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Consciousness Trumps Randomness
with Ideas and Action

Connections Through Time,   Issue 30: January - June 2008

1 : an entity (as a thought, concept, sensation, or image) actually or
potentially present to consciousness
  1. Philosophy
    1. In the philosophy of Plato, an archetype of which a corresponding being in phenomenal reality is an imperfect replica.
    2. In the philosophy of Kant, a concept of reason that is
      transcendent but nonempirical.
    3. In the philosophy of Hegel, absolute truth; the complete and
      ultimate product of reason.
  2. Obsolete A mental image of something remembered.
  3. {A mental image of something "remembered" from the future - editor}


Was Dick Tracy's wrist cell phone an application of precognition or Intellect or both?

"Science fiction writers often predict the future correctly," Jim says as he turns over the burgers on the BBQ.  "Look at the details of the submarine in Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", written in 1870.   And what about Dick Tracy's watch ... in the 1940's, hey, that was basically a cell phone.  They were picking up info from the future."

Pat is keeping Jim company in the backyard while Mary is in the house preparing the rest of their dinner.   Pat says, "Yes, they wrote science fiction that happened to come true.  They also wrote a lot of things that will never come to pass.  They may have been using their imagination and intellect, not really predicting the future using purposeful precognition."

"Oh come on now," says Jim with a groan, "what is this with 'purposeful precognition'.  They predicted the future."

"We can agree that there was more than just random thoughts involved here.  Whether it was imagination, intellect or true precognition the key factor is that human consciousness was able to get that idea and bring that idea into physical reality," says Pat.

"I agree," says Jim, "random probably a contradiction in terms.  We may never know the source of a thought, but I suppose thoughts are never truly random since they come from the psyche.  Okay, cell phones did not happen randomly, big deal."

'The big deal is that the natural physical flow of energy, without the intervention of consciousness, is toward more and more disorder ...  toward more randomness," says Pat. "so your cell phone example shows that consciousness itself, is operating to create order."

"Nobody will disagree that consciousness was key to creating the cell phone.  I still don't get your point." says Jim.

"The point," says Pat, "is that consciousness is intimately involved with time ... inseparable from time ... available all the time ... more fundamental than apparent randomness in time.  Since precognition is real, consciousness can finesse randomness by knowing the outcome and by communicating that info backwards in time.  Bottom line, consciousness trumps randomness and brings order out of disorder.  This is not suppose to happen in thermodynamically closed systems like the physical universe."

"Oh boy," say Jim laughing as he removes the burgers from the grill, "My cell phone is more significant than I ever thought.  And, I still say that Tracy's cell is a good example of predicting the future."

"Maybe, but so what" says Pat. "I'm not even sure the early science fiction writers were trying to predict the future so much as write interesting stories.  Vernes knew about prototype water vehicles that went underwater, and Dick Tracy's cell phone was shortly after radio was invented.  These were smart guys, they could have made reasonable extrapolations of future technology.  So was precognition involved, maybe partially ... no way to know in my opinion."

"No way to know what?" asks Mary.  She heard the last part of the conversation as Pat and Jim walked into the house.

"Precognition from thinking or just plain luck," Jim says as he puts the hamburgers on one plate and the vegi-burgers on another.

"Look," says Pat, "it's easy to tell the meat-burger from the vegi-burger, they look different, they taste different, they smell different.  It's not so easy to identify precognition."

"Yes, time is a mystery, blah blah blah...why do you two spend so much time talking about this stuff...why do you care?" asks Mary as she puts the salad and corn-on-the-cob on the table.

"Because it could change the world," says Jim.  "Because we are glimpsing a major paradigm shift," says Pat at the same time.

"Baloney," says Mary and they all laugh and start eating.  Mary's position on precognition was clear and simple.  The debate would end when there was a killer app.  She was a computer programmer before she quit to raise their son, Quincy.  In that field, the killer application was one that was so obviously beneficial to a wide audience that it quickly became very popular with millions of users.

de ja vu

In psychology: "The illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time."

"I have another possible killer app for you," says Pat.  "Imagine if the path to developing new inventions included gathering information from 10, 20 maybe 100 years into the future - the future that will actually occur.  Imagine using this precog info to develop those very same future inventions.  It's like purposely creating a deja vu.  When you see the future technology working for the first time, you will feel as if you had experienced it before."

"Oh boy," says Mary as they all sat down at the table.  "That all sounds great, and that would be a killer app if you could do it...anybody doing this...any inventions that you can point to done this way?"

