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Precognitive Remote Viewing

Connections Through Time,   Issue 29: July - December 2007

"Precognition, in which the answer is known to no one until a future time, appears to work quite well."


Professor Jessica Utts
Division of Statistics
University of California, Davis

Precog ARV Transcript

Precognition is real.  Precognition does not work 100% of the time.  What to do, what to do?

Precognitive ARV Example:
RV Session Transcript on the Left and the Emailed Feedback-Target-Photosite on the Right

Precognition, foretelling the future, tapping into the matrix, reading the Akashic records, etc. are all different words or phrases for recognizing that the mysteries of time include reverse causation (also called backward or retro-causation).  This reverse causation becomes particularly conscious when a future event inexplicably "causes" an earlier event.

A precognitive Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) example is in the table at the right.  Both the viewer's precognitive RV session transcript and the photo-target provided as feedback via email are shown.  The viewer was completely blind to the nuclear cloud target until he received the feedback email.  The target was not even chosen until after his RV session was completed, scanned and sent to the ARV judge.  The judge then requested that a random pair be chosen from over a thousand possible photo-pairs.  Thus, the judge was the first to see this photo along with the other possible photo after the viewer's session was completed.  The outcome of a trade in the S&P Futures market determined which photo of the pair would become the target and thus which photo the viewer would receive as feedback.  The feedback event is part of the "cause" for the information received during the earlier RV session event and for the details sketched in that session transcript.

Science is in the process of studying this phenomenon.  Many respected physicists have concluded that science needs to take a fresh look at the meaning of cause and effect...some physics models must be improved or reinterpreted to permit an effect/event to be "caused" or partially caused by another effect/event that happens in the future.  The most recent meeting on this subject shows that scientists are paying least some scientists.  The papers presented at the symposium, "Frontiers of Time: Retrocausation-Experiment and Theory" (see table of contents from proceedings here) show the depth of thinking that is evolving by cutting edge scientists in explaining the reality of precognition.  They are under-funded because most of the established scientific community, those controlling the funding, are still so skeptical that the "giggle factor" becomes dominant.

Some of us who have come to believe, yes even know, that precognition is real encourage applications that will make money, yes money, in visible ways.  This may be the most effective way to get over the giggle factor.  We encourage as many people as possible to develop and apply their precog capabilities.   We encourage you, yes you.

If you have read this far and are currently not consciously applying your precog abilities to benefit you, you probably believe that precognition is real, but you also probably have a strong negative thought/feeling such as:

We believe that what is needed at this time is a grass-roots approach where thousands and thousands of people become precogs earning money for themselves and for others  by capitalizing on the statistical edge provided by ARV.  This approach can produce a society that accepts and applies precognition -- a society moving closer to consciously embracing the reality of a precognitive universe.

What to do?
Apply your precognition for your benefit, for your spirit.

  1. Applying precognition is ultimately a spiritual venture.  Your non-physical self, your consciousness, your spirit is the driving force in precognition.  We believe that applying precognition is about you learning about you.  The process of looking inward for information expands the awareness of the richness and virtually infinite capacity of the spirit inside.  And that this "journey" itself is the primary benefit to you.
  2. You can learn RV and ARV in many places, however, the key is to practice, practice, practice until you are practicing like a doctor or shaman practices healing.  We provide an online workshop, called Intuitive Investing by Remote Viewing (IIRV) for learning both RV and our two-choice (binary) online ARV protocol.  During the workshop, you have the option of joining our ongoing investment club or doing ARV independently using the PRECOG program discussed below.  Our investment club results thru July 6, 2007 are very briefly summarized on the graphic at right.  The graph shows the current value of $1000 invested by participants from 7 Intuitive Investing Workshops.  Even though some of the participants do have excellent returns, and all participants currently have a profit, the negative swings are too large.  In our opinion, the club is not yet realizing anywhere near the full potential of intuitive investing.  A detailed presentation on the investment club will be given at the October 2007 IRVA Conference.
  3. We encourage you to form your own precognitive investment clubs using ARV.  Also, ARV can be done in small focused groups or on an individual basis.  You and others will undoubtedly have different approaches for generating ARV predictions.  Apply your ideas and share results in a public fashion.
  4. The PRECOG online program can be used to make independent ARV predictions or it can be easily used by small groups.  PRECOG permits predictions to be generated for any binary choice situation, including financial markets (stocks, options, futures, indexes), sports, politics, etc.

Improve Your Ability to Predict the Future - see the following 9 minute PRECOG instruction video.
Deepen your intuitive side as you empower yourself, i.e., invest in your self

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Cause and defect - Article about Retro-Causation "... physicists who are meeting this week at USD to discuss and debate the concept of 'reverse causation', a fantastical notion that suggests effects can precede causes, and the future can influence the past, assuming the past and future actually 'exist' in the first place.  (The symposium is part of the 87th annual meeting of the Pacific Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.)"

FRONTIERS OF TIME: Retrocausation - Experiment and Theory

Why Precognition?


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