Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is a Quantum Mechanical reality that is measured in our objective physical world.  ZPE is everywhere all the time.   There is no perfect vacuum.  There is no perfect zero.  Every thing is Entangled.

Entangled in a Universe of Consciousness



"This ability of healthier people to dip into the unconscious and preconscious ... turns out to be one of the main conditions of creativity."

"This development toward the concept of a healthy unconscious and of a healthy irrationality, sharpens our awareness of the limitations of purely abstract thinking, of verbal thinking and of analytic thinking. If our hope is to describe the world fully, a place is necessary for preverbal, ineffable, metaphorical, primary process, concrete-experience, intuitive and esthetic types of cognition, for there are certain aspects of reality which can be cognized in no other way."

"Self Actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is."


"All the evidence that we have indicates that it is reasonable to assume in practically every human being, and certainly in almost every newborn baby, that there is an active will toward health, an impulse towards growth, or towards the actualization."


"The fact is that people are good, Give people affection and security, and they will give affection and be secure in their feelings and their behavior."


"The story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short."


"We fear to know the fearsome and unsavory aspects of ourselves, but we fear even more to know the godlike in ourselves."


"What a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualization."

-- Abraham Maslow



Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!

-- Ram Dass



"... based on
what we know of quantum physics and consciousness, we have
to take seriously the scientific possibility of spirituality. And
in defining what I meant by spirituality, I mentioned three
things. The first was an interconnection between living beings
and the universe as a whole, and I said that this could be possible
through the phenomenon of quantum entanglement,
which refers to the ability of two particles to be intimately connected
beyond the normal limitations of space and time. The
second was some kind of divine guidance or cosmic wisdom
influencing our choices, which could be due to Platonic values
embedded in fundamental spacetime geometry. And, finally,
there was the possibility of consciousness persisting outside of
the body or after death."

Finding Spirit in the Fabric of Space and Time

-- Stuart Hameroff, MD



  Perhaps there is an Entanglement Energy (EE), based in the subjective psychological non-physical world, that uniquely identifies consciousness moments.  The relationships between the EEs could then be reflected in ZPE signatures, and vice-versa.

Modeling the behavior - the physics, if you will - of EEs in the non-physical and the entanglements with the physical is a Grand Challenge.



I want to be the best that I can be. I want to do and have and live in a way
that is in harmony with my idea of the greatest goodness. I want to
harmonize physically here in this body with that which I believe to be the
best, or the good way, of life. If you will make those statements, and then
do not take action unless you feel good, you will always be moving upon the
path in harmony with your idea of that which is good.

--- Abraham-Hicks


Every Thing Consciousness Touches (past, present, future and eternal) is Entangled in the 1Universe of Collective Consciousness.


Microtubules and Life

Microtubules in a human Neuron

Microtubules are everywhere in life - from the very beginning.

"Motility of the sperm is due to the long tail, which is a modified flagellum. Cilia and flagella, from protozoa through humans, all have a similar structure that has been intensively investigated since first described in early electron microscope studies. Microtubules that run the length of the sperm tail are arranged in a ring of nine pairs surrounding a pair in the center."


Microtubules in the cilia of a paramecium-protozoa


6 cells from the pancreas showing the distribution of DNA (blue), microtubules (green) and actin (purple).



Consciousness is the Fundamental

We each have the capability to Focus Consciousness using intention. I am conscious of subjective vibrating "things" (e.g., experiences, sensations, emotions, thoughts-ideas). I am conscious of you. You and I can agree on the meaning of words and measurements for many things. Our joint objective physical reality is based on these agreements.

Every thing that consciousness touches (e.g., all past-present-future events) can be visualized as being in the blue circular area without a boundary - this circle without a boundary is a useful metaphor for the Universe of Collective Consciousness (UCC) This Universe cannot have a boundary, since if any thing that consciousness touches was outside the boundary, that thing would have to be included as being inside.

The UCC contains EVERYTHING (all that is), and it is the only thing without a boundary - it is unique as the only "oneness" in this model. Any other thing (represented by the red circle) must have a "fuzzy boundary" since it can never be completely removed from the UCC. Any attempt to separate any thing from the UCC creates entanglement with some uncertainty, i.e., a fuzzy boundary. The perfect Harmony is lost and replaced with the now conscious vibrating experience.