"No, afraid not," says Jim.  I don't know if anyone is even working on this idea.  I heard it mentioned a few years ago on a RV online discussion group, but nobody's taken up the challenge as far as I know.

"Even if they did," Mary says a little sadly, "Technological inventions are fine, but they don't seem to have much of an affect on human we have less wars with all our technology?  The physical surroundings have changed dramatically, however, it's not clear that the basic way humans act, especially toward each other, has changed much at all."

"Hey," Jim responds with the tone of a new idea that broke into his consciousness, "why not use RV to view our future society after precognition becomes commonplace, after it has been successfully integrated into our society.  Imagine looking for information not only about new technologies, but also about how our society has successfully restructured itself in the new precog world...into a new world with a realistic world-view of psi phenomena.  Imagine using this RV info to develop this society."

"What a great idea for inventions of technology and society," Pat responds, "but who is going to invest the resources to do that in a serious way?"

"I rest my case - first we need the killer app," Mary says with a smile and they all laughed.

Updated from a presentation at the 2007 IRVA Conference.  Graph shows the value of $1,000 invested after intuitve investing workshops versus time.  The overall Success Rate has been 58%.
(Use MS Explorer to view the full presentation:  Investment Club Approach vs. Independent Viewing)

"Your RV killer app is harder to find than I thought," Pat says.  "Intuitive Investing using precognitive ARV for making money was going to be the answer...and it still might  be.  There are several people and groups working to make money with ARV.  I went to an IRVA conference in October and one guy talked about an investment club application."  Pat pulls out a folded sheet of paper from his pocket. 

He continues as they reluctantly glance at the graph, "The ARV club is working, but not at a killer app pace.  The club has been operating for over 3 years and has an overall Success Rate (SR) of 58.4% with 160 Hits, 114 Misses and 190 Passes as of Jan 18, 2008.  Doing this well has odds against chance of about 370 to 1.  People invested at different times.  The club had a rough time in their second they're doing fine.  The original investors have doubled their initial investment, and some people who joined later have more than tripled their investment.  This may sound pretty good; however, the potential is so much greater than that.  You will have your killer app, big time, when an investment club, or any group, or any individual can sustain a 70% to 80% SR rather than only a 58% SR."

"This precog record of being 8% above random is actually impressive to me," says Mary, "but you're right, an 8% edge over chance is not a killer app.  Do you really believe that a 70 to 80% SR can be sustained?"

"Yes", answered Pat.  "And, I feel that this next step will involve developing a psychological calmness about being able to reliably predict the future for financial gain.  This calmness is currently missing in most viewers...after periods of great performance, there are too often long strings of misses."

"Oh, come on now, aren't you getting a bit greedy here?" says Jim with a loud emphasis on the word 'greedy'.  "The club is already making money now with a 58% SR.  Hey, an 8% edge over randomness is pretty good, Las Vegas keeps growing with a 5% edge or so.  Why set your expectations so high?  Do you have any idea how much money you can make with, say, a 25% edge like you are projecting?"

"Yes, lots of money," said Pat.  "Isn't that the point.  If precognition is real, especially as real as I think, we ought to be able to make lots of money until the paradigm of precognition is accepted by society.  Once this is commonly accepted, a new financial equilibrium for our world society will be reached involving routine precognitive forecasts for all aspects of our future.  These forecasts will be evaluated and used with their associated uncertainty.  This will lead to big positive changes in our society."

"You're such an optimist," says Mary. "And how is the great positive change going to happen?"

"Hard to say...maybe a grass roots approach.  We need many other intuitive investing groups out there - we need a competition among precog investment clubs.  I think that will eventually happen.  All of this is part of the inevitable paradigm shift  that will develop as conscious precognition becomes more and more visible and successful."

"Inevitable seems pretty strong considering how slow progress toward your new precog world is moving," Jim says and Mary nods in agreement.

"Paradigm shifts that bring society closer to alignment with reality are always inevitable and beneficial - how could it be otherwise?" Pat says rather rhetorically.

"You sound so sure," Mary says, "but you are rather vague about when and how this shift will occur."

"Yeah, you got me on that one," Pat says, adding, "It's about psychological inertia.  This inertia is strongly related to psychological entanglements.  The quantum entanglements involved with sub-atomic particles composing physical mass are analogous to psychological entanglements of ideas, beliefs, intentions, thoughts, feelings, and thus actions we take.  All actions are in the now, however, entanglements have connections through time with different frequencies and intensities.  In fact, I am beginning to think that time is around just so we can uniquely arrange our entanglements...entanglements are us."  Pat smiles.

