Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is a Quantum Mechanical reality that is measured in our objective physical world.  ZPE is everywhere all the time.   There is no perfect vacuum.  There is no perfect zero.  Every thing is Entangled.



"... based on
what we know of quantum physics and consciousness, we have
to take seriously the scientific possibility of spirituality. And
in defining what I meant by spirituality, I mentioned three
things. The first was an interconnection between living beings
and the universe as a whole, and I said that this could be possible
through the phenomenon of quantum entanglement,
which refers to the ability of two particles to be intimately connected
beyond the normal limitations of space and time. The
second was some kind of divine guidance or cosmic wisdom
influencing our choices, which could be due to Platonic values
embedded in fundamental spacetime geometry. And, finally,
there was the possibility of consciousness persisting outside of
the body or after death."

Finding Spirit in the Fabric of Space and Time

-- Stuart Hameroff, MD



  Perhaps there is an Entanglement Energy (EE), based in the subjective psychological non-physical world, that vibrationally and uniquely identifies consciousness moments.  The relationships between the EEs could then be reflected in ZPE signatures, and vice-versa.

Modeling the behavior - the physics - of EEs in the non-physical and the entanglements with the physical is a Grand Challenge.



Is Santa Claus Real?

...real in the outer physical world or the inner non-physical world?

Are you real in the outer world or the inner world or both?

Live your life purposefully in both worlds - the inner and outer realities!



Precognition is real.  Enjoy the reality of it, and apply it in your life with Wisdom.







Every Thing Consciousness Touches (past, present, future and eternal) is Entangled in the 1Universe of Collective Consciousness (UCC).

In the remote viewing world, this is called "the matrix".  Jungians call this the "Collective Unconscious".  Some call it "all that is" or the "eternal now".

Precognitive information is from the entanglement between future and present conscious moments.



"This ability of healthier people to dip into the unconscious and preconscious ... turns out to be one of the main conditions of creativity."

"This development toward the concept of a healthy unconscious and of a healthy irrationality, sharpens our awareness of the limitations of purely abstract thinking, of verbal thinking and of analytic thinking. If our hope is to describe the world fully, a place is necessary for preverbal, ineffable, metaphorical, primary process, concrete-experience, intuitive and esthetic types of cognition, for there are certain aspects of reality which can be cognized in no other way."

"Self Actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is."


"We fear to know the fearsome and unsavory aspects of ourselves, but we fear even more to know the godlike in ourselves."


-- Abraham Maslow


Infinity between zero and one

How many times does the number 1 go into the number 2?  Answer: 2

How many times does the number 0 go into the number 1?  Answer: infinity

Zero is a concept.  Zero is a thing for consciousness to ponder and creatively apply.  Zero is, perhaps, the most fundamental of the concepts.  Zero gives One meaning - One gives Zero meaning.  Any one thing exists because of its contrast to zero thing.  Being Conscious of both Zero and One entangles them together in an uncertain fashion, as partners.  The partner concept is the two concept...then the three concept follows, etc, etc, leading to an infinite number of concept things.  This is the infinity between zero and one.


Zero to one is like a qubit of consciousness. 


Quincy is the eight year old son of Mary and JimPat is their best friend.
Jim and Pat are experienced remote viewers.
Emma is the eight year old girl next door. Tracy is Emma's mother.

Part 1 - The Accident

Emma stop!  Emma, Emma, you have to stop!, Quincy frantically shouted as loud as he could. {note the purple for Quincy}  I have to get to Emma, Quincy thought {italics for thoughts} as he huffed and puffed up the hill on his bicycle.

You're not going to fool me this time.  Emma was thinking that Quincy was simply trying to slow her down so he could beat her to the park. They have been racing their bikes up that hill to the park ever since Emma moved in next door a year ago. Three blocks from the top of the hill is a park with one very comfortable boulder.  This boulder had the perfect body-size perch - for one kid - the other kid could sit cross-legged to talk.

Emma stop!  It's an emergency!  Emma, Emma, you have to stop!  Emergency, Emergency, Stop!

