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Applications: Intuition and Intellect (i&i)

Improve Your Precognition and Deepen Your Appreciation of how Your Intuition and Your Intellect can Complement Each Other

Connections Through Time - Issue 5: October - December 1999


RVIS-hagiaiso-target photo-example 6 - CLICK for Ref.RVIS-mosque1-sketchCLICK for Ref. Remote Viewing (RV) is the gathering of information - operating within a prespecified protocol - from distant targets using intuition rather than the intellect or the usual 5 senses.   RV is probably the most scientifically studied of the intuitive skills.   Many governments investigated the reality of this phenomenon for many years.   Most of these studies have not been publicly released; however, enough information is public to know that this intuitive capability does exist and that it includes gathering information about targets that are distant in space and time, including the future.   RV scientific studies were initially performed at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) with replication studies done at Princeton University.   For more details and for info on current practitioners/instructors of RV, go to:

eggdrawing.jpg - 4911 Bytesstarfish.jpg - 6896 Bytesegg.jpg - 3246 Bytes Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) is an application of remote viewing that dates back to the 1970s.   (The i&i approach is a variation of ARV.)   Here's an example of how ARV can be used for precognitive work - let's predict (remembering that accuracy can be better than chance, but not perfect) the winner of the next U.S. presidential election:

The ARV photos and transcript are from Greg Kolodziejzyk's remote-viewing website.   In the past, the RVer and the judge were generally two different people.   Greg has recently done personal research showing that this is not necessary, that is, you can assume both the remote viewer and judge roles.   More importantly, there is great personal growth in getting into both of these mindsets (RVer/judge) and observing the differences in your self as you act in an intuitive fashion versus an intellectual fashion.

In i&i, there are three photo choices (from a collection of Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral photos, respectively), and the correct photo is randomly selected (by a computer) a prespecified time (minutes) after the start of the session.


i&i is an online solo training application for using intuition and intellect to predict which of three photographs you will be shown several minutes into the future.   The approach is structured to provide a personal appreciation of how the intuitive and the intellectual aspects of each of us can cooperate to predict the future.   Precognition is something that can be experienced rather than just discussed or read about.   In a previous issue, we described two other approaches (the pendulum and hunches) in the context of a rapid (minutes) feedback approach called MISTIE.   Here we focus on i&i which is imbedded as a new style within MISTIE.   The i&i application is NOT remote viewing, but people with RV experience can use this approach as a training vehicle for describing a future target within their specific RV protocol.

    - Have a pen and lots of white paper available for sketching and writing intuitive impressions of the target.   Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed for the time you want to devote to this training.  
    - Logon to MISTIE as usual - - we assume that you are familiar with MISTIE, if not, please go here for the MISTIE basics - or, you can just jump in and learn by experience.
    - If you have not done so, go to your "Preferences" and set Style = 3 and choose the length of time you would like to have to complete each prediction.   About one minute after this time period, your target will be randomly chosen and feedback will be available.   Your prediction must be submitted by this time, so leave enough time so that you do not feel rushed.   10 minutes is a recommended initial duration.   Save your preferences.
    - Possibly use an affirmation to set a deep positive mood.

Approach for Improving Precognition and Creating a Wise-Judge:

  1. Click on the "Predictions" link and a specific AVM Target ID Number (A-ID) will be presented to you with a text box for typing words relevant to the target.   Write this A-ID number in the text box as you say it in your mind or out loud. Then write this A-ID# on a sheet of paper for creating sketches and also for writing words.   This A-ID# is all your intuition needs to connect with the correct future target.
  2. USE YOUR INTUITION and record on the text box and/or on the sheet(s) of paper your impressions of the correct future target. Describe your impressions in low level basic sketches and simple descriptive words.   CRVers use a "gestalt ideogram" to start things off and get tuned-in to the target.   Then they begin to respond to intuitive impressions of simple visuals (e.g., colors), textures, size, temperatures, etc.   You are creating a "transcript".   When done, click the submit button to get another target as in Step 1., OR click on the "Go to Wise-Judge" button to make the actual prediction(s).

  3. As you click on the "Wise-Judge" button, begin your mind-set transition to an intellectual judge filled with wisdom concerning intuition and the way the subconscious communicates with the conscious-intellectual aspect of you.   Open your self to being intellectually gifted and wise as you compare your transcript to each of the three "possible" target photos.   Your intuition will have provided enough clues to act as a partner with your intellect.   Use your Intellect to make a wise choice and press the "Submit" button, or if you don't perceive enough info to make a choice, then do not make a choice.   So, no-choice is a choice. No-choice will often assist you in learning the nature of the descriptive transcript that is necessary for intellectually and wisely choosing the correct target.
  4. FEEDBACK can begin after one or more predictions have been made. In Style 3, we recommend looking at the correct target photo with an intuitive-wise mindset knowing that you are indeed connected with the time when you "were" developing the transcript.   We also recommend that you use a separate piece of paper to sketch and write what a correct transcript would be based on "seeing" the correct target.   Working the correct target is one way to communicate target info to your past - language is inadequate to characterize this ability - experiment on your own and learn and become wise about the connections between your intuition and intellect.   These important aspects of you are not only connected to each other, but they are your connection to "all that is".

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