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Intuition: Consciousness, Precognition and Intention

Connections Through Time,   Issue 5: October - December 1999

One mystery of consciousness is the power of intentions.   Here is an example relevant to precognition.   The following two "Feedback Details Graphs" are the results from two individuals with different intentions.   Both used MISTIE to enter predictions about the Animal, Vegetable or Mineral nature of a photo-target that was randomly chosen after the predictions were received.   One had the intention to get as many successful predictions as possible, the other to get as few successes as possible.   Each person was quite skillful at achieving their intended objective - one achieved the 99.75 percentile with 1,000 predictions, and the other achieved the 1.90 percentile after 327 predictions.   The "Intend-Low" approach is not encouraged, but this example is included to show the importance of intentions.

Intend HighIntend Low

Of course, there is more required than clear intention before you could approach and "stick" near the 100 or 0 percentile-by-chance.   Additional key factors include: your belief system about precognition, and the degree of discipline you can muster to remain engaged during the times when you are not doing so well.

What about precognition skill?   Each one of us has a "precog skill potential".   For example, we believe that almost everyone has the potential to show some ability better than chance for predicting the future using MISTIE.   Precognition appears to be a skill like many others - anyone can learn to play the piano, while only a few have "what it takes" to become a virtuoso.   Remote Viewing (RV) is a skill closely related to precognition.   RV is a skill that can be learned and is being successfully taught by several organizations.   Thus it seems clear that the potential lies within most of us to learn remote viewing and to develop our precognitive skills.  

P-I-A has learned much from interacting with the participants of our recent MISTIE-1000 Project concerning online precognition training and feedback.   Most of the people who were part of this project (either as paid Independent Contractors or as non-paid participants) dropped out long before they reached 1,000 predictions.   Key factors for developing precognition appear to be desire and persistence.   We are therefore extending our offer to pay Independent Contractors (or to work with other participants) to become part of Project MISTIE-1000.   We are looking for people who want to develop their precognitive skills and have the discipline to complete 1000 predictions - apply here.

What is consciousness?   Here is a definition:
consciousness \Con"scious*ness\, n. 1. The state of being conscious; knowledge of one's own existence, condition, sensations, mental operations, acts, etc.
We have previously discussed consciousness in the context of the human nervous system and as one of the key challenges to modern science.   Fruitful work is continuing, and this scientific approach will provide further insights and intellectual explanations.   However, we believe that the next significant leap in consciousness will occur when individual applications of intuitive (non-intellectual) consciousness, such as precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance and healing become commonplace.

Intuition is an accepted part of reality - what is not widely accepted is that intuition can be trained and applied in a conscious intended manner.   This is an important challenge that our society faces.   How do we transition to a community where most people are applying their intuitive skills as a normal part of their lives?  
Where the doctor uses all of his/her intellectual understanding as well as all of his/her intuitive senses to diagnose and heal.   Where the scientist consciously uses intuition to probe the mysteries of our awesome universe and to deepen each individual's access to its wonders.   Where the artist finds new ways to communicate to the spirit in each of us.   Where individuals do not generally go to trained intuitives for advice, because the individual is a trained intuitive that leads a life that is balanced between their intellect and their intuition.   And where the intuitive skills will be taught just as reading, writing and 'rithmetic.

We have just started an online community for discussing consciousness, precognition, intention as well as any other topic in our e-zine, including MISTIE, the AVM Project, and P-I-A itself.   You can join the P-I-A community here.

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