Emergency!? ...  Emma stopped.

Just as Emma stopped her bike, a motorcycle and rider, already sideways-skidding, suddenly appeared from the top of the hill right in front of Emma, missing her by inches.  The rider and cycle smashed hard into the house at the top of the hill.  The rider seemed to bounce off the house and was covered with blood and his arms were all crooked.  Two people came out of the house and were trying to help the rider.  Emma started crying.

Are you okay? Are you hurt Emma...Emma?  Long pause as Quincy helps Emma wobble off her bike.  She continues crying and sobbing. I'm not sure ... my leg hurts.  Let's take a look ... oh yes a bloody spot here ... looks like a tiny pebble went through your pants, your bleeding ... not too bad.  He tried to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on the wound.  You're okay, but your pants are done for.  He gave her a reassuring arm around the shoulder and she managed a smile. They heard sirens and knew help was on the way.

Wow, that was too close ...I wish I had started sooner ... I wish I could have known sooner.   How could you have known ... this is not like those precog tricks you do? ... You really saved me. She gave Quincy a big big hug.

Just then, an ambulance and fire engine came.  The ambulance quickly took the motorcyclist to an emergency room.  Emma's and Quincy's mothers heard the sirens and ran up the hill together.  After a very nice fireman put a bandage on Emma's leg, they all walked slowly down the hill and went to Emma's house.


Part 2 - Memories

Honey - how are you doing? Emma's mother, was, of course, still concerned.  Mom, I'm okay, that was close, but I'm okay.  Do you want to lie down.  No, no, the lemonade's just right ...I'm fine ...I'm fine because of Quincy.  He said something strange ... he said he somehow knew there was going to be an accident.

Tracy and Emma looked at Quincy. Quincy looked at his mother.  I guess now is as good a time as any to tell Emma and Tracy a little more about Q and his special talents.

We have been keeping a little secret from you ... from practically everyone actually.  Quincy is a telepath and he is learning more and more about his precognitive capabilities - the ability to gather information about the future from the future itself.


Emma has probably told you about the "magic trick" that Quince does with pictures in sealed envelopes.

Yes, the matches are terrific, but that's a magic trick.

Well, he is not using conventional magic ... he is actually sensing Emma's consciousness when Emma opens up the envelope and looks at the picture.  Quincy simply records his impressions of her impressions about the picture.

I told you, he can read my mind.  Okay, I didn't believe you. Can you blame me?  But how does this connect with the future and you knowing about the accident?

For me, the future is not that different than the past.  Just like I remember something from yesterday, I can remember something from tomorrow ... sort of ... almost ... almost is complicated.  I remember stuff ... when I want to ...  There is no way I'm remembering everything ... and yet, everything is there.  I can't explain it.  Dad says it's a photographic memory, but it isn't at all like a photograph or video.  In fact, there is more than a video - I sometimes get smells and other stuff.

So Quince, all I know is that you were studying one minute and the next you started running out the door shouting, "I have to stop Emma!".  Tell us what was going on in that mind of yours.

There was a very strong feeling ... a very strong inner feeling of something important ... the important feeling came at the same time as confusing things, mostly images and loud scary sounds.  The images, at first, didn't make any sense because they didn't fit together.  I saw Emma getting hit ... hit hard by that motorcycle ... I heard sounds ... I heard her scream ... that was awful! ...  and yet, at the same time, I saw and heard - heard, sort of - myself talking to her, and knew that she was going to be okay because I was going to stop her before she reached the top of the hill.

Huh. Huh. Huh.

Huh is right.  I never felt two possible future things at the same time.  It was very strange.  And yet I could tell which one was going to happen ... and I started running for my bike and caught up with Emma just in time.  That was cool.  Real cool.

More than cool, you probably saved Emma's life.  You certainly saved her from a very bad accident.  Tracy went over to Quincy and, with tears in her eyes, gave him the biggest and longest hug in the world, at least it seemed that way to Quincy.