Walt Kelly first used this quote on a poster for Earth Day in 1970.

"The enemy is that what you're saying?"  asks Mary.  "The enemy stopping the creation of the precog world is us?"

"Who else...we got us here...nobody else to change our world view...noone else to change your or my world view.  But, we are not the enemy ... we are..." Pat hesitates not able to find the right words for the concept that just flashed into his mind, "...we are simply another idea with exceptionally strong entanglements to the idea of a physical world.  Look," Pat continues more confidently, "to change the inertia of mass in the physical world requires a physical force...that's basically Newton's first law.  Inertia is mass with speed and direction.  For example, consider a Hit in baseball.  The baseball itself sticks together because of atomic entanglements.  The change in inertia of the baseball is determined by the entangled forces placed on it by the pitcher's hand, by aerodynamic force, by forces from the bat when it makes contact with the ball, and by gravity.  To get a Hit, these forces must be aligned in a satisfactory way.  I believe a similar psychological law of inertia is operating where the psychological inertia and the psychological forces are all entangled ideas."

"And, just like in baseball, there is more than one way to get a precog Hit " says Jim.  "It's pretty clear that some people are going to be better hitters than others through some combination of natural ability and hard work...and some will be exceptional.  I wonder why there aren't precog groups popping up like mushrooms to go after the financial potential of precognition?"

"The enemy is negative psychological inertia, Pat says.  "And there are a lot more people who play baseball than play the precog game.  Most people still don't appreciate the potential.  Most still feel precog is just an accidental thing, a random occurrence, and not something that can be activated on purpose.  If they can get past those negative ideas, then they also have to want to embark on a precog financial journey using ARV.  Also, there are plenty of RVers who apply their RV to other stuff and are not interested in financial predictions."

Mary turns to Pat and asks in a serious tone, "Do you really think it's possible to do better than that investment club?"

"Yeah, it's hard to believe that they have maximized the ARV precog potential," says Pat.

"How much precog financial investing is going on now?" asks Mary.

"Hard to say," Pat answers.  "There's not much going on in the public arena.  We need other clubs out there - we need a competition among precog investment clubs.  I think that would help them all.  I believe the fun of the competition would encourage the precog ARVers to do better viewing and pay more attention to the all-important feedback sessions."

"If you're so smart about this stuff, why ain't you rich" says Mary with a big smile.

"Why aren't you practicing what you preach?" Jim says  "You're a good remote viewer and should be doing this intuitive investing."

"Yes, I know," says Pat.  "I have a couple of ideas, but haven't had the time to pursue them.  Before I could get involved, I would need someone to place trades, and do some judging of my RV sessions," answers Pat.

"What if Jim and I were to work with you?" Mary asks seriously.

"I thought you had stopped doing RV work," says Pat.

Mary says, "I always enjoyed doing the RV sessions, and I'm ready to get back into it...and maybe help earn some money for Quincy's college fund."

"Are we prepared to take this on seriously for the long haul, say at least a year, and have fun at the same time ... even when we get misses?" asks Pat.

"Let's do it," says Jim.  "We'll all have to make time for this ... that means giving up something else that's filling time now."

Mary and Jim looked at each other, "We watch way too much TV anyway.  What's the first step?" asks Mary.

"First we need to define our PRECOG ARV protocol with a large target pool of photos*.  Then we need the specifics of what each of us does to be able to produce a prediction, and finally, I feel we should start a partnership, probably a small investment club to keep our taxes and profits in order," says Pat.  "Also, it's very important for us to manage our funds prudently because we will have some losing streaks."

"Let's do it," says Mary.

"Consciousness trumps randomness, but you have to play your cards right," says Pat. "And that's where actions become crucial...actions entangle the world of ideas with the physical world we live in."

"I liked your baseball analogy better," says Jim.  "Let's get Hits including lots of financial homeruns."  They all laughed and Mary brought over the desert.  They spent the rest of the dinner and evening working out the details of their small investment club.


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*You can learn RV and ARV in many places, however, the key is to practice, practice, practice with effortful intent until you are practicing like a doctor or shaman practices healing.  We offer an online workshop, called Intuitive Investing by Remote Viewing (IIRV) for learning both RV and our two-choice (binary) online ARV protocol.  During the workshop, you have the option of joining our ongoing investment club or doing ARV independently using the PRECOG program.  PRECOG contains over 1,000 pre-paired photo-choices that are randomly presented to ARVers.  PRECOG can easily be used by investment groups, and we encourage you to form your own intuitive investment club.

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