Entanglement has

"Entanglement can be measured, transformed, and purified. A pair of quantum systems in an entangled state can be used as a quantum information channel to perform ... tasks that are impossible for classical systems."

The above quote from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy can be extended to include ideas, imagination, feelings, thoughts, and any other "thing", past, present, future or eternal.

The World of Consciousness is Not FlatThe world of consciousness is not flat.


Once you have personally experienced a thought, feeling, or any other conscious moment, you are creating an Entanglement Energy, EE for short.  These EEs are unique, like unique vibrational operas.  They contain the vibrations of your DNA in them along with the conscious experience.

The EEs are in the universe of pure consciousness and "communicate" with the physical universe via ZPEs, and vice versa.


0 to 1 is like a "qubit of consciousness" - a superposition of consciousness states.


Quincy is the six year old son of Mary and JimPat is their best friend.
Jim and Pat are experienced remote viewers.

That's wonderful, said Mary.  I hope Quincy's right about the show, she thought {note the red italics for Mary's thoughts}.

I know I’m rightPat will be able to take me to the magic show , said Quincy.

I told you to stop reading my mind.

I really can’t ... when I’m with you, it’s like … like, if you asked me to stop seeing you with my eyes.

I know, I know you just do it, but I still have trouble accepting it.  Anyway, I do hope that Pat will be able to take you to the show and be here for dinner.      I don’t understand why knowing her thoughts upsets her so much, thought Quincy.

Why are you so sure about Pat?  I haven't heard anything.

I dreamt about being at the magic show and we ...

The phone rang and Pat called to tell Mary that the federal grand jury is now meeting privately, and that he could come over for their usual Sunday night dinner.  Pat also wanted to confirm that he could take Quincy to the magic show.


________  1.  Sunday Night: Before Dinner ________

Magic is soooo cool!  A guy disappeared on the stage - wow  clapping smiley!  And the card tricks were great.  I was really fooled by that 3-card Monte trick, and ... and I was standing right at the table.  I watched everything this lady magician did with the cards.  I was right there, and this lady beat my guessing every time.

We had a ball, said Pat.       Q has no idea that his ability to predict the future is truly amazing, thought Pat.

I was guessing the right card when I was in line and someone else was at the table.  I even told Pat my guesses.  I really knew where the card was ...   Then it was my turn, I got to the table and missed every guess.  I don't get it ... how did the lady magician make my guesses go bad?       Telepathy with Mary is one thing, but precognition, and maybe perfect precognition.  When he was in line with no magician interference, that's something else, indeed.

Sleight of hand my dear boy :-)  Those magicians are really good at switching cards, even at the very last second.  She was using the Mexican Turnover.   Jim was an amateur magician himself.

She was good, but Q was better.  He knew where the ace of hearts was every time ... before he got to the table.  He was right 11 times in a row, before he was at the magician's table, before she could interfere using her sleight of hand.

Mom's coming in, great ... it's time to eat.

A couple of seconds later, Mary enters the family room.  Dinner is served.

Yep, Quince told us.  They all laughed.  They had become accustomed, well almost accustomed, to the amazing telepathic connection between Mary and Quincy.  They were just noticing Quincy's remarkable precognitive capabilities.


________  2.  Sunday Night: Dinner ________

Congratulations Pat - that special grand jury issued their indictment against those scum bags.

Yes, I would like to think that I had something to do with that.  I was brought in as an expert.  I showed the grand jurors that telepathy really works with trained telepaths.

So what did you do, tell us, tell us!

Alice and Bob were the telepaths involved, they are not naturals like Q, but they were plenty good enough to get the job done.

I was the one who trained them and that was why I was summoned to testify.       Pat is so cool.

Much of the evidence was found at what the perps thought was a safe house.  So to convince the jurors that reliable telepathy was used in this case, rather than illegal wiretaps, say, I had them do a re-creation, sort of.  The grand jury was to be driven, in a bus, to a place, any place, that they felt the FBI agents could never identify using "normal" techniques ... a place they felt was "safe" from detection, a "secret" place to hide.       I always liked hide and seek.