Mom, that's enough.  And they all laughed.

I don't understand anything you said about seeing the future and the past, and especially that stuff about two futures, and I'm not sure I would care if I didn't now appreciate how important it indeed can be.

Stuff from the future and the past.  What does that mean?   How far back can you remember?

I can easily remember my first birthday, Uncle Pat was so funny.  I didn't get that it was my first birthday until I remembered it at my second birthday party ... the pieces I remember seem right-on.  

We've talked about this at home, and what Quincy remembers is accurate.  He remembers the "eyes-on-top" and blue color of the "Cookie Monster" CookieMonster.

Hard to believe strong memories at 1 year.  All psychologist, including me, say that kids can't remember anything before about 2 or 3 years old.  How do you know that you are not just remembering what was said about the party, etc?

No way to prove it to you.

Hey, it gets even harder to believe when I tell you that I can remember stuff before I was born.

Before you were born?   I'm getting a bit worried about Quincy.

Remembering isn't even the right word.  It's closer to being able to be there again ... being with what I think is the original feelings.  Hey, I remember stuff from being inside my mom.  I can't explain it, but I remember sounds ... including regular sounds that I now think was her heart beating.  I felt stuff - good stuff - and I did stuff too.

That's crazy. I know ... want even crazier.

Not sure you should.    Oh boy, this could get ugly.

Go for it :-)  Go for it.

There are these "booms" when everything suddenly changes - I remember 2 booms.  There was a boom when I began to feel new kinds of stuff ... and see shapes and ... and everything seemed brand new.  Mom says this must be when I was born.

That's not so crazy.  That's impossible.

I also remember an earlier really really giant boom, sort of, as I went into my mom's uterus.   Moment of conception - where could he be getting these fantasies from?

Uterus - what's that?  The part of the tummy where you were before you were born - remember that picture I showed you of you before you were born.

"Boom", Quincy waves his arms and shakes his fingers I don't know what word to use ... my mom and dad say that is the wrong word.  But that's as close as I can get because there are like "sounds" of all types ... most are not like the usual sounds we hear, but other types of sounds that I can't explain.

And yet you remember this?  This is getting unbelievably weird.

I remember, well it isn't really a memory, but a feeling of suddenly being ... being ... being here ... it was the biggest boom I can remember ... I really can't explain it.  It was like I was here from ... from nowhere ... after that "big boom" is when I started having stuff happen to me ... I was just here ... I can't really explain it ... but this is when my past memories start ... I can't explain it ... sorry I brought it up.

This is now getting into the area of make-believe, don't you think?  And anyway, there's no way to know if the memories are ... are real.

You guys were asking me what I remember.

It's okay Quince.  Tracy, now you know why we keep a lot of what Quincy remembers private.  We have been teaching him to not share the very early memories. 

Yes, that seems wise.

But, we are more and more talking about what he remembers of the future.  Many of the future memories can be verified.

This remembering the future concept seems also to be make-believe, except I just saw Quincy use it and use it so well.  Mary, what does this all mean?  What's going on here?  This is all incredible!

Mom, can me and Quincy go play in my room?

Quincy and I, please use correct English ... and yes, go play a game or something.  Emma and Quincy were quite happy to run upstairs.


Part 3- Future Memories

Your mom doesn't believe me.

Who cares.  You believe you and I certainly believe that you saved me ... how did you do that?

How, I don't know how I remember anything. Do you?

Ahh, I guess not.  I just do it.  But I never see the future.

Seeing the future, for me, is almost like remembering the past ... I don't know where the stuff inside my mind comes from when I remember the past ... it's just there.

Do you do anything special for the future?

No, not that I can tell.  In fact, I don't understand why you can't remember the future.  What do you do to remember the past?

Not much I guess ... I never really thought about it.  Remembering the alphabet and arithmetic ... they are just there when I need them - I memorized a lot of that stuff.

And what about ... remembering what you did last summer?

