepts can be found in various Chinese traditions/philosophies.  For example:

The following is from the Introduction to Chi Kung (Qi Gong):

Chi Kung (or Qi Gong) means literally, "Energy Cultivation," and refers to a group of exercises that improve health and longevity, as well as increase the sense of harmony within oneself...

Chi Kung is actually a specific example of a larger category of exercises called Nui Kung (Nei Gong) (literally - "Inner Cultivation"). ... In their advanced levels Nui Gong exercises cultivate access to energies commonly perceived to be outside of the human experience. Obviously, if it is possible for humans to access these energies, they cannot truly be outside of human experience, perhaps only outside of commonly perceived consensual reality. Advanced sets of Nui Kung exercises focus on specific aspects of experience, including altering states of consciousness, opening to universal energies, and manifesting unusual abilities and powers.

From Gary J. Clyman at

Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese system of energy cultivation which enables you to develop internal power. ...Ultimately, it can help you achieve your personal vision by strengthening the "muscle of your WILL."

Chi Kung is often confused with meditation. Chi Kung is different. In most meditations, the mind is calmed and simply registers the flux of consciousness to naturally reach a state of pure awareness for eventual union with the Absolute. In Chi Kung, the mind is focused on directing energy, not on thinking or not thinking. The principle is called "Hsing Chi" meaning "wherever the mind goes, the energy follows."

From the Gilman Studio On-Line Lessons:

Intention is the Master Key to the highest levels of Tai Chi practice. Intention leads and directs energy. For that reason, it is important to know what you want to accomplish in each movement of the form.


Psychic energy can be directed by the will using intention.  In Remote Viewing, the viewer is able to apply this psychic energy, or chi, to bring to consciousness information that is remote in space and time.  This RV capability appears to be available to most human beings to various degrees.  Internal ego-states can turn this ability off, as evidenced by the "beginner's luck" phenomenon in RV.  For sustained long-term RV success; practice, practice, practice, and bringing your RV-related intentions into focus and harmony appear to be necessary.

More and more people are becoming practitioners of RV and other psi-psychic applications, including remote healing, where chi is being intentionally utilized.  What are the implications of these applications becoming more and more prevalent in our scientifically oriented world?  We close by quoting from Charles Butler's article Healing the Enlightenment:

Chi can be concentrated or made to flow from one place to another by an act of will.  As a Reiki practitioner, I regularly move Chi through myself into another.  I can feel the Chi flowing, and sensitive subjects can feel themselves receiving it.  The touch of a powerful Reiki Master can cause ones arm to feel warm or to tingle.  Tai chi warriors are able to concentrate Chi and perform amazing feats which they would not normally be capable of.  Chi is real, and its ability to be moved and concentrated with the mind is real.

...  Probably the most theologically and philosophically significant ramification is this:  If this all-pervasive Chi/dark energy responds to the will of humans and, perhaps, that of all creatures, then either the Chi/dark energy must be intelligent itself, or Something that owns it must be tuned to the will.  ...

The most exciting possibility to me is this:  In the mid-1700s the writings of a group of European intellectuals ushered in the so-called Age of Enlightenment.  These philosophical rationalists successfully introduced the idea that only rational thinking was legitimate, that mystical or spiritual thinking or pursuits were a hindrance to the progress of society.  If Chi and dark energy are identical, the artificial rift these men created between the mystical and the rational can finally be healed, and we can get on with it.  Think what life could be like if rationalism and mysticism coalesced.  The people of Earth—all the people of Earth—could find an entirely new way of existing.  Ironically it would be a way that could not have occurred if the Enlightenment had not occurred:  Life would include ever-expanding science and technology, but a science and technology informed by the wisdom of the spiritual, perhaps even of love.



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