The jury foreman was quite clever in not even making a final choice until they were on the bus with Alice, Alice was the telepathic "sender".       A choice made on the bus - not known to anyone - this is similar to what was done at SRI with remote viewers.       We know enough to know that the telepathic sender-receiver model is wrong, it is not like radio waves.  But Alice does consciously gather the information that is picked up by Bob, instantly.  I trained her to work with Bob, they are great telepathic partners.

Bob was in a federal building with the two analysts who worked with Bob on the actual case.  They had complete access to the FBI computers.  Their bottom-line job was to identify the final location of the grand jury and send officers there.

We needed to show them that telepathy can be used to find and prosecute criminals smiley-standard .            Slowly but surely, more and more RVers are getting involved with the legal system.

The court made sure there were no electronic bugs on the bus ... this was a clean experiment.  It started at 9 am in the morning.  The location had to be chosen by noon, and for the experiment to be a success, the location had to be identified by the FBI, and visited, before 5 pm.

The foreman of the grand jury, who was a real skeptic, wanted the location to be as random as possible.  He asked each jury member to tell the bus driver whether to turn right or left at every light.  At about 11 am, with an hour to spare, the foreman noticed a hilton hotel and told the bus driver to stop there.

All the jurors went into the hotel and the forman told the bus driver to take the bus at least a mile away on a side road and wait for his call.  The foreman was confident that he would not be found and expected to call the bus driver at 5 pm.  The foreman got a room - their secret safe house - and ordered lunch for everyone.

Now what about Alice and Bob, you ask.  Bob and the two analysts are the busy ones while Alice was enjoying the bus ride and talks to the jurors and the foreman.  She does nothing outwardly unusual.  She does focus with telepathic-intentions on unique landmarks and unusual geometries.  The kind of focus or attention you pay to something when you know you are going to want to describe or draw it later with the details ... that's basically what I teach them.

For example, when they reached the hotel, Alice focused on the Hilton logo Hilton logo which Bob drew quite well - well enough to identify it as a Hilton hotel.

Bob doesn't exactly see what Alice sees, he doesn't hear what Alice hears, but Bob knows the ideas that are in her mind.  He draws good drawing, not perfect, but good enough for analysis with the FBI database computer of structures in the area.  Bob experiences some of what she experiences - the stuff she intensely looks at or is hearing ... the channel is not perfect, but darn good.

Me and mom do that.  I know stuff about what she's thinking, but I don't really know exactly the words that she's thinking.       I sure wish Quincy would start using correct grammar.  I know all the kids do it ... even lots of grown ups, but it's just wrong grammar - oh well.

I just knew mom was going to call us for dinner, there were no words.  Mom and I do what you're talking about.


Hey Pat, finish off what happened with the Grand Jury.

One analyst inputs everything Bob says, writes and draws into a computer, while the other does matches using all the latest FBI data analysis software.  This telepathy test, for the grand jury, was actually much easier than tracking the perps ... Alice was under a lot less stress and the information came thru to Bob much clearer.  It only took about 5 minutes after the jurors reached the hotel room before a 99.5% match was predicted.  The tracking of the early left and right turning helped raise the confidence level of the final Hilton location since there was a consistent path.

That is so cool.

The FBI dispatched one agent along with a court rep to the hotel location.  Actually, finding the hotel probably would have been enough, but Alice and Bob actually identified the specific room they were in.  Alice was able to draw the elevator buttons and imagined a yellow X over the one that the foreman pressed.  And then she drew an X on the third door down on the left from the elevator.  This was all geometry.  Alice and Bob are great at geometry.

The FBI agent knocks on the door, and this is just after lunch, and by all accounts, the foreman was actually angry that he was found.  He was certainly surprised, but also angry because his well anchored view of reality was now shaken. 

That's probably pretty common.  I'm still having trouble accepting telepathy with Quincy, and I live it!

I bet this is going to be brand new territory for the courts.

New territory for our society - applied telepathy with high reliability.

Mom, if you ever get kidnapped, I will tell the FBI where you are.

That's not funny,  but thank you smile.   It's time for you to go to bed.

Aw mom ... I want Pat to read me a storyyawn.       What a great day.


________  3.  Sunday Night: After Dinner ________ 

Precognition is simply telepathy with future conscious moments - moments experienced in someone's mind at a future time.