I had a great summer, I can remember some stuff but not all of it ... sometimes I remember wrong and my folks correct me ... or I sometimes correct them ... or sometimes we just fight about what really happened.

Same here with the future.  If my dad asks me if I think it will rain tomorrow, I can tell him, most of the time.  And when I'm right he knows it came from memory ... ... long pause as Quincy looks at Emma

... of the future.  ... memory of the future.  They both laugh.

So, why only most of the time? Quincy looked at her without understanding the question.

You said you could tell if it was going to rain tomorrow most of the time, why not all of the time?  Probably for the same reason past memories aren't right all the time.  And then Quincy got a very strange and sad look on his face.  What's the matter Quince?

I had a terrible run-in with my mom about 2 years ago concerning peeking into her mind.  I'm still not sure why she was so angry.  I woke up in the middle of the night and reached out to her mind and she was really having a great time with my dad.


Exactly.  I asked her about it the next morning and she got very very - I mean very angry and ordered me to stop peeking into her mind. 

Oh boy.

She said that her thought and feelings were her most private possessions and that I had somehow been very wrong.  I still don't understand what I did that was wrong, but I cried and cried because I knew she thought I did something wrong, so I must have.

That must have been really tough for you.

Oh boy, yes.  I have never cried so much.  She told me over and over again how much she loved me, etc., etc.  Since then I cannot read her mind, or anyone else's perfectly ...  I don't want to.  Instead, I like to read my own mind ... past, present and future.  And I can't do that perfectly either ... my friend Pat said I used to and he doesn't know why it's not perfect now.  I think what happened with my mom may be the reason ... I haven't told anyone that, and please don't you tell anyone I told you, okay.

Okay.  And she reached out and touched Quincy's shoulder warmly.

So, if you can't tell the future perfectly, how did you know to save me?

More and more, I am learning to feel the difference between what might happen and what will happen.

You do know that this sounds very crazy.

Yes, it even sounds crazy to me, but you see ... the shapes, colors, noises, feelings ... were you, your bicycle, the motorcycle going crazy, me, my bike, my catching up with you ... all the things that had to happen, just right for me to catch you in time ... I felt them all as I had that special "really important" feeling of knowing this was ...

Was ??

... the actual future.  The future that was going to actually happen.

But you said that one part was about the really awful part that didn't happen, thank goodness.

Yes, thank goodness.  But, that terrible possible future was just as I felt it ... only a terrible possibility.  It had a different feeling from what was really important for me to do.  I am learning to feel the difference between a possibility and what will actually happen, especially if it is important.

Wow!  How do you do that ... can you really do that!?

Yes, I can do that most of the time.  I don't know how ... do you know how you can tell the difference between green and blue?

They just look different. 

Right, and sounds sound different, and smells smell different, and tastes taste different.

Yeah, so.  You talk funny about this stuff.

I know I'm different ... I think a lot about this stuff ... sorry about that.

No no.  It's alright, but I don't get what you are saying.

Look ... things are different because they have different colors, sounds, smells, smoothness, or tastes.  What most people don't notice is that most things have very different inside feelings about them too ...  What is your inside feeling when you look at a heart shape?

I love hearts.  I can tell, they're all over your room.  So I guess they make you feel happy.  Emma nodded.

Inside feelings go along with outside stuff - happy, sad, angry, excited, bored, interesting, and many many inside feelings that don't have words.

Like emotions, except they all have words ... don't they?

I don't think so, because I think that my inside feelings are why I can know the future so well.  My inside feelings let me know when I have connected with the real future ... most of the time.  I can't explain it any better than that.

So, how far into the future can you connect?

Pretty far, I feel one more "big boom" in the future ... seems far away.  My mom and dad say it is probably when I will go to heaven.

My goldfish died and that's where my mom said it went.  Say hi to my goldfish when you get there. They both laughed.

Well, I don't remember any booms ... strange word ... what does that mean ... are there noises around?