Quince is picking up Mary's current thoughts, and sometimes feelings, but these are in her mind at the same time Quince is getting the info.  That seems very different, very different, than reading her future mind.  Mary enters the room.

It's "my" future mind that you two are talking about, isn't it?

Yes hon, Quince's telepathic connections with you are incredibly strong.  So Pat thinks Quince should be able to connect with your future mind.

I think he can also connect with his own future mind - that might even be easier.  I saw him get 11 hits in a row when he was in line.  I also watched the magician and my guesses based on watching her moves were all wrong.   He connects to future information that interests him, like the next card he will see on the magician's table.

Wait.  You're saying that Quincy is reading his own future mind.  How do you know he wasn't just reading the magician's mind?

Q told me about his dream where he knew we would be at the magic show.  That's a precognitive dream.  His dreams come from his own subconscious mind.  Also, the fact that he seems to be the best telepath I have ever seen and it's with his mother - well, that indicates a genetic link.  And what better genetic link than to yourself!

So yes, his future mind experiences what actually happens ...  yeah, so why was Quincy wrong when he was at the table if he could know his future mind?  Why couldn't he read his own future mind there?

This is probably the most misunderstood aspect of precognition.  It is not perfect, especially in complex situations involving other people's consciousness.  All that Q could ever do is predict the most probable future. There is always a time interval between the prediction and the actualization of the prediction.  When he was in line, there was no reason for anyone to intervene in any way.  Just the opposite was true after Q announced his prediction to the magician.  The magician now wanted to trick Q.

You're saying the magician caused the actual future once he knew Quince's prediction ...       I don't understand probable futures at all???

It's sure looking that way.  Q may have actually predicted the right card before the magician used that impressive sleight of hand Mexican Turnover.

I guess that's not cheating, it's magic.

But it shows how it's all about information and intentions in the world of consciousness. 

By world of consciousness, you include the world of Quantum Mechanics.

Right on.  In the QM world, and in the world of consciousness, time seems to be quite secondary.  The important stuff is probable futures combined with what actually happens - what actually becomes conscious in our physical world which is not always the most probable event.

Okay, what's the deal with these "important" probable futures - I just don't get that?

QM is really a probability model about information.


For example, when you get into the world of the very small, you cannot predict the exact position, of say an electron, all you predict is the probability of the electron being measured at a specific position at a specific time.  And that position has a fundamental uncertainty until it is measured.

Weird.       I don't understand that.       The double slit wave-particle experiments with electrons show this.

Yes, weird, but true.  This probability or uncertainty principle is built into the fabric of our universe.  Our conscious minds are part of this fabric.  And notice that a position measurement is really giving our conscious mind a numerical value of what we call the position of the electron.  Until we do the measurement, the position is only real in a probabilistic sense.  That's the probable future for an electron.

Come on now, aren't you taking this too far.  Our physical world works in knowing the position of things in linear time.  We got to the moon by using the physics of linear time.

Actually, if the outcomes of interest are human-sized, like magnificent engineering feats of going to the moon or designing the Hubble Space Telescope, then our basic physics equations of linear-local-time do dominate, I agree totally ...       Well, at least we look at something the same way.       OK, were's the but?

smiley-standard The but is very important - the but is when the the fundamental reality of consciousness rears its beautiful head.    The but is when telepathy or precognition or advanced forms of conscious self-healing actually happen.  Then non-linear non-local time effects are dominant.

Your mysterious Quantum Mechanics explains this somehow?

It's helping with studies of Quantum Consciousness as well as information physics, but it is just not enough.  We are missing something fundamental in being able to describe the direct experience of consciousness.  Tell me, what is the equation for the feelings of love you have for Q, or Jim?  We don't have even the foggiest notion of how to develop useful predictive equations for telepathy.

Fortunately, you don't have to know the physics equations of consciousness to apply it.  We apply remote viewing all the time.  I guess you would say RV is a form of telepathy.

Well yes, the information is coming from the Collective Consciousness, RV just uses a pre-defined protocol, generates transcripts, and keeps good records.  In many ways, this is similar to the telepathy experiments done in about 1929 reported in a book called Mental Radio with an introduction by Albert Einstein.

So, with all the data supporting telepathy and remote viewing, you still don't have the slightest idea how Quincy can read my mind?

We actually are learning more and more about how consciousness interacts with the human body, but the ideas are not quantitative with testable equations.  I presented one set of ideas about telepathy to the grand jury that involves microtubules - 1000s of  trillions of them - in your body.  These microtubules are small enough to show QM effects.  They listened politely and recognized that the theoretical model didn't matter, results did.

Which you guys showed them!

Interesting, ok, but I want to get back to Quincy.  What's best for him?

You two are going to have to decide about Q's remarkable telepathy and precognitive ability.  Do you want to nurture it or discourage it.

Do they still burn witches.  He will be ... not normal - oh boy ...       I do not like this at all,  quite a responsibility.

Why such a big deal.  I used my precog, as you recall, to wow you into marrying me.

Not quite, but close I suppose ... good thing you missed that last prediction  They all laughed

And that's the point, you were not even close to 100%.  You told me that 65% accuracy on 50% random choices was about your average, and you were proud of that.  Now we're talking about Quincy being almost 100% accurate - what would that mean for him ... and for us.

Could be very big,   but we don't know about the 100% ...

Come on, reliable predictions at even 70 to 80% would transform the world.  Reliability being not having unusually long missing streaks, so you can count on getting about 75 hits every time you make 100 predictions.  The possible financial applications would probably shake markets to their core.

Probably, for a while - then I expect we will have precog wars to find the best people on the planet with precognitive capabilities!  And then things might settle down to a smoothly running system.  More smooth than now, with all the oscillations we see that are caused by uncertainties.  Imagine if you did know what a company was worth as measured by its stock price.  Perhaps large oscillations would disappear.

Stability in the financial markets would be a nice change.  But how much chaos before that?

Who knows, this applied precognition to a highly reliable level, and with many precogs involved, has never happened.  But anyway, financials may be the initial hook.  I think other changes will be more significant. 

Like what could be more significant than our whole financial system.

How about knowing where and when future earthquakes will occur, or tsunamis.  How about using precognition to accelerate knowledge about future inventions.  How about dramatically accelerating our knowledge about physical reality as we consciously live it in time, and knowledge about the non-physical reality which seems to be, well, outside of time - eternal.

So now you want to bring in learning about the spiritual and I suppose life after death ...

Will you guys please stop ... what about Quincy!?  

Q will be fine because of you two.  It is a responsibility, it's the Quincy's who will define this new world.  If Q is any example, near 100% accuracy may be possible in real-time telepathy with others.  And telepathy with the parts of his own future that he chooses to "touch" could be very high as well ... unless there are strong different intentions around, like magicians with their own agendas.

I don't think I like this new world.  I definitely don't want anybody off the street being able to read my mind ... it would not be a better world.

Wouldn't you like to be able to read the minds of politicians, especially before you voted for them.  Wouldn't you like to read the minds of potential terrorists.  Imagine a world with no secrets.  Imagine a world where there would be no need for secrets.  Imagine if most didn't care a hoot if someone else was reading their mind!

Well, I do care.

Remember, they would have to want to read your mind.  People can't read everyone's mind at once, so most of the time it wouldn't be much of an issue.  Why would other people reading your mind bother you so.

I guess I would worry about them taking advantage of me ... of using my thoughts to their advantage in ways that would hurt me.  Pat, this conversation is getting very uncomfortable.

Yep, I know.  When we work with new telepaths there is so much psychological stuff around - much of the training for both senders and receivers is getting them to a place where it is okay to be completely open - to fell that there really is nothing to fear.

How could your Alice have nothing to fear?  She was working with dangerous criminals.

I didn't mean the fear from the criminals - that's healthy.  I'm talking about Alice not having any fear that Bob will abuse their open telepathic relationship.  Alice is not really "sending" information.  She is simply opening herself up for Bob to gather her conscious experiences.

There must be a way for me to keep my experiences private?

Maybe so.  Notice that the magician was able to keep private the location of the Ace of Hearts from Q.  He maintained what he wanted to be private, at least from Q when they were consciously working together.

You can keep a secret from some of the people, at least some of the time.

I want more than that.