"Boom", just came to me when talking to my dad about this stuff.  And yes, there are strange sounds, sort of .... but not like sounds I hear with my ears because there are these inside feelings going on too, but that is as close as I can say ... strange images too, sort of.  My dad said big boom sounds similar to the big bang ... Quincy stood up and said in a deep voice, imitating his dad.  "a time of extra-ordinary transition in our universe" ... whatever that means.  I experience big booms ... whatever that means.  And they both laughed again.

OK, I really like this future stuff - can you teach me how to get to this inside feeling for the future?

Probably.  Hey, it is similar to the inside feeling you get when you have that perfect memory of the past.  Watch yourself as you remember stuff ... and check out whether it was correct.  Maybe more important is looking at something in the present ... there it is, the present thing.  Take time to explore both the outside and inside of it ... whatever it is.  It can be a new toy, or a new kid in class.  There is both the outside stuff and your inside feelings ... you will learn how they are connected by paying attention.

Huh again.

Let's do an example ... you have any blank paper and a pencil or pen around here.

Sure.  She found a stack of blank paper she used for drawing and a pencil.

Okay, so let's just be quiet for a while and notice what is going on with your inside feelings ... tell me.

Hmmm.  I'm thinking about how sad you must have been when your mom yelled at you.  And I'm thinking about how lucky I am to know you.

Great, now drop that stuff from earlier and look inside you, at what is going on right now.  What are you feeling right now.

Mostly this bean bag on my butt.  How does it feel ... inside you?  Actually, pretty good.

Great, now to get to other inside feelings ... pay attention to what happens inside you when I ask you to remember something from the past.  Just watch the answer come up from ... from like nowhere.  Here goes, now watch your inner stuff: Remember a very happy occasion in the last year?

Yeah, there it is.  A big smile formed on Emma's face. Our trip to Disneyland was a blast.

Write down "Trip to Disneyland" and anything else you got when you said "there it is" - see Emma that's it.  The "there it is" knowing that something came from inside you.  Remember that feeling and ... and ... love it!

Yeah ... Ok. Emma sketched what looked like a tall castle.

Great, now I am going to ask you about something in your future.  I want you to write down or sketch or do both if that's what you get from ... from nowhere, just like Disneyland ... okay.

Okay ... a little weird. 

I am going to pick a book randomly from your book shelves and not show the cover to you until after you finish your sketch ... you have quite a nice library.  It's great, my mom still reads to me most nights. 

Here goes with the question - now watch your inner stuff from nowhere ... "Remember your future when I show you the book cover - describe the book cover."  Write or draw on the paper now.

Emma started sketching, and Quincy turned around and partially pulled out a book at random, without looking at the cover.

I'm done.  So am I.  I'll turn around and show you the book cover and you show me your sketch at the same time.


I didn't draw the girl.  Quincy laughs.  Why are you laughing?

Because you did so well.  And you even wrote horse.  Emma, I think you are a natural too!

But I really didn't do anything ... I just sort of saw a horse, why didn't I see the girl?

Quincy - come on down, it's time for us to go home.  Aw mom, we're having such a good time.  Quince, right now.

Are you still looking at your inside feelings?

Ah no.

Well, notice that they have, for some reason, turned negative.

How can you tell?

Are you kidding ... focusing on not seeing the girl rather than how well you did by seeing and drawing the horse.  The negative girl stuff is coming from your inside feelings.

But I didn't get the girl, she was so obvious.

You're not perfect ... yet ... how many times have you done this?

OK, OK, I think I get it ... I have a ways to go.

Not that far actually.  If we do this again, keep watching your inside feelings during this feedback time.

Feedback time?  Yeah, that's what they call it when you see the truth about your drawing.

The trick during feedback is to catch everything as it first bubbles up ... bubbles up from apparently nothing.  Always build on the positive matching stuff - your horse - and learn about the inner feelings of the stuff you happened to miss.  That stuff is not negative ... that's the stuff you have to learn to get better and better and better and better.

Perhaps next time I'll draw the girl too. And get what your inner feeling of the girl feels like!    And they both laughed and walked downstairs.


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