Once you have personally experienced a thought or any other conscious experience, you are creating an Entanglement Energy, EE for short.  These EEs are unique, like unique vibrational songs.  They contain the vibrations of your DNA in them along with the thoughts/feelings, etc.  They function as "permanent memory" in the non-physical world of pure consciousness.  EEs probably exist for all probable futures, but the ones that actually happen in the physical world are particularly strong for those of us in the physical world.  So there is a probable future where your privacy is maintained.  The issue is: how can you make that privacy-future real in the physical world.

I'm getting a headache .  You really don't know what I can keep private ...  Let's get back to Quincy.

Perhaps it will take the Q's of this world to initiate the next evolution - in fact a revolution - in humanity's history.  Let's face it, the animalistic instinct to survive by following, or cow-towing to, the strongest and often most violent leaders has not changed.       I'm afraid that's true       We are human beings because of our advanced intelligence and because of our imagination of what can be.  And yet, isn't it clear that the human society must evolve to a more peaceful loving compassionate state of being.      He's a dreamer.       If not, one of our technological inventions will probably finish us off - some of our inventions are downright dangerous - they are like tests which we must pass to survive.  We just barely passed the global nuclear destruction test.  There will be other tests.  Are we prepared?       Scary question.

So Quince is going to save the world.      

Not Quince alone, but we do have to bring something new into the mix.

Look Mary, Q has a telepathic talent that cannot be denied.  Others have this natural talent as well.  It seems to be built in to us.  I think the real "test" may be whether our society can be open enough to permit Q, and the others like him, to flourish and openly contribute to our society.       Maybe our psi movies, etc are opening up society.

How can we find other kids like Quince?  I really don't want to turn off his telepathy or his ability to correctly predict the future - I just want him safe and happy, and there is safety in numbers.

There are also other key questions: When and how do we explore how far his talents can go?

You teach adults all the time, why wouldn't Quince be the same.

Adults have more to unlearn than learn I think.  In adults there seems to be a lack of confidence in getting information from their own subconscious mind.

Quince seems completely confident - he is directly tuned in to my EEs.

You got it .  Confidently tuning in to Entanglement Energy is the "magic" that makes telepathy possible.

Your role as parents will be critical ... it will be your job to let him know that he is the normal one who has not turned off his natural psi talents.  It will be up to you to not be fearful about his developing his capabilities.  And of course, it is you who instill ethics - perhaps permit natural human ethics - to take hold.

The bad guys will have access to these capabilities as well.

This is all new territory.  This is a consciousness paradigm shift.  I don't think any of us know how far Q can go with his telepathy or precog abilities.  But I would feel a lot better knowing that parents like you are raising kids like Q to be as telepathic as possible.

Honey, I think we should introduce Quince to a fun game to see how telepathic he really is.  You remember the picture-in-sealed-envelope.   Pat and I used it a lot as a RV practice protocol.

We became very good at describing the hidden pictures.  Considering it as a game is perfect for Q and other newcomers to RVing.

Remind me how this game works.

We can put together a dozen fun and interesting pictures, maybe stuff we want to talk about with him anyway.  We put these in identical sealed envelopes.  Then, the game starts with him choosing one envelope at random and drawing-describing what he feels, maybe guesses, is inside.  We then open the envelop and talk about it.

Seems simple enough - he likes guessing games.

There is no Mexican magician to interfere with his telepathy.  The information pathway clearly involves future consciousness - future telepathy.

You two are just right for letting Quince reach his full potential.

Why us?

With your RV backgrounds, you appreciate that consciousness can do what most still consider impossible.  You are just as important as the Q's to the consciousness paradigm shift.  You are the ones who have to do the integration, the accommodation, the development of the new way to view a society with telepathy strongly weaved into its very fabric.      Oh boy.      Good luck to us.

I wonder how many Quincy's are out there.

I wish I knew, and I wish I knew how to find out. 

It's getting late - gotta go.  Thanks for the great dinner and for letting me take Q to the magic show.

He loves his time with you.

Seeya next week for dinner.  We need to talk more about teaching Quince.

I think he can teach us.  Q knows what he wants to know as naturally as he knows how to breathe.  Information is like air to him ... it's just out there.

He's a natural!



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* We thank Jeff Mishlove for the use of his beautiful Yin Yang art piece, "Seeds of Ecstasy".